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Harassing Emails Linked To McWhinney Staff
'Anonymous' Harassing Emails Sent To LovelandPolitics Are Linked
To McWhinney's Director of Multi-Family Housing
Loveland -- June 17, 2010

The McWhinney brothers have struggled to repair their image in Loveland after attempting to renege on
agreements to improve the
I-25 and Highway 34 interchange, failing to develop Grand Station as promised and
defaulting on
$112 million in loans used to build The Promenade Shops at Centerra in partnership with a
Tennessee company.

While keeping an upbeat public image, the temptation to attack the messenger has boiled over at the McWhinney's
company of the same name and apparently resulted in ugly, sophomoric and unethical behavior.  LovelandPolitics
was first to report two of the three stories mentioned above which appear to have resulted in an angry backlash
from the city’s most powerful developer.

Harassing emails were sent from a Yahoo account holder using the email address to
LovelandPolitics in an apparent attempt to intimidate the publisher of this website and discourage any further
reporting on matters relating to McWhinney's public subsidies.

Below are excerpts from an email sent in December 2009;

“Your a frickin joke of a reporter and even more so of a human being.”

“I have never seen such a pathetic display of reporting in my life until I saw this website.  The entire website just
screams how jeoulous you are of the McWhinney brothers……”

“You couldn't accomplish what the mcWhinney brohters have in their short youth if you had 5 life times and all
the help in the world.”

Who Sent the Emails?

The Yahoo account identified the sender as “Mike Hill.”  

We assumed that Mike Hill, a licensed employing Loveland based real estate broker (
SWI Realty) and Director of
McWhinney's Multi-Family Housing Developments and Operations would not risk his professional
reputation or stoop to such a level by sending anonymous harassing emails.  In addition, professional real estate
brokers are normally held to a high ethical standard thus making it unlikely that a licensed Colorado Employing
Broker would engage in such juvenile and dishonest behavior.

Therefore, we responded;

Subject: Re: Jeoulous much?
To: "Mike Hill" <>
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 12:48 AM

You appear to be a coward hiding behind a false name.

Care to identify yourself with your real name and affiliation?......

Writer Attempts To Hide Identity?
In response, the writer claims to be from California in an apparent attempt to mislead LovelandPolitics as to the
of the nasty emails.

From: Mike Hill <>
Subject: Re: Jeoulous much?
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 7:50 AM

Why do you care to identify anyone?  What good does that do, I'm from california dude and just happen to know
poeple in Loveland that laugh their ass off about your website and what a joke it is.  Can't take critisism yourself?  
You dish it out yet can't take it when it comes back to you?  What an idiot.  you appear to be a moron hiding
behind criticing everyone but yourself and your lame as website.  Do you sit on city council, are you mayor, are
you a developer?  No, you just like to criticize people for doing good work because you can't and don't do it
yourself!  if Loveland is so bad because of the city council and developers than leave!!! No one is making you stay.  
Loveland would be much better off without your garbage on the internet.  I have visited Loveland many times and
it is a great city with great develpoments and great city and private representatives.  i persionally know that other....

Your just jeaulous other poeple know how to make more money than you or have more political capital than

According to an online search the email owner is not located in California as was asserted but instead is
McWhiney's  Mike Hill of Loveland using an account registered to the Loveland address of 6006 Jordan Drive in
Loveland (his Father's home where his business is registered)
see report and an address in Windsor on Harbor
Court that appears to be his home address.

Not coincidentally, Larimer County records indicate the “Hill Family Trust” owns the property also listed in state
records as
SWI Realty company headquarters in Loveland which according to Hill's online biography, "Mike Hill,
President and Broker Owner of SWI Realty Inc, is originally from Southern California".  

LovelandPolitics verified links to Mike Hill’s Facebook account and other connections that we believe provide
sufficient evidence to conclude the author of the harassing emails is not a random person in Southern California
feeling sympathy for the McWhinney brothers but instead likely the senior member of McWhinney’s own
management team right here in Loveland.  The IP address and other identifiable markers indicate the emails are
being sent by a Yahoo account owned by McWhinney's Director of multi-family developments, Mike Hill.

The emails in question appear to be in violation of the Yahoo Terms of Use policy for a number of reasons.  One
email clearly attempts to deceive the recipient about the identity of the actual sender by claiming not to be local
but instead someone in California, the emails contain vulgar and harassing language and the unwelcome emails
appear intended to intimidate the publisher and contributors to this website from practicing their 1st Amendment
rights of freedom of speech.

McWhinney's Response
We contacted McWhinney to ask for any comment while demonstrating we gathered enough evidence to be
certain the source of the emails is indeed Mike Hill.  The response we received is in the blue text box on the right
of this page exactly as we received it today.  Hill argues that while the emails did come from his account, they may
not have necessarily have been sent by him since he claims friends use his account.

Compare the contrite response with another comment from a previous message from the same email account,

"You and your website are a pathetic display of your jeoulousy for other peoples success.  Have fun swimming in
your own frustration for the rest of your life you dumbass."

Does this reveal the McWhinney's real corporate culture and contempt for the terrible "losers" who inhabit the
rest of Loveland and subsidize their developments and wealthy lifestyles?  Or is it simply a friend of Mike Hill who
gained access to his email account to defend McWhinney and harass the publisher of this website.  

You be the judge and feel welcome to comment on the blog.
McWhinney Response
On June 16, LovelandPolitics sent an
email to Chad McWhinney, Troy
McWhinney and Doug Hill,
McWhinney COO, to present our
evidence and ask for any comment
before running our story linking the
harassing emails to McWhinney.

Below is the response we received;

-----Original Message-----
From: false
Sent: Thu, Jun 17, 2010 11:54 am
Subject: "harassing" e-mails

Your e-mail was recieved regarding
e-mails from this address.  Please be
aware that I have friends in California
that use my home computer while in
town visiting me (that obvisouly have
opinions on the politics and events in this
area) and have access to this e-mail
account both while in and out of state.  
You will not receive anymore e-mails
from this account.

Mike Hill
Mike Hill of McWhinney as pictured on
his own SWI Realty Website.  
Click her
to see his biography
6006 Jordan Drive in Loveland.