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Loveland - April 8, 2014

In a recent flurry of email's between Thompson School Superintendent Stan Scheer and new Board of
Education Directors,  Scheer appears to violate professional email etiquette rule number 11 (among others) by
using one word replies and punctuation when responding.  Below is an email from Board Director Bryce
Carlson regarding an end-run Scheer attempted on Board President Bob Kerrigan where Scheer ignored
Kerrigan's role in setting meeting agendas by trying to go straight to the entire board to negotiate the agenda
via email (a possible violation of Colorado Open Meetings Laws especially as it relates to decisions on union

Scheer's brief response (shown first below) appears to be some attempt at comedy or sarcasm but isn't entirely
clear.  In any event, Carlson's attempts to engage Superintendent Scheer appear unsuccessful.
Thompson Schools Superintendent
'Monkey Talks' New Board Members
Ellen’s top tips for productive,
positive email communication

1. Always use a salutation.

2. Make it brief.

3. Always have a subject line that is
relevant to your email text.

4. Always have a body to your email.

5. Do not just write in the subject line
and leave the rest of the email blank.

6. Proofread your email; do not
distribute with typos or grammatical
errors, it looks rushed, sloppy and

7. Proofread your distribution list.
How many bad stories have we
heard about the sales executive who
accidentally copied his client on an
email that ranted.

8. Conclude your emails in a
professional way (e.g., Best
Regards). Please do not provide “A
Thought for the Day” at the end of
your email or a rainbow colored
signature to sign off (they both are
sophomoric and unprofessional).

9. Never put anything in writing when
you are angry. Walk away, sleep on it
and address the issue once your
mind has cleared

10. Never put anything in writing that
you would be embarrassed of if your
boss received a copy of it (e.g.,
anything that defames your boss,
colleagues, company or clients).
Do not use email for sensitive
issues (e.g., downsizing an
employee, a job resignation,
sending your condolences to a
colleague about a death in his
family). Pick up the phone or set up a
face-to-face meeting instead.

11.        Do not use emoticons or
what some refer to as “monkey talk”
– acronyms that are cute (e.g., LOL,
BRB) or grammar symbols to
Email: Board Update......High Plains Board questions
Carlson's April 2, email (see above) came three days after Scheer sent an email around Board President Bob Kerrigan
which prompted an email from Kerrigan reiterating he (as Board President) had not agreed to the proposed item
appearing on this week's work session of the Board of Education (no action proposed).  Scheer's response below was
Email: Revised 4-9-14 BOE Agenda
Later the same evening, following Scheer's one word response, Kerrigan sent another email reiterating his position.  
According to emails obtained from the Thompson School District, Superintendent Scheer did not reply to the email below
but did finally direct staff not to add new items to the agenda.  McWhinney is pushing to have the school issue public debt
in the form of bonds ASAP to cover costs of constructing the High Plains Academy.