Brian Delgrosso Appointed to
Colorado State Legislature
Meeting was civil and courteous
Loveland - August 13, 2009

Political unknown Brian DelGrosso won appointment by the Republican vacancy committee
tonight to replace Rep. Don Marostica who abandoned his seat in the Colorado State Legislature
during his second term in office to take a full time job working for Colorado Governor Bill Ritter.

The selection process required two rounds of voting as none of the five candidates received
enough votes to obtain a majority of delegates as required for the appointment.   In the first
round DelGrosso received 19 votes as did Tom Buchanan.  According to Roberts Rules of Order,
none of the nominated candidates can be removed from the ballot unless the committee votes to
change the rules.  

Jeanni Barnthouse and Kevan McNaught both withdrew from consideration on the second round
thus freeing-up 12 votes.  On the second round of voting Brian DelGrosso received 29 votes
while Tom Buchanan received 24.

A number of elected officials participated in the process by nominating candidates.  State Senator
Kevin Lundberg nominated Kevin McNaught, Larimer County Assessor Steve Miller nominated
Tom Buchanan and Jeanni Barnthouse's nomination was seconded by Colorado State House
Representative Jerry Sonnenberg who also gave a short speech on her behalf.

The victor, Brian DelGrosso, was nominated by his wife Amber DelGrosso who told the precinct
members, "I know him better than most of you."  His nomination was seconded by a local
businessman Dan Denaowksi who said he saw DelGrosso take over and turn-around failing

Upon accepting the nomination DelGrosso told those assembled, "I have strong conservative
values and will not let you down and will not embarrass you."   Some speculated this was in
reference to Don Marostica who challenged his own party in the legislature and began voting
with Democrats almost exclusively on budget, spending limits , taxes and immigration issues.

Former Rep. Don Marostica did come prepared to give a speech and requested permission to
speak several times throughout the meeting.  Republican officials conducting the meeting denied
his requests as time for each candidate or their supporters was limited to 6 minutes each.  Had
Marostica, who has the reputation of being a loose canon, talked about any candidate while he
spoke it would have jeopardized efforts to keep the process as fair as possible.  Each candidate
along with their supporters were limited to only 6 minutes for comments and nominations.   
Marostica's request to address the voting precinct members was not in accordance with
nominating committee procedures or rules.

None of the other current or former elected officials attending the meeting asked for permission
to speak except when specifically nominating a candidate under the given time constraints and
according to the rules.

While the voting and meeting were conducted in a professional manner, one precinct committee
member attempted to interrupt the forum on several occasions and succeeded in interrupting
one candidate during his nomination speech.  Leo Wotam, a former attorney and now real estate
broker, yelled "point of order" during McNaught's speech and bellowed that McNaught's
nomination was not seconded.  Parliamentarian Kirk Brush had to repeat earlier announcements
that explained how the nomination process would work before McNaught could begin speaking

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams was in attendance as was Larry Carillo,
Larimer County Republican Party Chairman who opened the meeting and introduced Carl Smith
after Dick Wadhams said a few words.
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Jeanni Barnthouse              4        1
Tom Buchanan                  19      24
Brian Delgrosso                 19      29
Kari Koppes                        4
Kevan McNaught                8
51st Republican House District Central Committee Chairman,
Carl Smith, shows precinct members the names of candidates
before voting begins to select a replacement for Don Marostica
in the Colorado State House
54 Precinct Members Voting
28 Required for A Majority
The second highest vote
getter in the second
round, Tom Buchanan
(left), congratulated
DelGrosso and was good
humoured throughout the

Some in the media
expressed surprise at the
lack of disagreement or
discord in the crowd or
among the candidates.
Above: seating section of the 54 accredited precinct committee members who voted to select the replacement for Don Marostica