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What is the McWhinney Tax?

PIF (Public Improvement Fee)
1.25% retail sales tax

TIF (Tax Increment Financing)
Any property tax collected above the property's
base value determined at the time the Metro
District is formed

Specific Ownership Tax
County collected automobile registration tax
distributed to all taxing entities
in the county
Important Reference Documents
Provided by Archive

1.  Centerra Metro Districts 1-4 Annual Audited Budget Statements (2007)

2.  Original
Master Financing Agreement  (MFA) between Loveland & McWhinney  

3.  December 5, 2006
Amendment to the Master Financing Agreement (MFA)

4.  See below the City of Loveland list of promised general transportation
improvements and amounts the Centerra Metro District was
supposed to contribute.
Neil Spooner's commentary:

Why Is Loveland Blindly Pumping Money Into
Pet Projects with No Exit Strategy?

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Bob Banaszek's Commentary

Exploring the depths of Loveland's Affordable Senior
Housing Project, Mirasol, and the true owners of the

Mirasol; Taking a Closer Look

Interview with UNC
Prof. Bruce McDaniel by
LovelandPolitics publisher Liam
on the
Amy Oliver Show
KFKA 1310 AM
Prof. McDaniel (above) is
a Loveland resident who
teaches economics at
UNC and is the author of
numerous publications.  
He recently published a  
translation into English of
the 1908 German book
The Nature and
Essence of Economic
Decorated Firefighter
Challenges Need for Rural
Fire Tax Hike
Approximately 23,000 residents who live in Loveland's Rural Fire
Protection District (outside city limits) are being asked to vote on a
Mill Levy increase of 40%.  If approved, property tax mill levy for
rural fire protection will increase from 5.808 Mills to 9.808.  Mail-in
ballots are going out now and due back by May 8, 2012.

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Eric Blake
Retired Loveland Firefighter