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Council Annual Retreat Hints At 2013 Agenda
Loveland's City Council will come together outside city hall at the end of
this month to commence another annual retreat.  Economic development
issues like whether "jobs incentives" really work will give residents a rare
inside look into council politics during the one day retreat over business
development issues.

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Changing Council Operating Rules & Procedures
Loveland Councilors scoff at proposed rule changes that will give
Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez enhanced authority over colleagues'
comments during council meetings.
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Two Councilors Rebut
LovelandPolitics' Story
Two members of Loveland's City Council responded to a recent LovelandPolitics
story in email asking to have the record set straight.

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Subsidy For ACE Project Back -
Under New Name
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Larimer County "Common Enemy" Bringing
Loveland & Johnstown Together
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Children Sick From Chloramine In
Loveland Public Pool
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Klen Lawsuit Settlement With City:
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Rialto Bridge Project: Underwater
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Massive Private Indoor Shooting
Range Planned for I-25/34
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RH Reporter Abandons Journalism To
Become City's "Public Information Officer"
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Council Tells Governor Not To Enforce
Gun Control Law
All nine members of the Loveland's City Council signed a letter July 2, for
Governor Hickenlooper asking he stay any enforcement of HB13-1224
requiring background checks for all gun transfers
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The Cost of Innocence
Novel Loveland city fee for drivers with insurance who can't show proof when stopped is being
challenged by Loveland attorney after his daughter is charged $15

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Fiscal Cliff Solution May Force Steep Loveland
Water Rate Increases
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Loveland Mayor Walks Out
On Angry Artist
In an effort to regain control of a Loveland City Council
meeting Tuesday night, Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez
called a recess and walked out while city volunteer and
local artist Sheila Carrasco spoke to council beyond the
time limit the Mayor was trying to enforce.

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$537,000 Diverted From Utility Payments Into
Economic Development
The City of Loveland Department of Water and Power has been supporting the salary of
Loveland's Director of Economic Development with no apparent explanation for ten years.

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ArtSpace Project Receives Another $300,000
From Cit
Shaffer: conflict of interest in project?

Loveland City Council approved a $300,000 negatively amortized loan
for Loveland's ArtSpace project providing much needed cash to begin
the low-rent artist apartment project and renovations to Loveland's feed
and grain
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City To Settle Klen Suit For $495,000
A Valentine for 'Mom'
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Judging Judge Starks
Potential Ward 1 Candidate Jeopardizes Support of Friends on Council
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Staff Delivers Council A Red Herring
Mayor Pro Tem Daryle Klassen:
Views On Fracking
Loveland Mayor Pro Tem Daryle Klassen has waded into the controversial subject of local
comments on our blog
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Council Settles vNet Lawsuit For Less
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Special Investigative Report
Creative Commission Crash
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Unlikely Bedfellows Fight Madwire
Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez launched a secret city investigation by staff into
Madwire business practices in response to their request for a $300,000
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Council Unanimous In Opposition
to Magazine Size Limits
Loveland Mayor Cecil
Gutierrez during
January 15, 2013
council meeting
Residents Be Refunded
for Affordable Housing Violations by
City & HACOL for imposing illegal fees
among other violations

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Larimer County Clerk To Resign
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Loveland's Fracking
Story Archive
Council Undecided On Paying Victims
of Betters' Affordable Housing Scam
Contrary to what was already reported
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Council Rewards Fraud
Loveland's Council Votes 5-2 to protect wealthy tax credit
investors in Mirasol by putting Loveland taxpayers on the hook to
repay 50% of the money Betters scammed from seniors living in
the Mirasol senior housing complex.
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Election Night Antics -
Council Pulls Last Teeth Out of
McWhinney Tax Agreement
A compliant and quiet Loveland City Council voted unanimously and without
comment to remove the city's leverage from Centerra tax agreements last Tuesday
night as the media focused on election returns.  The amendment approved by
council will divert funds from regional transportation projects like the long promised
widening of the Highway 34 overpass over I-25 in the decade old Master Financing
Agreement instead into local streets surrounded by McWhinney developments.
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Tree Killer At Large
For fifty years the cottonwoods on the southeast shore of Lake Loveland
have framed resident views of the lake and mountains beyond as they pass
along Eisenhower Blvd. Earlier this week a vandal destroyed the trees by
cutting deep rings around the bases to slowly kill them in a technique called
"girdling."  Lake area residents say they know who did it and want the City
of Loveland to arrest the vandal.
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Loveland Housing Authority
Director bailed out by city
after illegal scheme exposed
Capricious Power
Loveland's Visual Arts
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