Excerpts of an article from
Legal Times
Full document available here

In late July, the Ohio Supreme Court issued what may be the most important eminent domain decision since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Kelo v. City of
New London (2005). Norwood v. Horney indirectly raises an important issue that has often been ignored in the debate over Kelo: the condemnation of
supposedly “blighted” property.
Eminent domain abuse cannot be effectively addressed without limiting blight condemnations, which have caused more harm than any other kind of taking.
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Block 1
A rural area of
productive farm land
just east of Boyd Lake
Block 2
Agricultural land along
highway 34 in Loveland

Block 3
A small parcel of land
along highway 34 next
to 'Grand Station'

Block 4
Open land east of

Block 5
The old dog racing
track - the report notes
it is mostly parking