McWhinney Fails To Take $12 Million
Carefully Planned Strategy To Access Money Ends in Failure and Confusion
Loveland - April 22, 2009

A stunned looking Chad McWhinney told Loveland's City Council during Tuesday's council meeting
what they already knew - he pulled his request to amend McWhinney's agreement with Loveland that
would have allowed him to remove monies from the $12 million set aside for interim improvements
to the I-25 and U.S. 34 interchange.  

McWhinney's organization had already notified supporters before the meeting that the item would
be pulled from the agenda by making "courtesy calls."  Mayor Pielin voiced his belief the item could
have still passed but McWhinney clearly their had their doubts.  The council chamber was packed
with residents who had not yet been notified the item would be pulled from the agenda.  

The reason provided to some for McWhinney withdrawing the item was to avoid more "personal
attacks" on Chad McWhinney by other developers.  Chrisland Inc. partner Ryan Schaefer who worked
for McWhinney until 2003, spoke to the Larimer County Board of Commissioner on Tuesday
morning.  Schaefer lectured the county officials about a local home purchase by McWhinney and the
fact the brothers own and operate a luxury yacht in Mexico.  He complained their extravagant
personal wealth contradicted the story McWhinney was telling the county about desperately needing
the money to remain in business.

Last Minute Flurry Of Activities
In a desperate attempt to gain support for their proposal to take money away from the I-25 and U.S.
34 interchange, McWhinney representative Jay Hardy threatened Larimer County Officials with
pulling support from the Crossroads Blvd. Interchange with I-25 if they opposed McWhinney's
proposal before Loveland.  County officials then verified with Loveland McWhinney's public
commitment to complete Crossroads independent of their obligation at the U.S. 34 interchange.

The County Commissioners than sent a letter to Loveland's City Council that failed to provide the
support McWhinney was seeking from the board.   Councilwoman Carol Johnson had indicated to
some constituents that she MAY not be supporting the proposal after reading the letter sent by CDOT
(Coloraod Department of Transportation).  Councilman David Clark, who is looking to run for
Loveland's Mayor when Pielin steps down in November, was also concerned about the impact a yes
vote would have on his candidacy.

Chad McWhinney most likely pulled the item once he wasn't sure a majority of Loveland's council
would support the requested amendment.
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Developer Chad McWhinney watches the April 21, 2009
Loveland City Council meeting.
April 21, 2009 Loveland City Council meeting. From left
to right: John Duval, City Attorney, Don Williams, City
manager, Glenn Rousey, Councilman, Cecil Gutuerrez,
Councilman and Dave Clark, Mayor Pro Tem.
Loveland Mayor Gene Pielin
Below:  The sign for McWhinney's motorplex that was paid from the
$80,000,000 already spent by McWhinney's Centerra Metro District.  For
travellers along I-25 it confuses them to believe the Motorplex is now in a
city called Centerra.   McWhinney's Metro District calls this a "public use."