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Building Without Permits
Loveland's Chief Building Inspector accused of capricious
enforcement of building codes after friend is reported building
without permits and no enforcement action is taken

“PS still waiting to find out
who our stool pigeon is.”

Email sent 5/13/11 from Roger Kenney
(building owner accused of building without
a city permit) to his friend Loveland Chief
Building Inspector
Thomas Hawkinson.  

Hawkinson involved the city attorney's
office after a "
Robert Phillipps" refused to
provide his work address and phone
number to the city after turning
into the city for building without a permit.

Roger Kenney is the owner of 209 4th Street
in Loveland and also proprietor of the
architectural firm
Kenney Associates at the
same location.

"Kenney (Roger) suggested I
speak with you how to
proceed.  I have not inspected
the property as yet so don't
know if the complaint holds
any credence..."

Email on 2/11/11 from Mary Shann (city
code enforcement officer) to Tom
Hawkinson regarding her discovery that
Roger Kenney, as reported by Phillipps, did
not have a building permit at the time.  

Incredibly, Loveland's code enforcement
officer fails to investigate the complaint in
person but instead takes direction from the
alleged violator who instructs her to check
with her boss (his friend) Tom Hawkinson
on how to proceed.