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Loveland - March 19, 2016

Colorado is both a primary and caucus state which means state and local candidates pass through both a
caucus and primary election to appear on the general election ballot in November.  Delegates selected at
each major party's caucuses meet at a general assembly to elect their party's nominees to appear on the
primary ballot.   Those unable to win enough votes (at least 30% required) may also petition their way
onto a party's primary ballot.

The Larimer County Republican Party Assembly took place at the CSU (Colorado State University) Lory
Student Center this weekend.   Over 700 delegates and their alternates met to hear from and vote for
their choices for the Republican primary ballot.  
Republicans worried that inter-party rivalries for the
primaries in two local races could weaken their candidates going into the general election this

Larimer County is governed by a three member Board of County Commissioners each representing a
different district within the county.   All three are elected "at-large" across the county and two of the
three seats are up or re-election in 2016.

The Larimer County Democrats Convention and Assembly to select candidates for the  Democrat
summer primary ballot took place last Saturday at Fossil Ridge High School in Ft. Collins.  Unlike the
Republican Assembly, the Democratic candidates for Larimer County Board of Commissioners and State
House District 51 Representative were less contested.

Karen Stockley, former Thompson School Board member who lost to incumbent Republican Tom
Donnelly four years ago, will try again to represent Larimer County District 3 (Southern Larimer
County) in 2016 without competition from within her own party for the nomination.  District 2 in
Larimer County will see Ft. Collins High School teacher Bill Wright seek to replace incumbent
Republican Commissioner Steve Johnson.  

For State House District 51, which covers mostly the city limits of Loveland and small parts of the county
and Ft. Collins, Jody Shadduck-McNally received 127 delegate votes to a last minute opponent's 6 votes
to be the Democrat candidate in November for State House District 51.

Republican Candidates Battle For Place On Ballot

More than one candidate stepped forward for the District 2 seat on the Larimer County Board of
Commissioners while two candidates also battled to be the party's nominee for State House District 51.

In a desperate move yesterday, Republican Eric Mokler sent an email to the delegates for the
Republican Assembly openly accusing his opponent, incumbent County Commissioner Steve Johnson, of
being "homosexual" and even sent Facebook pictures as evidence (see pictures right of story).   The
desperate move backfired on Mokler who received only 12.5% of the vote thus failing to secure a
position on the ballot to Johnson's overwhelming approval of 86% of the vote.  Johnson appeared with
his wife of over 30 years and other supporters on the stage.

Johnson indicated a vote for Mokler would be an endorsement of his tactics when referring to the
salacious email receiving an applause from the delegates.  Johnson also thanked his wife for standing
with him joking that in his case it isn't easy.

Loveland Councilman Landslides Opponent

In the State House race, former Larimer County GOP Chairman Tom Lucero challenged Loveland City
Councilman Hugh McKean to appear on the primary ballot as the Republican nominee to replace Rep.
Brian DelGrosso in November.   Former State House Representative Tim Fritz along with public
education activist and founder of Loveland's 'Liberty Watch' Nancy Rumfeld appeared on stage for Tom
Lucero who gave a powerful speech describing himself as the true conservative who will fight for the
delegate's ideals in Colorado's State Legislature.

Later, Councilman Hugh McKean received an emphatic endorsement by Loveland Police Officer Rob
Pride who describe an emergency in Loveland when police staffing levels fell below safe levels.  Pride
said one call to Councilman McKean resulted in a later council action to boost the police staffing by
twelve officers due to McKean's tireless efforts.  Lucero's appeals to fellow Republicans as the true
conservative were in vain as the Republican Assembly denied him a place on the primary ballot with
only 29% of the vote with the balance going to McKean.  While Lucero may still petition his way onto the
ballot, it is unlikely given the large number of signatures required and short time period necessary to
gather them.

In 2008, incumbent Republican County Commissioner Glenn Gibson tried to petition his way onto the
ballot after only receiving 23% of the county assembly which requires a minimum of 30% of the
delegates' support to appear on the primary ballot.  In 2012 Donnelly was not challenged in the primary
nor this year when he received unanimous support from the Republican Assembly.  Prior to this year
the exclusion of a candidate from the primary ballot was a rare event.
McKean & Johnson Landslide Opponents at
Republican County Assembly
Former Larimer GOP Chairman Tom Lucero (left) received only 29% of
the votes thus failing to qualify for the primary ballot as a candidate for
House District 51 while Loveland Councilman Hugh McKean (right) will
appear on the ballot uncontested this summer as the Republican choice
Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson appeals to Republican Assembly
delegates to reject his opponent's tactics attacking his personal life while his wife
stands behind him supporting his candidacy.
(Left to right standing) Loveland Planning
Commissioner Jeremy Jersvig, Councilman Troy
Krenning, Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle, former
Thompson School Board President Bob Kerrigan and
Councilman Hugh McKean with wife Kristin.
Facebook images of Commissioner Steve Johnson
with Vincent Papaleo sent in an email by opponent
Eric Mokler claiming they provide evidence of a
homosexual relationship between the two men
Candidate Eric Mokler's comments to Republican
delegates sharply contrasted his more
self-righteous and accusatory emails; stating he
has his own skeletons in his closet and suffered
from a past of drug abuse though he has been
sober for the past eight years.
Republican Delegates from Loveland's Precinct 522 (City Council Ward 1) included former
Larimer County Commissioner and Loveland Mayor Pro Tem Daryle Klassen (in rear pointing)
Larimer County Board Dist. 2

Steve Johnson - 490 (86%)
Eric Mokler - 71 (12.5%)

Larimer County Board Dist. 3

Tom Donnelly - Unanimous (100%)

Colorado State House District 51

Hugh McKean - (71%)
Tom Lucero - (29%)
"Steve Johnson is a homosexual and half the
party already knows it." Eric Mokler

email to 700 delegates
March 18, 2016 at 7:43 PM
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