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Trenary Friend Allegedly Caught
Trying to Steal Campaign Signs
Loveland - October 17, 2015

What appears to be surveillance pictures of Jeff Goody, friend of Loveland Councilman Ralph Trenary, were captured earlier
this week as Goody allegedly tried to steal campaign signs from private property located at 1625 S. Taft Ave. in Loveland.

The property owner, former Colorado State House Representative Jim Welker, provided permission to numerous Republican
and conservative candidates to post their campaign signs on his property located on the west side of Taft Ave. just south of
Highway 402 in Loveland.  Due to the repeated thefts of even the largest campaign signs, surveillance video was set-up across
the street to catch the parties responsible for thousands of dollars in vandalism and theft of campaign signs from Welker's
private property over the past two weeks.

As seen in the pictures captured on the right, a man believed to be Jeff Goody of Loveland is driving a 2007 Kia Optima
registered to Helen Turnbull Goody residing at 4105 Swan Mountain Drive in Loveland .  According to Larimer County records,
Jeff Goody owns the property on Swan Mountain Drive along with Helen Goody to whom the vehicle is registered.  There is a
Jeff Goody who works in Human Resources at Columbine Health System in Ft. Collins we suspect is the same Jeff Goody but
haven't had time yet to confirm whether it is the same person.

Loveland police have an active investigation and asked to see Goody's garage and later a dumpster in Ft. Collins where they
believed he was dumping the stolen campaign signs.  However, when they arrived at those locations they were empty.   
Larimer County Land Fill sales data and video may contain evidence, according to one source, regarding where Goody allegedly
disposed of the stolen campaign signs but that may require additional resources to uncover.

Goody is a regular on Facebook and posts political comments regularly with his friend Loveland Councilman Ralph Trenary.  In
one recent post, Goody instructed fellow Trenary and teacher union backed school board candidates to contact real estate
brokers whose signs are located on property to determine whether or not the listing agent approves.  In fact, property lines are
not always obvious and even commercial real estate brokers don't necessarily know when the property owner grants
permission for political signs to be posted.

According to our source, Loveland police suspect Goody is responsible for hundreds of campaign sign thefts across Loveland
in recent weeks for reasons they were not willing to disclose.  If Goody is charged and convicted he may face thousands of
dollars in restitution.  In addition, Goody may be forced to pay thousands if dollars in damages to individual candidates and
political action committees whose signs were stolen.

More details will be reported as we receive them.  LovelandPolitics has attempted to contact Goody by email for a comment
and will post his reply or explanation if one is received.