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Loveland, March 3, 2016

When Larimer County Republicans adjourn their March 19, 2016 County Assembly,
later this month, there may be only one candidate left seeking to replace Rep. Brian
DelGrosso as Loveland's representative to the Colorado State House in District 51.

Colorado's combined caucus and primary process requires the prevailing party nominee
for a partisan office pass through two filters; caucus than a primary election before
appearing on the general election ballot in November.  Loveland Councilman Hugh
McKean is hoping to be that nominee as is the former Larimer GOP Chairman Tom

Before appearing on the party's primary ballot this summer, each candidate must
receive at least 30% of the votes from the delegates from each precinct within House
District 51 which is mostly the boundaries of the City of Loveland.  If a candidate receives
less than 30% they can still get on the primary ballot with a petition.  However, if less
than 10%, the candidate cannot even petition onto the primary ballot.

McKean Maneuvers A Possible Shut-out

Candidate Tom Lucero is furious he may be shut-out on March 19, if McKean's plan to
populate the assembly delegates with early supporters succeeds.   The morning
following the caucuses candidate Lucero sent an angry email to elected officials
supporting Councilman McKean demanding they denounce his strategy to keep Lucero
off the primary ballot this summer. (
see Lucero's email in column right with some of the
).   Lucero apparently discovered Tuesday evening that McKean supporters
were standing for delegate positions to the County Assembly in hopes of preventing
Lucero from obtaining enough votes to even make the ballot.

Lucero, according to McKean supporters, is a perennial candidate who has moved
residences around Larimer County to run for multiple public offices.   They have been
questioning his move into an apartment in Loveland from Berthoud and whether he has
the necessary history in the community to run for public office in House District 51.

Being kicked-off a primary ballot during a Republican Assembly isn't something
completely unknown to Lucero who ran for Congress in 2010 in Colorado's 4th
Congressional District.   Lucero ran against Cory Gardner and Dean Madere coming in
3rd place and failing to garner support from even 20% of the delegates.

A former elected CU Regent while residing in Johnstown, Lucero moved to Berthoud
with his second wife Tammi before running for Congress.  While his wife was elected to
the their Berthoud Lakes Ranchettes' HOA (Home Owner's Association) board, Lucero's
next election was a less coveted position as head of Larimer County's embattled GOP.

According to Loveland Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle, Lucero moved into an apartment in
Loveland shortly after separating from his second wife and just in-time to qualify to run
for House District 51.  Fogle responded to Lucero's post caucus email by questioning
Lucero's residency in Loveland with the following inquiry in his second response;

"I would still like to know how long you have lived in Loveland per my original

In 2009, when Rep. DelGrosso was appointed to replace former Rep. Don Marostica, the
leading candidate for that appointment, Kevan McNaught, was the subject of questions
regarding his residency in Loveland as well.  By the time the appointment was made,
McNaught received the least number of votes. (see
LovelandPolitics story)

McKean Credentials Also Questioned

One supporter of Lucero's informed LovelandPolitics she has been unable to get a copy of
Councilman Hugh McKean's tax returns.  McKean, a local contractor (but mostly
handyman as his LLC is named) is married to an airline pilot who the Lucero supporter
claims really supports the McKean family.  She alleged getting a hold of the McKean tax
returns would be "revealing."    McKean, however, has never made a secret of his wife's
considerable economic support for their family and even boasts of the time he gets to
spend raising their children during her absences.   McKean
was also a licensed pilot but
says he chose work that allows him to be at home with their children.

In addressing grievances against McKean's campaign, Lucero emailed Loveland
Councilman Overcash the following comment,

"Apparently I am unemployed and that is why I am running - not that I have two
companies and business is very good."

Lucero has long described himself as a "successful businessman" but that claim has not
resonated with the public officials backing McKean to whom Lucero sent the angry email
on Wednesday.  One told LovelandPolitics the only "real" business Lucero ever owned
was a failed pizza delivery shop in Johnstown heavily subsidized by then wife Julie whose
successfull career in aerospace supported their family.  Tom Lucero's second marriage
was also described as an opportunity to pursue political interests while being supported
by a working spouse thus the accusation he now needs a "job" so is running for State

This accusation strains credibility as State House Representatives are paid an annual
salary of only $30,000 plus reimbursement of expenses for travel.

LinkedIn webpage does list a part-time position co-hosting a radio show on
KFKA AM radio in the morning along with the following two businesses (
referred to above by Lucero in his email

1.  Jack of all things start-up, Ace MaClean, "Colorado's premier mobile shoe shine..."

2.  Account Rep for "Drive my biz"

LovelandPolitics was unable to find any substantive public record for these companies or
evidence they are indeed going concerns with employees or revenue.
State House Candidate Fears Early
Disqualification From Ballot
------ Original message------
From: Tom Lucero
Date: Wed, Mar 2, 2016 10:17 AM
To: Tom Donnelly;john fogle;Don Overcash;Steve Johnson;
Ward I - Troy Krenning;Ward IV - Dave Clark;
Subject:Time to run an honorable campaign

Dear Elected Leaders:

As supporters of my opponent I am calling on you to publicly
denounce the tactics being used by him and his campaign; I am
calling on you as elected leaders and role models for our
community to demand that his campaign run an honorable

Unfortunately his tactics of smears, lies and deceitfulness
started before I announced, culminating in numerous reports
to our campaign from precincts last night that the same lies
were being told to prospective delegates.

When the strategy to win is to lie, cheat and steal then it is no
better than our friends on the left we continually denounce for
utilizing the same tactics.

If the only campaign theme a candidate can muster on caucus
night is, “we need to avoid a primary…” because he cannot
stomach a primary with me, then how can we trust him with
seasoned lawmakers and lobbyists in Denver?

As supporters of my opponent, you can reasonably say you had
no prior knowledge of his behavior on the campaign trail.  You
no longer have that luxury.

I will continue running aggressively on the issues, public votes
and who will be a better representative - all issues we would
consider fair game.  If my opponent feels threatened by
needing to defend his voting record then he needs to
reconsider why he is running.

I will no longer sit by hoping his campaign will behave
honorably, it is clear they will not.

Please exercise your position in the community to denounce
my opponent’s tactics.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Lucero

Response by Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle

Tom –

Threats will get you everywhere with me – including very angry.

Trying to solidify the party behind a single candidate is a noble

Splitting the ticket has repeatedly cost the Republican party
important positions, both locally and nationally.  As a ‘New
Republican’ I am seriously dismayed at the parties inability to
get behind their candidates.  Instead – we fight amongst
ourselves, throwing barbs and insults while the Dems sit in the
back of the room and take notes.  Sad.

Now let’s get down to the questions I really want to ask.
Please reply to everyone so we can get the ‘Truth’ out to the

How long have you lived in Loveland (City Limits)?
How many years have you lived in Loveland in the last 20 years?
Where do you live?

On a local level –
What Boards and commissions have you served on in
Loveland, either for the City or for the non-profit sector?

House #51 is Loveland’s seat – and I feel these questions are
paramount in asking Loveland voters for support.

You are accusing Hugh of:
‘Unfortunately his tactics of smears, lies and deceitfulness
started before I announced, culminating in numerous reports
to our campaign from precincts last night that the same lies
were being told to prospective delegates. Personally, I haven’t
experienced what you are talking about – and have always
known Hugh to be honorable.

Please give me some specific examples of what you are
talking about – accusing someone of lies, deceit, and more
without specific examples is as bad or worse than what you
are insinuating.

I look forward to your answer, and as always remain open for
spirited debate!


John Fogle
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Loveland

Response by Councilman Don Overcash


I am greatly disturbed by the letter I received from you to
addressed to elected officials.  It is quite common for people to
make statements of generality and exaggeration.  Typically in
today’s environment these statements are often left
unchallenged and when challenged found to be inaccurate.

John Fogle has responded earlier to your letter and I am in
agreement with his response.  Steve Johnson has also
responded and I too have absolutely no knowledge of any
intentional actions on McKean’s campaign that would be out of
line.   I care about how campaigns are conducted and am
deeply offended by the tone of your letter and its accusations.

I have worked closely with Hugh McKean this past year and
have found him to honorable in personal and public matters.  
From my experience he has also been one to admit fault/error
and seeks immediate remedy when required.  I have also been
involved in Hugh’s campaign and have not observed any efforts
to intentionally misspeak by staff. I understand that at one of
the caucuses last night that an individual did misspeak
regarding an endorsement, but immediately corrected himself
when it was brought to his attention.  From my understanding,
that individual actually did so twice to make sure everybody
was now “OK”.  I observed absolutely no misconduct at the
caucus I attended at Mountain View High School.

Your accusations, even if proven to be false,  are most
damaging to our cause as we work to hold HD #51 seat in the
general election as a conservative voice for Loveland.
In your email to Steve Johnson you state that “everything that I
have alluded to is documentable”.

1.Please provide specifics, including contact information for
independent verification,  regarding the alleged tactics and
especially the “numerous reports”.  Unfortunately his tactics of
smears, lies and deceitfulness started before I announced,
culminating in numerous reports to our campaign from
precincts last night that the same lies were being told to
prospective delegates.

2. Please provide specifics, including contact information for
independent verification proving the alleged strategy---When
the strategy to win is to lie, cheat and steal then it is no better
than our friends on the left we continually denounce for utilizing
the same tactics.

Please respond in a timely manner to these requests and in
that they are documentable I suspect that it should not take
long to do so.

I believe your action to be ill advised and has greatly reduced
your “electability” for this important seat.

Don Overcash
City Councilor-Ward IV
Loveland, CO

Response by Tom Lucero

From: Tom Lucero []
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 7:34 PM
To: Don Overcash <>
Cc:;;; Tom Donnelly <todonnelly@gmail.
com>; john fogle <>; Steve Johnson
<>; Ward I - Troy Krenning <Troy.>; Ward IV - Dave Clark <Dave.>
Subject: Re: Time to run an honorable campaign


I agree with part of what you said, I should have listed my
grievances. I mistakenly figured people would take me at my
word, why would someone make the assertions I did if they were
not true.

I was instrumental in getting public comment at CU, rewriting
policies related to open records request - I believe in
transparency. But, much like personal files that are dealt with
privately in executive session, I will not reveal the names of
prominent businessmen and women, life long GOP activists,
people who are supporting me because I do not have their
permission to do so, nor would I bring them into the ugliness of
this part of the campaign.

1. Touting the endorsement of a prominent Republican when in
fact no endorsement was ever given. And allowing the
endorsement to "float" around as if it were in fact true. We had to
secure in writing that the endorsement was not true to satisfy a
number of supporters - they needed to see it in writing.

2. I have been accused of being the GOP chair who stole the
money, when in fact I was the one who came in after the money
was stolen.

3. One of our best volunteers was also accused of being
complicate in stealing the money from the GOP. The first thing I
did as chair was appoint Jim Alderden to conduct an internal
investigation which exonerated all members of the Board.

4. Apparently I am unemployed and that is why I am running - not
that I have two companies and business is very good.

5. I have been accused of having had martial infidelities - 100%
not true. In fact, I have the total and complete support of Julie and
Tammi. We all remain good friends to this day.

6. Lastly, I will note that we do not publish endorsements
because early supporters were called and harassed.

Anyone of these alone is unacceptable. Particularly given the fact
my campaign is a little over a month old. But to have a seemingly
new accusation appear every week is getting exhausting.

Our campaign will remain focused on the issues and who can
offer the better vision for our community and the state.


Response by Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle

Tom –

Hopefully not to belabor a point –

But, I would still like to know how long you have lived in
Loveland per my original questions.

John Fogle
Tom Lucero
Hugh McKean