"Krenning" Chosen in
Backroom Deal for Mayor
Loveland – August 20, 2007  

In a secret meeting held last Saturday night, financial backers of area politicians met to decide who
they would support for Mayor.  Troy Krenning announced to those assembled that Mayor Walsh
would not be seeking re-election and that he would like to run with their backing.

According to an unnamed source, several people in the meeting (including Loveland Chamber of
Commerce members) were surprised to learn that Mayor Walsh had already made the decision not
to run and that certain influential people had selected Krenning as the establishment candidate.  
Having been given the official nod to run, Krenning is confident about his chances of winning and
people in the meeting discussed ways to discourage others from challenging Krenning.

This was not Krenning’s first announcement about his intentions to run for public office.  
Krenning announced in 2006 he would seek the House District 51 seat when Jim Welker decided
not to seek re-election amid ongoing controversies.  Welker had endorsed Kevan McNaught to
replace him as the representative for the 51st State House District which includes the City of

According to a Loveland Reporter-Herald article in April of 2006, “Thursday morning, Krenning
had steeled himself to run. He said he wanted to run, if only to give people a choice. They deserve
to have choices, Krenning said. We don’t know Kevan McNaught.  I’ve never heard of
him.  I haven’t met anyone who has.â€�  His campaign website can still be seen at http://www.

The article also stated. “Krenning said he had a campaign team ready to go, but if Marostica is in,
he is out.â€�   He did indeed drop out when Marostica entered the race.  This may be State House
Representative Don Marostica’s chance to repay the favor.

Armed with the knowledge that Mayor Walsh chose not to run and the endorsement of key players,
Krenning appeared before the group Saturday and announced he would run since Walsh is not
seeking re-election.  Some see the early endorsement of Krenning as a slap in the face to Mayor Pro
Tem Pielin who thought he would be the heir apparent.  It is unlikely Pielin will run since Loveland
Commercial and McWhinney money is likely to go to Krenning.  Even if Pielin does run he will be
at a disadvantage since he will be trying to uphold the unpopular McWhinney cause without their
financial support.

Krenning Background
Krenning is the Chairman of Loveland’s Planning Commission.  He and his wife Kim purchased
their home on Bent Drive in Loveland in 2002.  He has also serves on the Citizens' Advisory Board
for the Loveland Police Department.

Krenning worked as a police officer in Fort Collins for a number of years before being hired as the
Police Chief of St. Francis, Kansas.  He later became the Police Chief in Johnstown, Colorado.  
Krenning received his law degree in 2004 and practiced law for a short time before going to work
for the University of Denver.

Krenning’s short stint previously in politics included managing an unsuccessful campaign for
State Senate for former Ft. Collins Mayor Ray Martinez against now State Senator Bacon in 2004.   
He was quoted in the Rocky Mountain Collegian regarding infighting between the two candidates;

“Troy Krenning, Martinez's campaign manager, said everything was fine and both sides had a
'wonderful platform.' That was until Brophy stepped in and demanded to be part of the debate, he

During his time in St. Francis, Krenning also had his share of controversy.  This small town has
approximately 1,500 residents and is considered a 3rd class town according to Kansas State Statute.
During his time in St. Francis Krenning and the police department were involved in several
altercations with two local residents that resulted in litigation that lasted long beyond his tenure as the
Police Chief of the small town.  
Click here to read about those events.

Today, Krenning is not only a Program Director for the University of Denver but was also
reappointed to Loveland’s Police Citizen’s Advisory Board in late 2006 and continues to
serve as the Chairman of Loveland’s Planning Commission.

Krenning has been quoted as supporting the status quo in Loveland and not running for council to
seek any changes other than a greater focus on downtown.  Kenneth Morey, who serves on the
Planning Commision with Krenning, has also pulled papers to run for Mayor.

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