Loveland - December 14, 2011

Next Tuesday (December 20) the Loveland City Council is scheduled to vote on appointing new or returning members to
Loveland's Planning Commission.  Appointments to the Planning Commission are among the most important votes a council
member can make as the philosophy or political views of the planning commissioners can help guide the city's future
development decisions for years to come.

Former Loveland Mayor and Councilman Gene Pielin is seeking a return to city hall via an appointment to the Loveland
Planning Commission.  Just as
LovelandPolitics reported on the last of Loveland's 'Old Guard' leaving city hall, Pielin is
looking for a return at least of his influence on city matters via an appointment to the Planning Commission.  Pielin's
application has been met with some controversy in city hall as Pielin presided over a number of unresolved issues as the city's
Mayor.  These issues include the failed vNet subsidy, costly land speculation along I-25 resulting in the 402 property
purchase, secret McWhinney meetings to implement a 'flexible' Urban Renewal plan and many others.

Among his many ethical lapses on council, Pielin submitted an opinion editorial to the Loveland Reporter-Herald that he didn't
write but copied from another source.
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One council member who served with Pielin told LovelandPolitics that while Mayor, Pielin conducted a secret vote to
purchase the now infamous 402 property during a phone call with all the council.  In Colorado, secret voting of this type is
illegal on matters concerning expenditure of city funds.  The state's Open Meetings Law requires such deliberation and
decisions be made in an open and public meeting.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a difficult volunteer position as the commissioners must vote on zoning maps, plats, zoning
ordinances, subdivision ordinances, and other planning matters.  They preside over zoning disputes and make
recommendations to the City Council on a variety of applications for development.  The process is often lengthy and tedious
requiring a significant investment of the volunteer's time.

The Commission also serves as the ex officio Zoning Board of Adjustment to preside over appeals and also review orders
regarding the administration or enforcement of Title 18 Zoning. The Planning Commission also revises and updates
periodically the city's Master Plan, Landscaping Standards, the Sign Code
and Development Standards.

Three applicants are Planning Commissioners looking to serve another 3-year term.  The current Chairman, Rob Molloy, was
a candidate for city council in the last election for a seat representing Ward 1 but lost to Chauncey Taylor.  Another current
Commissioner seeking another term is Troy Krenning who also ran for public office in Loveland.

Loveland developer and business owner, Ed Klen, was removed from consideration after receiving a letter from Bill Cahill,
Loveland's City Manager, explaining only residents of Loveland may serve on the Loveland Planning Commission.  Klen
resides in a county area just outside Loveland city limits.

Rob Molloy, Buddy Meyers and Troy Krenning each are coming to the end of a three year term on Planning Commission.  As
all have re-applied, at least one will need to be discontinued if the council decides to appoint either newcomer; Gene Pielin or
Julie Harden.  Rumors in City Hall place the fickle finger of fate upon Troy Krenning whose politics are not aligned with the
new majority of the council there may likely not be re-appointed.  Rob Molloy is also in danger of not being re-appointed given
his attempts to be elected to the city council.
Gene Pielin Seeks Seat on Planning Commission -
Commission Shake-Up Likely
Current list of applicants to
Loveland's  Planning

Gene Pielin

Troy Krenning *

Buddy Meyers *

Robert Molloy *

Julie Harden

Ed Klen

* Current member seeking re-appointment
2.60.210 Planning commission.

A. There is established a planning commission
consisting of nine members appointed by the city
council. All nine members shall be bona fide
residents of the city of Loveland. The term of office
of each member shall be three years.

B. The purpose of the planning commission shall be
to consider and pass upon all plats and make
recommendations as to approval, modification, and
disapproval thereof to the city council. The
commission also shall consider and advise the city
council on all proposed changes to the zoning and
subdivision ordinances and recommend adoption of
comprehensive plans for the physical development
of the city, which plans may be adopted by
resolution of the city council, and perform such
other duties as required by state statutes and as the
city council may by ordinance or resolution
Former Mayor Gene Pielin Seeks
Planning Seat