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Secret Motives Behind Council
Support of  "Amendment 9"
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GOP Chair Declares Bankruptcy To
Avoid Paying $170,252 Civil Judgement
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The Whole Story Behind
Loveland's Increasing Water Rates
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Johnstown: Better Location For Loveland
Jobs Than Centerra?
Loveland Challenges Property Rights of
County Land Owners
TheCity of Loveland is fighting
rural farmers who want to preserve their way of life for the next
generation - who live far from city limits
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Rural Fire Tax Defeat
Commentary By Eric Blake
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Water Sham
A Subsidy By Any Other Name
As Loveland's Council prepares to ask residents to begin paying higher
water rates, another water utility fee waiver is disguised as a non-cost
fee deferral agreement.
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Mayor Capitulates To County
Council passes temporary fireworks ban - outlawing both the sale and use of fireworks

Loveland's City Council voted unanimously to pass a ban on the sale and use of fireworks
inside city limits.  Loveland's Mayor explains why city paid travel took precedent over
passing a fireworks ban sooner.
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Story Behind The Firing Of
Ronald Cabrera
LovelandPolitics goes behind the scenes to get the full story of why Thompson R2-J School
Superintendent Ron Cabrera was recently fired.

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Farmer Gets Sweetheart
Deal From City
Lease surfaces showing city gave farmer use of city owned farmland for
free along with water for past 5 years to grow corn
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Loveland's Mayor Pro Tem Vote Tied
Council split along partisan lines in a 4 to 4 vote

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Economic Development
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Familiar Face Stepping-up To
Represent Ward IV On Council
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TEDx "Curator" Seeks Seat on
Loveland's City Council
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New Owners of Agilent Campus
Prepare for Tenants
City of Loveland Seeking to Replace CAMT's ACE Project Role
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Mayor Apologizes For Comments
After accusing colleague of not supporting public input

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GOP Chair's Bankruptcy In Jeopardy
Over Allegations of Fraudulent Filings
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Did Teamsters Vote Push Allegiant
Out of Loveland?
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Teamster response to LP article and our response
Cabrera's School District Credit Card
- Still Being Used
also Board Pres. Under Fire For Cell Phone Charges
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Loveland's Ward IV Council
Race Is Competitive To The End
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Judge; Beierwaltes Owes City at Least
$500,000 for vNet Debacle
Summary Judgement Partially In City's Favor
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Allegiant CEO Confirms Safety
Was Issue in Pullout
(as first reported by LovelandPolitics and refuted by RH)

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City Staff May Propose a Second'Mexican
Intersection' for Loveland
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Democrats Close Ranks Behind Council
Candidate Paul Mueller
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City Manager Prohibits Staff
From Meeting Councilors At
Sports Station
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Clark Wins Council Seat
Former Loveland Mayor Pro Tem Dave
Clark, flanked by other winning candidates,
celebrates his victory to Loveland's City
Council to represent Ward IV Tuesday night.
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Mayor Struggles For
After losing his partisan majority on Loveland's City
Council, Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez struggles to
take control of Loveland's Council while likely facing a
new Mayor Pro Tem who will not be his rubber stamp.

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City Staff Plans
Mercy Property Acquisition
Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill has been quietly working with staff and
Loveland's multi-faith charity, House of Neighborly Services, to acquire
the group's property located at 565 Cleveland Ave. in Loveland before
the end of the year to facilitate a move to a larger location.
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Councilman Struck By Automobile
Loveland Councilman Chauncey Taylor was hit Saturday afternoon while riding his bike along 37th Street in
Loveland, according to Loveland Police.  The driver of the car is aerospace executive
Herb Satterlee. who could be
charged by the District Attorney.  Taylor was seriously injured and is recovering at the Medical Center of the
Rockies in Loveland.
Woodward: When The Exception
Makes the Law
Loveland's City Council rushed through sweeping changes to the Millennium GDP
last May using the pretext it was for equity reasons.  In private, McWhinney lobbied
for the changes (Amendment 9) to their agreement with the city by claiming
Woodward Inc. was moving its corporate headquarters to Centerra and couldn't
wait for the normal approval process in Loveland.   
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