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Loveland, February 5, 2017

Thompson School District R2-J Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration had little to do with the
famous civil rights leader and instead used the theme
"To Make Real the Promises of Democracy"
to attack everything from free market economics to the U.S. Constitution for allowing a "
tyrant" to
occupy the White House by way of an "
undemocratic" electoral college system.

On January 16, the Thompson School District sponsored the taxpayer funded "
Holiday Event"
beginning at 6:00 PM at Mountain View High School that was open to the public and which
advertised itself as Loveland's 27th annual celebration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.   

Instead, the audience was treated to three hours of heavy political messaging by extremists whose
radical anti-American messages seem to have permeated even the most senior ranks of the
Thompson School District.  One government official who endured the entire three-hour event (a
number of people left early) told LovelandPolitics,

"I found myself incredibly offended by the program.  It's hard to describe how bad it was.  The
amount of indoctrination that must be going on in these schools is much worse than I realized.  
The fact that organizers abused their positions at these schools and put this clearly political
event on at a public school is alarming."

Thompson School District Superintendent Stan Scheer presided over the highly charged political
program that involved contributions from the Harrington Arts Alliance, the ironically named Sarah
Milner Elementary School "
No Place for Hate" coalition and numerous bands and dance troupes.

Thompson School's LISA (Loveland Integrated School of Arts) coordinator Candice M. Ingold
chaired the planning committee along with local artist and Massachusetts transplant Patricia
Murtha who maintains an art gallery in the Lundeen Sculpture Building at 344 E. Fourth St. in
downtown Loveland.

Loveland Mayor Gutierrez Promotes Pantheism

Born Michael King and later taking his Father's name after the German Protestant reformer, Rev.
Martin Luther King attended Crozer Theological Seminary near Chester, Pennsylvania after
completing his undergraduate work at Morehouse College in 1948.  It was at this seminary that
King learned of a Christian doctrine for the use of non-violence in protest of unjust laws he would
later deploy successfully in the civil rights struggle.

Children attending the Thompson School District celebration of King's life in 2017, however, did
not hear King or his tactics described as Christian but instead were treated to "
what he would
have said
" revisionist history that attempted to cast King in the light of a Pagan or Native
American Pantheist.  Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez even provided the audience with a heavy
dose of Pantheism throughout the program.

Between each act, Loveland's Mayor Gutierrez read from a Native American lore called
"Why the
Trees Loose Their Leaves" while also playing notes from a "mystical" Native American flute he
claims carries the sounds of lost souls while providing "
spiritual healing" to all who hear its

Continuing on the same theme, a student group calling itself the "
Ultraviolet Show Choir"
performed a song and dance routine called "
Man vs. Earth" about how man is destroying earth
because of corporations and our wicked culture of greed in America.  
see video

On Facebook, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Loveland Events committee page is replete with
anti-capitalist messages that would appear more at home in the "Communist Manifesto" by Karl
Marx or Noam Chomsky call for redistributing wealth through revolution.  There's a post showing a
quote from Jodie Foster, which says, "
Attacking the rich is not envy, it's self defense.  The hoarding
of wealth is the cause of poverty. The rich just aren't indifferent to poverty; they create &
maintain it
."  Not mentioned with the quote is Jodie Foster's estimated net worth which is around
$100 million.

LovelandPolitics also interviewed some students from Sarah Milner Elementary School whose
parents asked that their names not be used for this article out of fear for retribution.  These
elementary grade students are under the distinct impression that today's America is more racist,
prejudice and oppressive than anything the "Native American" King encountered during his life
when "native Americans were being slaughtered" in the 1960's.
R2-J Celebrates 'Noam Chomsky' Day
Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez left students
the impression Rev. Martin Luther King was a
Pantheist by reading from Native American
folklore tales of how trees loose their leaves
because they didn't share their wealth while
playing a "magical" flute between acts.