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Loveland, July 12, 2016

Tonight Loveland's City Council will be hearing from Loveland's Community Partnership Office's
Alison Hade on a proposal to "end homelessness" in Loveland by acquiring recreation vehicles to
house homeless people who want to remain in Loveland.

According to information provided to Loveland's City Council, the Loveland Housing Authority will
"partner" in the plan to acquire 7-9 year old vacation trailers from Lazydays RV near Johnstown at
a cost of $22,000 this year and $33,000 next year.   The plan includes purchasing skirts to go
around the rented trailers and covering other anticipated equipment costs for transient occupants
at an annual cost of around $10,000 per trailer home to be located in Loveland.

Missing from staff's proposal to Loveland's City Council is the location in Loveland where they plan
to create the homeless trailer encampment.  While staff suggests an RV Park would be ideal, none
has yet been identified.  In the meantime, staff is not releasing any potential locations for the
homeless trailer encampment likely to avoid a public backlash by adjacent businesses or residents.

"Homeless" Family Takes-Over Elderly Hunter Run Residence

Residents of Hunter's Run familiar with the plan call it a "terrible idea" and point to the city's
inability to resolve a growing crime problem in their own subdivision being caused, they say, by
misguided efforts to help one "homeless" family who have invited an untold number of criminal
transients into their neighborhood.

Bob Kuhn is a 91 year-old Loveland resident who fought in WWII but recently lost his own home
to what are being described as "aggressive transients" by neighbors.  Last year Kuhn was
encouraged to take-in a mother and her children who needed a place to stay.   Today, it is Kuhn
who appears homeless as he was found a month ago wondering alone and confused in Mehaffey
Park and is now being cared for by authorities while a group of transients appear in control of his
private and real property according to neighbors interviewed by LovelandPolitics.

Trying To Help "Homeless" Mother

According to one neighbor, Kuhn was convinced last year by a visiting Meals-On-Wheels worker,
who he relied on for hot meals, to open his home located at 3111 Sanford Circle in Loveland to a
homeless mother and her three children.  According to the same neighbor, the woman identified
as Jennifer Laubin and her three children in their late teens moved in with Kuhn who has no
family in the area to help him.  Laubin represented herself, according to one friend of Kuhn, as a
care taker who could help the elderly veteran in exchange for the room and board for her family on
a temporary basis.  She was separated from her husband who lives nearby and was sleeping in her
car, according to the same neighbor.

LovelandPolitics attempted to speak with Jennifer Laubin by knocking on the door of Bob Kuhn's
house several times.  While it appeared like someone was indeed home, nobody came to the door.

Laubin was identified later by neighbors as a woman with a criminal past who turned Kuhn's
home into a hang-out for other transients.  Neighbors say it was Kuhn shoveling the snow,
attending to the yard and sometimes fighting with Jennifer Laubin in an attempt to evict her and
her three teenage children from his home.  Neighbors complain the other occupants come and go
all night long while receiving literally dozens of visitors well after midnight.  One neighbor
speculated Laubin is running a brothel while another is convinced the property is being used to
distribute drugs.

Authorities didn't become involved until Kuhn was found injured, confused and alone in Mehaffey
Park just south of Hunter's Run.  Larimer County's Office of Aging is reported to have referred
complaints to the Larimer County District Attorney to charge Jennifer Laubin with elder abuse.  In
the meantime, she remains in the property along another 5-7 other people neighbors describe as
criminal transients.  Loveland Police have been called to the residence on a number of occasions
for various complaints according to neighbors.   On one occasion, Jennifer Laubin's son, Ashton
Laubin, was taken into custody by police in handcuffs, according to neighbors, presumably on an
unrelated matter.

Neighbors have been complaining to city officials that they don't feel safe in their own
neighborhood.  A number of what they describe as "scary" people sit on the front porch late into
the evening drinking and smoking while displaying "long knives" and making noise.  One neighbor
said Loveland Police cautioned her that at least two of the transients staying in the home are
known criminals currently on probation.

Jennifer Laubin and her remaining children are reported to be driving Kuhn's car and accessing
the rest of his property for their own personal gain, according to neighbors, while Kuhn is being
held in an undisclosed location for his own protection.   Larimer County's Office of Aging has
obtained a 'conservator' for Kuhn's estate but there is no word on whether the former transients
will be evicted by that conservator on Kuhn's behalf.

If they are evicted, maybe one of the taxpayer provided vacation trailers can be made available to
each of them as an incentive to remain in our community.

July 14, 2016 UPDATE:  Laubin communicated with the county (after seeing the article above)
stating she was not "homeless" before moving in with Kuhn.  She described herself as a tenant who
was renting a room.  She also claims her daughter was in the process of purchasing Kuhn's vehicle
and has only two final payments to make before she owns the car.

County officials appear unmoved by her comments and are proceeding with the eviction as
planned.  In the meantime, Laubin stated she is looking to rent an apartment.
"Homeless" Family Take-Over Elderly
Man's Residence and Car
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Rosemary Nilson"
Date: Jul 7, 2016 6:28 PM
Subject: The mess on Sanford!
To: ""

Dennis, please pass this on to Tom Donnelly,
and anyone else that may care, as I don't have
all the email addresses.

This is Rosemary Nilson.  I live directly to the
north of Bob.  This situation has gone on too
long, and now to hear it may go on for another
30-90 days is absolutely insane!  Arrest them
for stealing Bob's car!  Shut the utilities off as
the owner is no longer living there!  Take the
house keys and change the locks!  Don't allow
them to get Bob's mail!  Consider Bob's rights,
and our rights, instead of pussy-footing around
with those people!  I'm sick and tired of feeling
I can not have company over to my home or
even sit out and relax on my own front porch.  
And heaven forbid...I don't feel it's safe to have
my grandchildren here!  I'm usually a
mild-mannered, little ole grandmotherly type of
person, but I'm really mad!  Expedite!  
Expedite!  Get them out of here before this
escalates into a tragedy!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elizabeth Garcia
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016
Subject: Hunters Run Community
To: ""

Hi Commissioner Donne lly,
This is Liz Garcia, a resident in Hunters Run
and former long term Ranch event
coordinator for the County. I was happy to
hear you may be able to help expedite our
neighborhood safety issue here in Loveland.

I understand you have spoken to our
neighbor, Dennis Perry and know some of
the issues we are up against. I have two
young children and have felt very unsafe in
our home for months, we are constantly
worried for our safety and for the countless
other families and elderly people on our
street.  I want to thank you again for
listening to our concerns and helping us in
any way you can to help remove these
dangerous people from our neighborhood.

Liz Garcia