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Loveland - October 10, 2013

There has been abundant commentary regarding oil and gas financial backing for Loveland  resident Larry  
Sarner’s legal filings against Loveland’s anti-fracking initiative group, Protect Our Loveland.   Like Sarner,
Protect Our Loveland is also receiving legal support from interests outside the city.

According to a filing by Protect Our Loveland in case number 2013CV31071 before Larimer County District
Court a number of prominent environmental activist attorneys are representing Protect Our Loveland.  The
motion to intervene as a defendant filed before the court reveals Boulder attorney and notorious
environmental activist Dan Leftwich is representing Protect Our Loveland.  Leftwich is the founder of
Boulder based
MindDrive Legal Services and Evolutionary Law.  

Leftwich also represents
Frackfree Colorado which counts Loveland's campaign among its five city based
campaigns in Colorado.  While there is a link to donate to the Loveland campaign, LovelandPolitics is  not
aware of any disclosures or filing by the group per Loveland's campaign finance disclosure laws.  In addition,
Leftwich is representing groups in Boulder County and the City of Longmont seeking to ban oil and gas
exploration.  Protect Our Loveland has not disclosed any connections to FrackFree Colorado.

As a "
Oneness Trainer" Leftwich provides blessings apparently on behalf of an Indian based cult's self-
proclaimed living god,
Kalki Bhagwan (also spelled Bhagavan).  In a Oneness radio interview, Leftwich
reminisced about his adventures in India  along with describing his "
Oneness Blessing" and reason for
starting his Boulder practice to evangelize the pantheistic (sometimes called eco-gnostic new age
movement) that elevates nature equal to or above humans under the law.

In numerous public speeches, writings and interviews Leftwich challenges the western ideals of  private
property rights and the ability of an individual to own or control water even on his own property.  Leftwich
argues that everyone shares nature so assigning any such rights to an individual or corporation is contrary to
the laws of nature as described by the Bhagwan.  Leftwich appears interested in elevating the Bhagwan's
concept of nature's law above traditional western laws which he is seeking to replace a "
more   balanced"
approach between mankind and nature.

Leftwich describes being "
in a dark place" in 2007 when the "Power of Now and The Mayan Calender"
program in Boulder changed his life eventually convincing him to move to Boulder.  He describes his
initiation in Fiji sponsored by the Kalki Cult to become a "
Blessing Giver" and decided to reorient his legal
practice following the experience in Fiji.    Leftwich describes in a radio interview (
available online) the
moment he was directed to begin his legal practice via a direct  communication from the cult's founder

"It became clear to me through a connection with Bhagwan 'begin it now'."

Leftwich chose the name MindDrive Legal, he states, to represent a state of consciousness when one can see
the past, present and future all at once.  He says mindrive is described by the Bhagwan as the "
birds eye
"  He describes his own view before his conversion to the cult's way of thinking as being stuck in a
worms eye view."

In the following
youtube video, Leftwich speaks from nearly identical talking points as those used by Protect
Our Loveland activists except in this case urging Boulder County Commissioners to impose a moratorium on
fracking while the county studies the health impacts.   In the
following video Leftwich describes his cause as
international and describes nationalism and national boundaries as a "bottleneck" also as a source of
problems in the past.  He goes on to describe the implementation of his ideals on the local level and states
my goal in life is to effect  change in these areas however I can."  

In another video taken in 2010, Leftwich conducts a training seminar on how to influence a city council
apparently attended by activists who will later appear before Loveland's City Council using the  same tactics
and talking points they learned from the Oneness trainer.  He encourages attendees to "
think global and act

Leftwich describes how attendees can "
have an impact on laws that impact water rights the best place to  
start is at  the city  level
."   He describes national governments as "collapsing" in a new age order while
promoting the "
Oneness" principles of Kalki Bhagwan.

In another video, he attacks traditional U.S. Constitutional legal principles he describes are bottlenecks in
which an individual must have been damaged or have some standing before taking legal action to stop
another person from exploiting natural resources they own.  He describes a tree having legal rights to live
and later in the same talk speaks about giving legal rights to nature as was recently done in Ecuador.   A  
constant theme in Leftwich's discussions are test cases where local governments are tested to challenge
traditional notions of law.  He acknowledges,
"Lawyers are going to have to bring test cases in the
foreknowledge they will fail but to raise consciousness..."
to create local activism to take private control of
land and water away from individuals and corporations..

Leftwich describes our current laws having evolved, "
because particular humans feeling like they have
dominion over the earth
" which is contrary to the teachings of the Bhagwan.

In the meantime, Larimer County’s District Court still recognizes U.S. Constitutional law and will be deciding
the Loveland case not on Kalki Bhagwan's 'Laws of Nature' but instead on traditional western legal
Indian Cult Behind Colorado's
Anti-Fracking Movement
Pantheism: Guiding Force Behind Protect Our Loveland?
Many Westerners have followed the Kalki
Cult in India which has a wide following in
the United States.  
Read the Bhagavan's
biography as told by a longtime family
acquaintance along with blog comments in
India regarding the cult.  Click on the
image above to link to the Bhagwan's site
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Definition of Title Bhagwan
from WikiPedia

Bhagavan, also written Bhagwan or
Bhagawan, from the Sanskrit nt-stem
bhaga-vant- (nominative भगवान्
Bhagavān) literally means "possessing
fortune, prosperous" (from the noun
bhaga, meaning "fortune, wealth",
cognate to Slavic bog "god", Russian
богатый (boga'ch) "wealthy"), and
hence "illustrious, divine, venerable,
holy", etc.[1]

In some traditions of Hinduism it is
used to indicate the Supreme Being or
Absolute Truth, but with specific
reference to that Supreme Being as
possessing a personality (a personal

This personal feature indicated in
Bhagavan differentiates its usage from
other similar terms[3] such as
Brahman, the "Supreme Spirit" or
"spirit", and thus, in this usage,
Bhagavan is in many ways analogous
to the general Christian conception of
Boulder attorney Dan Leftwich