Loveland City Council
Ward 1
Two candidates have so far pulled papers to run in City Council Ward 1 for the
Loveland City Council - there is still time if you are considering running for this
seat and live in Ward 1.

Recent frustration over uncontested seats means both candidates should be
thanked for taking on this difficult task.

Daryle Klassen, former County Commissioner (1985-1993) was first to express
interest in this seat.  He is certainly well qualified both as a businessman (he
once owned KLOV radio station) and for the time he has spent in public office.   
He says he doesn't have a particular issue he is running on so there haven't
been any issues yet develop in the race.  His history of not bringing partisan
politics into local government is a plus not to mention his unquestioned
experience and solid reputation.

Cecil Gutierrez also pulled the nomination papers to be signed.  You might
remember him as the former Band Director for Loveland High School but he
also served as an Asst. Vice Principle of a local middle school for the Thomson
School District.  Like Klassen, Gutierrez hasn't announced any issue that he
wants to campaign on leaving the question, why are you running?

We have set-up a blog in case either candidate wants to make a comment or if
anyone else familiar with the candidates would like to post some additional
information.  Quite frankly, races not distinguished by differences on issues
normally become a resume contest.  Cecil may re-consider his initial plan if he
wants to compete for the seat as Klassen appears to have both the name ID and
more direct experience useful for City Council.

Either way, they both appear to be qualified candidates and we will report more
information as it becomes available.  Please feel welcome to email with any tips you might have on this contest.