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Video clip - watch the Loveland City Council laugh at a joke before being told 200
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Click here for Video clip from April 17, meeting where Pielin states "850
people" - apparently not understanding he was voting to increase the
McWhinneys' development by 850
Residential units (more than 2,000
residents) not 850 people.
Loveland - Oct. 13, 2007

City of Loveland negotiations to buy 97 acres at the southwest corner of 402 and I-25 for over $6
million was nixed from the October 16, 2007 City Council agenda to be announced instead after the
current city elections.

Mayor Pro Tem Gene Pielin told the Loveland Reporter-Herald
(see front page story Oct. 13) the
Council needs more details and that is why the item was pulled.  This isn't what informants tell
LovelandPolitics, the details of the plan are already finished and the Council fully briefed and
apparently in agreement in a closed session.  The reason, according to an unnamed source inside
City Hall, was the timing of announcing a "McWhinneyville Sequel" right before this election.

Despite Pielin's argument that it is preliminary and lacking details, both the
City Ordinance
allowing the purchase of the land and
cover letter by Don Williams, City Manager, appear to be
complete and ready for the Council to act.   It appears political motivations were at work when
these documents were removed from the public portion of the agenda for the next Council
meeting.  It remains an item for discussion in closed session.  The City Clerk has pulled all the
agenda until it is revised - here is a copy of the
original agenda.

It is clear the current incumbents on City Council are concerned about their re-election chances as
Pielin is about his race to be Loveland's next Mayor.  The documents obtained by LovelandPolitics
indicate this is a move by Loveland to start subsidizing new sprawl (housing and retail)
developments along the 402 corridor from Loveland to the I-25.  Given the current sentiments
expressed by the candidates at their last forum, it appears the City Manager wasn't listening and felt
ready to announce the diversion of more capitalization money towards a new "McWhinneyville"
effort along the I-25 and 402 instead of helping downtown.  Like the subsidized trolley and $80
million parking garage, the official public decision has been postponed until after the election.
Secret Plan To Subsidize More Sprawl
City To Buy 97 Acres - Councilmembers Angry City Manager Made Docs Public
Documents The City of Loveland Released and Later Pulled From Agenda
Cover Letter To Council          Proposed Ordinance Authorizing Purchase              Original Oct. 16 Agenda
Recent disclosures of secret land purchase
negotiations along I-25 and 402.
Mayor Pro Tem Gene Pielin (who is running for
Mayor) has asked the item be pulled off the Council's
public agenda until after the election.  Loveland
taxpayers have grown weary of the City Council
throwing every extra city dollar into "incentives" for
development along I-25 corridor.  As foreclusres rise
in Loveland and property values decline, the public is
angry over further "incentives" to create more new
homes and retail along I-25.  Pielin is said to be angry
the City Manager placed the approval on the October
16, 2007 City Council agenda.  It is clear they support
the action (because they don't want to vote no and
were aware of the negotiations) but prefer it be done
after the elections since this action contradicts what
they have been telling voters..
Below - an aerial image of the property the City of Loveland is trying to purchase for over $6 million.