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Johnstown, January 14, 2008

It appears that Loveland taxpayers have
been asked to go far beyond
Johnstown's residents in providing
concessions to owners of properties
near the intersection of I-25 and 402
before annexing them into the city.

Johnstown's Town Council approved on
first reading an annexation agreement
and ordinance for Mountain View
Farms, located near I-25 and 402.  That
was on January 7, and the very next
evening Loveland's City Manager, Don
Williams, informed the Loveland's City
Council such annexation agreements
were not possible in the current
Loveland Taxpayers' Asked To Pay Higher Price For
Property Annexations Near I-25 & 402
It appears as though Williams has been "drinking his own bath water" by detrimentally relying on representatives of the Olson property with
whom the city is negotiating to inform Loveland about what Johnstown is willing to pay.  The recently approved annexation agreement on
January 7, indicates William's advice to the City Council is incorrect.  While Johnstown did provide future tax revenue, it wasn't for 25 years
but instead 20 years and it doesn't appear any other monies were promised.  In contrast, Loveland's "pre-annexation" draft agreement with
a nearby property owner of a larger parcel requires the City of Loveland spend millions of dollars and much of it to the benefit of the current

According to one source familiar with the issue, "Williams has poisoned the well by showing bad faith back in 2003 - no one will negotiate
with him unless they know upfront their costs will be reimbursed."  This is in reference to a failed annexation negotiation conducted in private
back in 2003 when the parties failed to reach agreement.  Some property owners have indicated Loveland left them standing at the alter
after they relied on Williams' ability to deliver on promises made in negotiations.

Now the City of Loveland may be paying a steep price for the City Manager's bravado.  Loveland's City Council was informed the reason
property owners demanded so much before annexing is because Johnstown is willing to offer so many incentives but the motives of the
property owners appear to be mixed.  Some are still angry with Loveland and unwilling to settle with the City Manager while others may
have pre-existing relationships with one city or the other that creates bias.  In the case of the Olson Trust that controls the land currently
being considered by Loveland for annexation, their history and roots are deep with Loveland and some report an annexation into Johnstown
is "unthinkable" by family members who have influence on the final decision.

Please take a moment and read both Loveland's proposed "pre-annexation" agreement and Johnstown's final annexation agreement.  If you
believe any part of this story in error, we welcome your comments and will make any appropriate changes to the story.  Please feel to email
us at

The purpose of this story is to bring attention to the differing approaches to annexation by the two cities and provide you first-hand the
agreements to read and draw your own conclusions.

You may also make any comments or provide additional facts regarding this story anonymously on the blog.  Johnstown residents are also
welcome to post your comments on this topic.
A Tale of Two Different
Annexation Agreements - One
(Loveland's) and
another Executed
Johnstown Mountain View Annexation Agreement (January 7, 2008)

Loveland's Proposed Pre-Annexation Agreement for Olson Addition (January 8, 2008)