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The Many Faces of "Sleepy" Gene
Pielin During Public Meeting
Pielin makes faces while locals speak against using public monies to fund
a private parking garage
Pielin drank what appeared to be a considerable
amount of black coffee during the meeting
August 28 that lasted over 3 hours.  Despite the
coffee, he is seen here (left) resting his sleepy
head in his hands during the meeting.
Groggy and fighting sleep
during the Aug. 28, meeting
as Rich Shannon of
McWhinney Enterprises
describes the level of
excitement surrounding
Grand Station.
Sleepy Gene is seen here scoffing at
comments when a Loveland
residents points out to Council that
their questions (except the Mayor's)
indicate they had already decided to
support the proposal before them.
Gene covers his face in his
hands when Loveland
resident Roger Hoffmann
mentions that he read about
the meeting on