* Exclusive (means new information not available from any other public news source at the time it was published online by Lovelandpolitics)

2010 Dec.             Troy McWhinney Misleads Loveland Council on Aspen Knolls

2010 August      The Centerra Enigma.  How Centerra has taken over $100 million in public debt but has
no                                     employees, office or telephone

2010 July             Loveland City Council approves extension until 2040 for Centerra public debt

2010 July          Centerra seeks extension of public debt until 2040

2010 June         McWhinney staff linked to harassing emails sent to LovelandPolitics.com

2010 May         Colorado's State Legislature and Governor act to outlaw phony urban blight
designations.                                        According to Larimer County Assessor, Loveland's Centerra was both the
target and                                              inspiration of the reform legislation.

2010 Mar.        Partners on Promenade Shops At Centerra fight property tax assessment in court.  
An in depth analysis of the court battle between McWhinney and Poag & McEwen regarding

2009 Dec.            McWhinney Flouts Loveland Campaign Finance Laws

2009 Nov.           "Centerra Gamble"  An in depth analysis of the Public Debt McWhinney secured through
the                                 Centerra Metro District

2009 Nov.        Promenade Shops At Centerra go into FORECLOSURE.  McWhinney pretends to be a silent    
partner in media releases claiming that all financial decisions made by partner Poag & McEwen

2009 Oct.         Video clips from meeting of public comments and council reaction on I-25 & US 34 changes
allow time to download this page)

2009 Oct.         Loveland City Council agrees to change McWhinney commitment to I-25 & US 34 Interchange

2009 Oct.         McWhinney asks council to allow only "safety" improvements to I-25 & US 34 Interchange

2009 Sept.          McWhinney:  Insufficient Funds To Complete I-25/U.S. 34 Interim Improvements As Planned
Another attempt is made to cancel project and divert funds into McWhinney projects.

2009 August      McWhinney mega-yacht (registered home port of Loveland, CO) hosts fund raiser for former
U.S. Congressman and head of the Security and Exchange Commission, Christopher Cox

2009 July           McWhinney short on funds to contribute $300,000 to Crossroads interchange despite
promises to the Loveland City Council they had money to fund commitments.  

2009 June          Loveland City Council passes McWhinney tax holiday on subsidized 300 unit apartment building

2009 June          McWhinney editorial is printed in Loveland Reporter-Herald as a new effort begins to lobby
council approval of the proposed McWhineny tax holiday by reducing CEF's for 1 project

2009 June          "Revealing the Sales Taxes of Centerra"  An in-depth report revealing the actual taxes lost by
Loveland through the MFA (Master Financing Agreement) not before explained in local media

2009 June          McWhinney strategy backfires and Loveland Council rejects CEF waiver for development

2009 June          McWhinney seeks temporary CEF (Capital Expansion Fees) holiday to build already
government subsidized 300 unit multi-family apartments in Loveland.  

2009 May           $300,000 cash gift of taxpayer dollars awarded to Agrium for leasing in Centerra by council

2009 May           Colorado State University (CSU) Professor used by McWhinney to lobby council to approve
cash subsidy to McWhinney tenant.  McWhinney helped fund professor's salary \
through a grant.*

2009 May          Several councilors attempt to change record of voting to gut I-25 & US 34 interchange

2009 April          McWhinney living high on the hog despite playing poor to Loveland council.  Original story
revealing vast personal wealth accumulated by the McWhinney family through
government subsidies by Loveland taxpayers.  First local media story revealing
McWhinney's mega yacht *

2009 April         McWhinney request to move $12 million out of I/25 & US34 improvement fund is withdrawn
before council hears the matter.  McWhinney insiders reveal last minute vote switch by Loveland
Mayor Pro Tem Dave Clark in fear his run for Mayor will be jeopardized if he votes yes. *

2009 April         In reaction to news reported by LovelandPolitics that the "Mystery Fortune 500" company
coming to Loveland is really a local company already a few miles down the road in Greeley -
Greeley City Council speaks out against scrapping I/25-US34 improvements and CDOT joins
in opposition to straighten the record from what McWhinney has represented to Loveland

2009 April           LovelandPolitics reveals the "mystery fortune 500" company is a farce ****
McWhinney had Loveland City Council convinced to scrap the I-25/US34 interchange
Improvements so they could use the money to attract JOBS to Loveland because a
"Fortune 500" Company was ready to move to Loveland but McWhinney needed funds from
the I-25/US 34 Improvement escrow account with the City of Loveland

2009 April           Larimer County Commissioners tell Loveland Council not to amend MFA scrapping I-25/34

2009 March        McWhinney prepares to gut I-25/34 improvements -- Only reported by LovelandPolitics*

2009 January      Loveland officials pitch McWhinney promised transportation improvements
for stimulus money *

2008 September   Loveland City Council abdicates governmental authority to McWhinney on Urban Renewal

2008 August         Denver Law Firm warns Loveland City Council regarding "Flex URA" proposal*

2008 August         Outside groups warn Loveland City Council not to abdicate authority in blight designations*

2008 August         Dueling emails are exchanged in search of opposition or support on "Flex URA" Plane by city*

2008 August         Loveland Reporter-Herald misrepresents Planning Commission vote as favoring Flex URA*

2008 July             Council passes 7-2 cornucopia basket of amendments & annexes for McWhinney

2008 June            Cornucopia: Amendments, annexes and other changes passed by council for McWhinney

2008 June            Local media finally reports Grand Station delay after McWhinney announcement

2008 June            Interim I/25 & US 34 Interchange Agreement and cost sharing approved

2008 June            Council abdicates authority to McWhinney in designating Urban Blight

2008 April            Loveland City Council meets secretly with McWhinney on "Flex-URA" *

2008 March         McWhinney's "life coach" becomes nightmare for employees *

2008 February     McWhinney prepares to let go critical staff for Grand Station *

2007 October       Funds for Police, Fire and Parks capital improvements raided to buy 97 acres along
I-25 and 402 (near Johnstown). Land cannot be developed to compete with Centerra

2007 October       See Video Clips of Presentation to Council by McWhinney partner on Promenade Shops

2007 September   Council again retreats into illegal closed session to plan Grand Station subsidy strategies

2007 August         Mayor Gene Pielin makes faces as public argues against amending
MFA per McWhinney request

2007 August         McWhinney confronts Mayor Walsh in attempt to amend MFA to gain subsidy
of Grand Station garage

2007 August         Efforts to win council support for a taxpayer funded Trolley for Grand Station fail

2007 August         McWhinney tries to steal Embassy Suit deal behind Larimer County's back

2007 August         Loveland Council (Aug. 15) go into a secret Executive Session to discuss
McWhinney's  Trolley proposal

2007 August        Chad McWhinney hosts community forum with employee Rocky Scott to lobby
for taxpayer trolley

2007 July             Critical MFA (Master Financing Agreement) Amendment Included in Trolley changes *

2007 April             Loveland Council Approves McWhinney request of 850 new residences
(Councilman Rousey  votes no)

2007 April            McWhinney proposes adding 850 new residences to plan east of I-25

2007 January       LovelandPolitics Review of Grand Station and its feasibility *
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Chad McWhinney (above) with brother Troy attending
April 21, 2009 Loveland Council Meeting.  He had to
announce he was dropping request to raid I-25/US34
improvement fund after Loveland councilman notified
him he could no longer support the request and still run
for Mayor
New Media Editorial (Early 2009)
McWhinney's Influence on
Loveland's City Council
The Consequences
a non-partisan website about Loveland politics for residents concerned about our community's quality of life

LovelandPolitics has been the only source of critical news coverage regarding $115 Million in
public bond debt the McWhinneys have created leveraging future City of Loveland taxes on
behalf of McWhinney's Centerra Metro Districts.  Now backed by a troubled Spanish bank,
the City of Loveland continues allowing Centerra to build upon its own financial house of
cards of even more public debt while McWhinney continues to profit.   Privatizing profits in
their many developments while socializing the infrastructure costs along with the longer
term debt repayment through a Metro District has made the McWhinney brothers very
wealthy. The same scheme has trampled the spirit of Urban Renewal and Metro Districts in
general by providing a family, instead of designated zones or property, the government's
authority to wave future property taxes while also avoiding the normal regulations and
others taxes their potential competitors are expected to follow.

While most local media were writing puff stories about brothers Troy and Chad McWhinney
success, only LovelandPolitics was reporting first their bankruptcy of Promenade Shops,
growing public bond debt, failure of Grand Station, taxpayer funded trolley request, lawsuit
with a former partner and attempts to renege on obligations to the City of Loveland to
improve the I-25/Highway 34 interchange.

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