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can usually guess why she is visiting.  Johnson is on a mission to have Loveland's City Manager, Don Williams, replaced.  She has
complained to Gamble and has taken her case to some of her colleagues according to two independent sources working in city hall.

As an example, she recently voted recently to allow McWhinney's Metro District to use public monies to demolish the old dog As
an example, she recently voted recently to allow McWhinney's Metro District to use public monies to demolish the old dog track
while her 7 colleagues voted against the proposal endorsed by the city manager.
track while her 7 colleagues voted against the proposal endorsed by the city manager.

Carol Johnson, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous, is not only a critic of Williams but has lobbied her colleagues
to have him removed from his post.  According to two different sources, Johnson has visited Gamble's office to complain about
Loveland City Manager Don Williams and likes to compare his leadership style with that of Mike Bestor, City Manager of Golden,
Colorado.  Johnson served 4 years on Golden's City Council before loosing her re-election bid and later running unopposed in
Loveland for her current seat.  Johnson is said to be a big fan of Mike Bestor and has likely spoken with him about making a move
to Loveland.

As the only councilor with experience in local office outside Loveland, Johnson is said to complain that Williams is not professional
and cannot be trusted.  Johnson regularly compares Williams' work to Bestor's work say LovelandPolitics' sources.   According to
sources inside city hall, Gamble and others have grown weary of Johnson's complaining and especially tired of her constant
references to Golden and how much better it is run than Loveland.

Loveland Imitates Golden -- Johnson Will Propose A Regressive Business Tax

If Johnson can't port Golden's city manager to Loveland she appears to be bringing his ideas instead.  One proposal coming to
Loveland's City Council is copied directly from an action taken by Golden's City Council.  In order to fund business development
efforts, the City of Golden eliminated a rebate of their sales taxes that pays for the "accounting" costs associated with collecting
sales taxes.  In Loveland, that rebate is 3 1/2 percent of all sales tax collected or $300 - whichever is less.  The purpose behind the
tax rebate is to assist Loveland's smallest businesses by helping to cover the accounting costs associated with collecting and
reporting sales taxes for the city.

Johnson proposes eliminating the rebate as a way to raise taxes without going afoul of TABOR.  The only problem is that $300
may mean nothing to Wal-Mart but a lot to small businesses in Loveland.  That is why the tax is regressive since it will be a burden
to the smallest businesses in town while meaning little or nothing to larger retail outlets.

Does Johnson Blame Williams For Lost Job Opportunities?

Johnson, an attorney, made no secret of the fact she was looking for a job while running for city council even suggesting she could
be a poster child for Loveland's underemployed.  What Johnson failed to disclose was her failed attempt(s) to obtain a job
working for McWhinney Enterprises.  Were Johnson a federal employee, her seeking employment with entities with business
before the city would have run her afoul of ethics laws and regulations.  Loveland's City Charter has no specific prohibition against
council members soliciting jobs from applicants for zoning and or other regulatory matters.

Johnson is also reported to have applied for the top job within Loveland's Chamber of Commerce.  Some in city hall have
speculated that Johnson believes she failed to get the position due to negative comments made by Williams to the Chamber about
Johnson.  While this information is more speculation than fact, if true, it may help to explain why the falling-out between the two has
become so bitter.

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