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Reporter shows bias in article attacking Councilors
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Triangle Scultpure and the Visual Arts
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City of Loveland Uglyfies Wilson by
removing trees
Loveland High School graffiti problem
Latest action by Council on this issue
City Council - Johnstown Rural Fire Dist.
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Snow Plowing Priorities in 2006 - Report Here -
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Amendment 41 "End-Run" Passes Loveland City Council
Councilmembers Steve Dozier and Dave Clark (left) watch for instruction from City
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Many residential streets not cleared in
Loveland's 06 Christmas Storm
City Trash Trucks Getting Stuck -Read full story
School District Employees Use School Equipment
to clear own streets
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Moderates Sweep Top
Offices in Larimer GOP -
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The controversial Triangle sculpture is celebrated
at its new location in Benson Park
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Council Completes Annual "Retreat"
The Loveland City Council completed their annual retreat at Group Publishing that included
meals with spouses at Centerra's
Bent Fork restaurant.  The City Clerk was prompt in
posting the notes from the meetings which are
available online.  The Council did go into
closed session to discuss further property annexations along I-25.  Capital improvements,
future projects and attracting new business were among the items discussed during the
two days of meetings but most topics were referred to standing committees for further
consideration.  See the
Reporter-Herald and Loveland Connection stories regarding the
retreat.  Both stories concentrate on the economic development portion of the meeting.
Lame-Duck Council Raided Future Revenue and Fire Safety Funds
To Buy 98 Acres Along I-25 - One Protested
See complete story
See Councilman Heckel  Attack Colleague
Johnson Ignores Her
Own Legal Advice
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Councilwoman Johnson
napping at the July 1,
2008 council meeting
Golden Nest Eggs Coming Back
Council members Carol Johnson, Larry Heckel,
Glenn Rousey and Mayor Pielin instructed the city
manager that they want to vote again on providing
special health benefits to retiring senior city employees
at a future meeting.  The issue has been scheduled to
return on August 19, 2008.  
see story regarding previous discussion and vote on
the issue.
Council chamber standing room only
Angry residents asked for relief from noisy train horns at the July 1, 2008 City
Council meeting.  Council largely tried issue to federal levelissue to federal level

see story
Fire Chief And City
Manager -
Didn't See Eye to Eye On A
Number of Issues
Loveland Fire Chief Mike Chard was placed on
administrative leave August 1, and resigned his post
by August 6, but not before receiving six months
severance bonus pay of $50,000 to keep quiet after
his departure.  Read the original story.
see story
Loveland City Council Study Session On
Transportation Becomes TABOR Gripe Session
Loveland's City Council study session with State Representative Don Marostica and Bill Kaufman to discuss
transportation issues goes off track.  Instead, the lawmaker, mayor, council and state employee discussed
ways to remove TABOR from the state constitution and other means for raising taxes without the consent of
the governed.
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When Loveland's Director of Human Resources Todd Gamble sees Councilwoman
Carol Johnson heading towards his office he can usually guess why she is visiting.  
Johnson is on a mission to have Loveland's City Manager, Don Williams, replaced.  
She has complained to Gamble and has taken her case to some council colleagues
according to two independent sources working in city hall.
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One Councilor Lobbies To Replace City Manager
Next Council Study Session: Train Noise
Consultant Says $9.5 Million Required for Quiet Zones
Loveland City Council to focus on train noise for study session.  
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Reporter-Herald Lends Credibility To Outrageous Claim
That 1 in 4 Loveland Teens are Homeles
s Teen Survey At High
Schools Reports Preposterous Results
see story
Councilman Challenges LovelandPolitics
Councilman Glenn Rousey, like some colleagues, is pretending he never supported McWhinney's
proposed 5th amendment to its agreement with the City of Loveland.
Loveland Council
Concludes Annual  Retreat
Guarded Cordiality Prevailed &
Self-Help Guru Pitched his latest book
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Johnson Gets the Boot
City Appointed Volunteers Want New Council Liaison

Loveland Councilwoman Carol Johnson received a letter Thursday by
the volunteers of Loveland's Historic Preservation Commission.  The
Commission told Councilwoman Johnson,
"Commissioners felt that we
could not ask you to remain on the Loveland Historic Preservation
Commission as liaison."
The letter marks possibly the first time in
Loveland's history that a member of the City Council has been asked to
cease their liaison role at the request of the volunteers.
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Morning After Email -
Johnson's Regret
Email on Klen vs. Loveland
Loveland Councilwoman Carol Johnson attempted to continue a confidential attorney-client
communication from Tuesday's council meeting by going public with the information. She
jeopardized the city's claim the meeting was privileged attorney-client communications.
see story
Morning After Email -
Johnson's Regret
Email on Klen vs. Loveland
Loveland Councilwoman Carol Johnson attempted to continue a confidential attorney-client
communication from Tuesday's council meeting by going public with the information. She
jeopardized the city's claim the meeting was privileged attorney-client communications.
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Ice Cream &
Sculptures Coming
Councilman Klassen Frosted Over Council's Reaction to application
see complete story
Klassen Challenges
“A severe injustice has been done to the disability board and it
must be made public”
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Larimer County Republican Assembly - Over 1,000 Attend
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State Reform of Urban Renewal Law
Targets Loveland
County Assessor points it out for clueless councilor

Urban Renewal reform law HB1107 was signed by Governor Ritter on April 14 this year but some
in Loveland's City Hall didn't get the message.

see story
Floor Dropping Out of Councilman Heckel's Political
read the report
Bill Cahill:
New City Manager
Bill Cahill, Assistant City Manager of Merced, California, was the first choice of 6 on Loveland's City
Council to become our next city manager.  Maturity and calm were cited as reasons for their choice.  
Cahill leaves behind a city in financial crisis.
see story and councilor comments
Democrats Backed by 'Republican' Business Group
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