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Hazard For Loveland Residents?
The recent fatal fire on Boxelder Drive in Loveland has ignited controversy in City Hall over
$3 million collected in CEF's to expand Loveland's Fire Emergency services that was diverted
into failed land speculation by a former lame duck council and Loveland City Manager Don
Williams - can residents still rely on the "5 minute" rule?
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Editorial Denouncing Plagiarism Is Copied
Failing to acknowledge his newspaper's role in publishing a fake "guest editorial" last
October by former Loveland Mayor Gene Pielin, that was verbatim copied from another of
plagiarism- well maybe - since the author of Saturday's editorial is in question.
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Abuse of Discretion
Why Loveland's Use Of Impact Fees Questioned and Larimer County
Sheriff Investigating Criminal Allegations by Loveland Developer of
City Staff
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Loveland Newspapers Participate In
National "Scam" -
For A Price
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Loveland's Troubled Senior Housing Project
An 88 year-old resident of Mirasol has retained an attorney to assist her with
complaints long ignored by Loveland affordable housing officials.  

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Loveland Ballot Question 2C Defeated
A Dozen Dispensaries To Close By March 2011
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In Trouble - Negotiating Sale
be in acquisition talks with Lehman Communications (owners of Loveland RH)
following an apparent Lehman family feud that left the company in trouble.
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Council Votes To Sue Beierwaltes To
Return $500,000
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Loveland Marijuana Dispensaries
Appeal For More Time
Loveland's marijuana dispensaries have sent a letter to Mayor Gutierrez and members of
the City Council requesting they be allowed to continue operating in Loveland until July
despite the public mandate that they cease operations before March 1, 2011.  
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while staff battles with residents over recommendation to council

Feb. 6 UPDATE:  Council approves residents' requests
When the Loveland City Council directed city staff to “work-out” a solution with the
nearby residents of the proposed Namaqua Central development (
see report on
council meeting) they may not have intended what occurred.  Instead of giving
ground staff instead proposed two alternatives both advocating 22nd St. open to
Morning Drive and refused to back away from their recommendation.  
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Councilors Go On Record
One by one Loveland's City Council responded to a staff challenge to take
a position on whether or not they will support a staff generated proposal
to lend up to
$5 million to favored Loveland companies using money from the
city's reserves.
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Loveland Citizens Drop-Out of
Citizen views on how the City of Loveland can avoid next year's projected $3.1 million
deficit were not well received by city staff during a series of recent meetings.  One
participant compared his experience to being on the set of NBC's Mockudrama "Parks and
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Larimer GOP Chairman Resigns
Larimer County Republican Party Chairman Larry Carillo was asked to resign by
Congressman Cory Gardner after details surfaced on the Secretary of State's
website regarding accumulated fines from failing to file campaign expenditure
disclosures now estimated to have reached over $100,000.
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LovelandPolitics and the Loveland Reporter-Herald received mixed signals on
when and how a decision on ACE will be made.

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Loveland Releases Redacted Copy of
Secret Document
In response to an appeal made by LovelandPolitics to release the underlying document used
to outline McWhinney's still secret request to Council to amend the MFA, LovelandPolitics
was provided a copy of the document.  Only two days before the city claimed the
document was privileged and could not be released.
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Don Marostica Plays Every Angle
On Loveland's ACE Project
Monday - April 4, 2011
Local politician and developer Don Marostica is now playing to win Loveland's ACE
Project from every angle.  As a former; gubernatorial aid, CAMT consultant, Loveland
Councilman and now developer bidding the project Don Marostica's multiple roles has
drawn criticism and questions from other developers he is now competing against.  
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Substantial Layoffs At Loveland
Only A Skeleton Staff Will Remain By Summer
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Council Directs Staff To Prepare
Ballot Measure
Repealing TABOR
While struggling with a projected annual $3.5 million deficit for future years, Loveland's
Council declined staff inquiries whether sales or property tax increases on Loveland's
ballot in November should be explored by staff.

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Water Fund Reserve Monies
Loveland's City Council appropriated $4.5 million of the $5.8 million required to
buy the obsolete Agilent Campus to subsidize the proposed 'ACE Project.'

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The Most Influential Man In Loveland
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A monthly internal Loveland City Manager communication
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LovelandPolitics Special Investigative Report
Local Real Estate Scam
Continues Unabated
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'Open Meetings' Law
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California Takes Property Taxes Back
From Redevelopment Agencies
McWhinney's Garden Grove, California Water Park Resort is in jeopardy
while the City of Loveland refuses to release 2010 Centerra Financial Audit.
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McKean Changes City Ballot
Language on TABOR
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Agilent Campus Purchase Contract Excludes CAMT's Previous Pecuniary
Demands - Tobacco Billionaire Buys Old Agilent Campus For Cash And Will
Take Control of ACE Process

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Gutierrez Attacks Open Meetings Law
& Colorado Press Association
During a working breakfast with state legislators in Loveland last Tuesday,
Mayor Gutierrez lobbied state lawmakers to crack down on open government
statutes he thinks go too far.  Gutierrez asked that they stop any legislation
intended to clarify Colorado's open meetings law expected in January in
reaction to recent court challenges by city officials.
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Loveland Mayor
Cecil Gutierrez
City To Lose $900,000
On Home State Bank Property Sale
Loveland's City Council is expected to approve Tuesday night a plan to begin negotiations to sell the old Home State bank building
downtown to Brinkman Partners for $200,000; the city bought the property in 2007 for $1.1 million using mostly library CEF's.  
$900,000 of CEF's will be lost in the sale.

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Gene Pielin Seeks Seat on
Loveland Planning Commission
Planning Commission Shake-Up Likely
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State Senator Lundberg
Considers Run For Congress
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"Rocky Mountain Center For Innovation & Technology"
new name of the former "ACE" Project

Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill announced tonight the City of Loveland completed the sale
of the former Agilent property on Taft Ave. in Loveland to Cumberland & Western Resources.
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