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State House District 51 Rep. Don Marostica held a public meeting in Loveland's City Hall on Saturday.  The
purpose behind the meeting appears to have been an explanation by Marostica regarding his recent actions to
challenge his own party in Denver.

Marostica is the lone Republican supporter and now State House sponsor of Senate Bill 228 which seeks to
repeal a 1992 budget provision referred to as Arveschoug-Bird (AB).   AB requires all revenues collected by the
state over a 6 percent annual increase to go towards transportation and capital construction instead of the state’
s discretionary General Fund.  Many credit AB with preventing the kind of runaway deficit spending (like in
California) that has bankrupted other states and crippled their ability to fund even basic services like public

Republicans in the State Senate unanimously opposed SB 228 and staged a filibuster while Marostica was closely
working with his Democratic colleagues to introduce the same measure in Colorado's State House and serve as
its primary advocate and sponsor.

If the purpose of Saturday's "town hall" meeting was to mend fences within his own party, it failed miserably
when the Republican legislator Marostica told those assembled "Now, I know Republicans -- really get nervous
about that because they have been telling that lie for a long time.”   Marostica was referring to the concern that a
repeal of AB would lead to higher taxes to cover the extra spending since the state is unable to carry a budget
deficit the way the federal government does.
Rep. Marostica Explains His Actions While Attacking
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