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Loveland, Nov. 20, 2007

Three new members of the Loveland City Council were sworn-in and a new Mayor Pro
Tem (Dave Clark) elected by the newly constituted city council.

Outgoing Councilman Steve Dozier was conspicuously absent from the meeting which
would have been his last.  Councilwoman Jan Brown delivered a short speech which
included many thanks to her colleagues and staff and sincere wishes of good luck to the
three newly elected council members.  Finally, she promised to stay involved in
downtown activities and to continue serving on city boards and commissions.

Mayor Larry Walsh followed with an exit speech of his own that offered thanks to city
staff while also commenting that since he has been on council for seventeen years people
have likely heard him speak many times so he would keep his comments brief.

Cecil Gutierrez, Kent Solt and Carol Johnson were each sworn-in by Loveland’s own
municipal judge.  A short speech was than made by newly elected Mayor Pielin regarding
his long relationship with Larry Walsh and awards presented by Pielin to both Jan Brown
and Larry Walsh.

Following the presentations a short break was taken to re-arrange seating of the council
members.  The council reconvened and began a regularly scheduled council meeting.
Gene Pielin returns as mayor after
serving as a council member and
mayor pro tem.
Cecil Gutierrez
Carol Johnson
Kent Solt