Gold Medal Cyclist
Pedaling For Mayor
Alexi Grewal, a one-time gold medal Olympian is the first
and so far only announced candidate for Loveland Mayor
Loveland - July 15, 2009

One-time Olympic cycling champion Alexi Grewal has announced his candidacy for Loveland
Mayor.  In filing his candidate affidavit with the Loveland City Clerk on July 1, Mr. Grewal
became the first and, as yet, only announced candidate for Mayor.   

Alexi Grewal is most famous as the only American to have ever won the 200 kilometer
Olympic Road Race, winning the gold medal in that event in 1984.  His interest in bicycle
racing was a natural outgrowth of his work in his father’s bicycle shop in Aspen, Colorado  
where he began competitive riding in his early teens.  

Grewal, 48, is presently a self-employed carpenter in Loveland.

He has two children; a daughter Jordyn, 14, and son Elijah, 11 from a previous marriage.
Before moving to Loveland 7 years ago, Grewal lived in Berthoud with his wife and children.  
He also lived during his racing career in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Asked to explain his reason for running, Grewal said that he has had a keen interest in public
service for some time.  He has been personally involved with efforts to help the homeless,
going so far as to provide temporary housing at his own expense, and challenging local
churches to be get more involved.  

In addition to his work with the homeless, or perhaps as an outgrowth of that, he began
attending City Council meetings, and has applied to serve on various city boards and

He said that he’s running not only to provide a choice to the voters,  but also because  he
offers a perspective currently lacking or under-represented on Council. For example, he sees
the need to better integrate policies affecting land use, transportation and housing with the
economic challenges facing Loveland as well as the rest of the nation.

Last year Grewal published
an article that admitted he took performance enhancing drugs while
competing in the 1984 Olympics.  Grewal indicated drug use was common among many
athletes at the time and discussed his hope that his will not follow in his footsteps regarding
drug use.  

While no other candidate has yet announced, LovelandPolitics has been informed that Gene
Pielin, the incumbent Mayor, is preparing to file and run again.  In addition, Mayor Pro Tem
David Clark has stated publicly if Pielin fails to run for any reason Clark will file and run for
the seat.

Two years ago three candidates ran for Mayor of Loveland.  Gene Pielin, Troy Krenning and
Kenneth Morey.  
See LovelandPolitics free archive of a story on that race.
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New City Charter
Campaign Contribution

Candidates running in November's
election will need to comply with new
campaign contribution limits added to
Loveland's City Charter as a result of
ballot Measure 2C.

Below is an excerpt from
Loveland's charter:


(a) Limits. No person may make contributions
and/or contributions in kind totaling more than one
hundred dollars ($100.00) to the candidate
committee of any candidate for the office of Mayor
or for any position on the City Council. No person
shall make a contribution or contribution in kind in
the name of another person or knowingly permit
one's name to be used by another person to effect
such a contribution or contribution in kind. These
limitations shall apply to all contributions or
contributions in kind, whether made directly to a
candidate committee or indirectly via earmarked
gifts passed through an intermediary, except that
these limitations shall not apply to:
(1) Contributions or contributions in kind made by a
candidate to his or her own candidate committee;
(2) Independent expenditures; or
(3) Monetary loans that are: (a) personally
guaranteed in writing by the candidate or the
candidate's immediate family, or (b) secured by
real or personal property owned by the candidate
or the candidate's immediate family.
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