Embattled HOA President Wants To Serve
As City Financial Advisor  
Loveland's Independent News Source
Poor Planning:  
Why So Many People Were Impacted By the 2013 Flood
LovelandPolitics' investigative report into the building of the Waterford
Apartments and other structures built in Loveland's lowest elevation areas on the
banks of the notorious Big Thompson River.
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Waterford Apartments in south Loveland in
September of 2013.
Montagu Incites Angry Mob:
Disseminates False Information
Brad Miller, a Colorado Springs attorney, addressed the Thompson School Board
Wednesday (January 15, 2014) regarding innovation and charter schools.  As promised, the
local teacher's union organized a large group of school employees to attend the meeting and
continue their protest of the election outcome last November.  They attended in response to
email sent by board member Denise Montagu inciting the mob to destroy the board
meeting's decorum to discredit her opponents.

Comments by Bryce Carlson at the January 15, 2014 School Board meeting

see video clip of the December 18, meeting
Council Majority Moves To Remove Controversial Planning
Despite best efforts by Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez to administratively re-appointment his campaign organizer Bob Massaro to Loveland's Planning
Commission, Massaro's re-appointment was halted by councilors concerned about Massaro's odd behavior on Loveland's Planning Commission and partisan
profile in what is supposed to be a non-partisan volunteer city position.

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Loveland Resident
Running for Congress

Longtime Loveland resident Larry Sarner announced his intentions to be the
Republican Party nominee to challenge Congressman Jared Polis in the fall to
represent Colorado's 2nd Congressional District in the United States Congress.

Read our exclusive interview with Sarner who talks about his primary
opponent, Boulder County resident George Leing, and answers a variety of
other questions regarding the race.

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City Contemplates Eminent Domain
for New Downtown "Catalyst"

Contrary to what city staff told the Loveland Reporter-Herald recently, the city's friendly acquisition of land downtown
for their latest proposed "catalyst" Urban Renewal project is in jeopardy due to poor relations with one property owner.

Russ Morgan is fighting the city with regards to an alleged illegal grading permit issued at 204 12th Street SE causing
trouble for his tenants next door.  While the city claims immunity for illegal or unethical acts by its planning department,
Morgan's reluctance to discuss selling another property he owns located in the project area downtown has initiated
inquiries by Loveland Planner Mike Scholl with city councilors to use eminent domain to acquire Morgan's private
property so the city can later transfer it to the New Jersey developer currently in negotiations with the city.
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Republicans Battle Over
Crony Capitalism
Former State Senator and current Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson posted on
his Facebook page -
"I wish I could keep them honest....I can only point out when they aren't and
appeal to their conscience.  I can accept losing to people who disagree with me but
it is hard to take when somebody sells their vote and won't even listen."
Angry over DelGrosso's efforts to suffocate a nascent bipartisan reform bill for Urban
Renewal Authorities, Johnson sent a pleading email to DelGrosso.
read story and see Johnson's private email to DelGrosso
Massive Public Subsidies Planned
for Bass Pro Shops

Loveland's City Council will vote on Tuesday whether to declare
the Bass Pro Shops parking lot a "Public Good" to be constructed
using tax dollars while also determining whether McWhinney can
access regional  transportation restricted funds to build a
wastewater lift station for the project
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School Board Controversy
Guest Commentary by
Dr. Neil Schaal
recently lost his run for Loveland City Council is
stirring controversy with his application to serve on
the city's financial advisory commission.

David Hallet is unpopular with HOA board colleagues
who are trying to stop his appointment by Loveland's
Council and remove him from their HOA board.

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School Board Vote To Appropriate
$800,000 For New Innovation
School Delayed
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City Likely Going to Court If
Fracking Ban Passes
Attorney says not enforceable and city won't pay
study- Loveland attorney resigns after this email was
made public.  Claims leaked by councilors.

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Loveland City Staff Lobby State
Legislature Against URA Reform
Loveland staff sent an email to Rep. DelGrosso asking him to oppose Urban
Renewal reform in the State Legislature.  DelGrosso is saying he does support
reform and is already working on a bill despite recent accusations by Larimer
County Commission Johnson to the contrary.
see story and staff emails
Rogue R2-J Board of Education
Member Hijacks Public Meeting
While her supporter/hecklers work to recall Board
see story and video clips
Rogue School Board
Member Denise Montague
Elderly Couple Fight City
Hall To Keep Their Land
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Fracking Centerra
McWhinney Holding Company has 7 oil & gas wells registered in Centerra that
have extracted hundreds of barrels of oil over the past 15 years but go
unmentioned in local coverage of the oil & gas moratorium debate

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Thompson Schools Superintendent
'Monkey Talks" Board Members
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McWhinney Maneuvers To
Avoid Fracking Moratorium
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Teacher Contract Reflects
New Leadership on
School Board
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Joint Council Meeting Ends in Dispute With
Larimer County
A joint meeting of the Loveland and Ft. Collins City Councils last week ended on a sour note as
Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly disputed the cities' perception of an urban renewal
reform measure they are fighting.
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Illegal URA Modification Puts High
Plains Academy Funding In Jeopardy
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Loveland Council Votes
5-4 Against Anti-Fracking Initiative
Loveland's City Council voted 5-4 in support of a resolution condemning the citizen initiative going
before voters June 24, that will place a 2-year ban on any fracking within Loveland City Limits until
a study is conducted by the city regarding the health hazards if passed by voters.

Mayor Cecil Gutierrez stated his opposition to the resolution Tuesday night that his vote did not
represent how he will vote on the initiative since he hasn't yet decided.  The Mayor accused both
sides of the issue of playing "Chicken Little" and said it really comes down to whose science you
believe; the environmentalists or the oil and gas industry.

see LovelandPolitics video of the debate highlights and final vote
Council Split On Whether "Eminent
Domain" Is A Tool for Acquiring
Properties for 'Catalyst Project'
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Apartment Developer Seeks Tax
Equity From Loveland's Council
Special Investigative Report
Loveland Voters May Face 2nd
Ballot Measure This Year
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Victims of May 23 Rain Showers Seek
Answers About Insurance Claims
special report
Fracking Ban Fails
Loveland Voters Narrowly Reject Fracking Ban meant to extend the
original ban passed by council in 2012.  
Read our in depth story over the
cause of Loveland becoming the epicenter of the anti-fracking
Loveland Hording of Open Lands
Revenue Has County Worried
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Centerra Bonding Authority
In Legal Jeopardy
Council acts hastily on scheme to spare McWhinney's Centerra Metro District the
consequences of a 2013 IRS ruling - but can it save Centerra's 'public' designation?
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Ferguson HS Teachers Accused Of
Dismissing Classes Early To Drink
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LovelandPolitics Exclusive
Walter Elish Resigns From NCEDC
Amidst Controversy
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Low-Income Area Whites Not
Welcome In Loveland New
Subsidized Housing
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Council Ponders $2.2 Million Subsidy
to Developer of Sprout's Market
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School Board Votes Final
Approval of Blank Financial Term
To Fund High Plains Academy
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Private Group to Control
Downtown Redevelopment Funds
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New School Attorney Already
In Controversy
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"King Mike" Takes Over
Downtown Redevelopmen
see our story and a commentary
Buddy Meyers, Chairman
Loveland Planning Commission
Chairman of Loveland's Planning
Commission Reacts to Sprouts Deal
see commentary
Election Already In Process
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Municipal Judge Presiding Over
Cases Despite Losing Authority
see story
Mayor Accused of Violating City
Charter, Imperiling Sprouts Deal
read story and see original correspondence
2015 Story Archive
Loveland Economic Development Manager Mike Scholl is
nicknamed "King Mike" in City Hall.

The Michigan transplant is strategic about sharing his
political leanings and history within the community