Chad McWhinney Wrote;
"I am writing to clarify misinformation that has shaped the perspective
some have about Centerra..."

Chad McWhinney Wrote:
“First, some background on the public-private partnership between the
city of Loveland and Centerra.  When signed in 2004, the agreement
included three key goals: bring jobs to Loveland…..”

Not Exactly
Of the approximately 52,959 words in the Master Financing Agreement
(MFA) signed between Loveland and McWhinney in 2004, the word job
doesn’t appear once nor is the word goal mentioned anywhere in the
largely legal document governing the relationship.

Chad McWhinney Wrote:
“Thanks to the building of a 303-unit apartment complex, and updates
at the intersection of I-25/Hwy 34 and I-25/Crossroads Boulevard,
there also will be hundreds of well-paying construction jobs added in the
area in the coming months.”

Not Exactly
Jalisco International, Inc. of Commerce City Colorado was awarded the
contract to improve Crossroads Blvd.   On Oct. 6, 2009 the Denver
firm, New Design Construction, was selected to complete the limited
improvements to the I-25 and Highway 34 interchange.  Both
companies will use existing employees from the Denver area.

No conditions in the 2004 agreement or more recent and additional
subsidies given McWhinney require them to hire loveland workers. A
McWhinney representative at one council meeting even scoffed at the
mere suggestion it be included as a condition.

Chad McWhinney Wrote:
"To date the partnership has contributed approximately $25 million of
the $29 million designated for three much-needed regional road

Not Exactly
McWhinney and the previous council amended the agreement to
redefine what constituted "regional improvements" to include a
Centerra road not hardly serving regional needs.  In 2006 they also
changed the agreement to allow funding from outside sources to satisfy
McWhinney's obligations under the agreement.

The $25 million McWhinney is claiming credit for includes other
moneys not contributed by the "partnership."  Crossroads
improvements are mostly being paid by federal funds ($4.2 million from
stimulus and other federal funds) while McWhinney's taxing district
was dragged kicking and screaming to fund even the smallest road
improvements to the I-25/U.S. 34.

Chad McWhinney Wrote:
On the I-25/Highway 34 improvements "...the city awarded the job to a
contractor who bid $8.7 million.  On top of that there will be nearly
$300,000 of immediate ascetic improvements."

Not Exactly
The council DID NOT approve the additional $300,000 for ascetic
improvements on Oct. 6, 2009 but only passed the $8.7 million per
McWhinney's original request.  The 2004 agreement with the city
called for McWhinney's taxing district to fund $12.5 million in
improvements to that interchange by 2010 and another $50 million by
2024.  Loveland staff indicated the $8.7 is likely all the city should
expect to be spent on that interchange.

Chad McWhinney:
"The McWhinney family has been a part of Loveland for six

Not Exactly
The McWhinney brothers grew-up in Southern California.  Chad
McWhinney has described himself as a native of Huntington Beach
California. Similar claims of being developers concerned for their
community have been used to promote a Garden Grove, California
government subsidized project.  Troy McWhinney lives in Ft. Collins
and the other brothers still reside in California according to former
McWhinney employees.
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Chad McWhinney's "Guest Column"
Published Oct. 11, 2009 in the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald