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Public Comments Regarding Pre-Annexation
Feb. 6, 2008
Special City Council Meeting
Comments by local
attorney Robert
Comments by Loveland resident Roger
Comments by Nancy Kaine,
former member of the Loveland
City Council
Comments by Walter Skowron,
member of Loveland City Council
Council Discusses Pre-Annexation Agreement
Including 25 Years of Taxes for the Property

The Agreement
Complete story and video clips

Loveland City Manager, Don Williams, presented
Council an annexation agreement provided to the City
of Loveland by the land owner of parcels near I-25 and
402.  The Agreement states, "The City agrees for a
period of twenty-five (25) years .....that the City will
grant to the Owners.....a one percent sales and use tax..."
Mountain Views Farm Annexed
- 1% for 20 Years Is Greatest Incentive
Offered - see agreement below

On January 7, the night before Loveland City Council
discussed a pre-annexation agreement of property
along I-25,  Johnstown approved an ordinance to
annex property along the 402 just across from the 97
acres recently purchased by the City of Loveland.  
See Greeley Tribune story.

Both cities are now claiming to control 402 which
means the dispute will likely go to court.
In the meantime, LovelandPolitics has obtained the
Mountain View Annexation agreement that Johnstown
Town Council approved on first reading January 7,
2008.  It differs from what Loveland City Manager has
told Council such agreements will require to be
approved by property owners in the area.
Complete story and annexation agreements