McWhinney Enterprises Gets Zoning
Change Adding 850 Residential Units
McWhinney Enterprises Proposed Steps
Getting the Following Amendments to Agreements with City

1.  Amend the Millennium GDP Zoning to include 850 Residential units on Parcel A-1 (Passed by City
Council April 17)

2.  Amend the MFA (Master Financing Agreement) to include the additional 850 residential units

3.  Provide Approval for the proposed "Mixed Use" Zone and set standards for McWhinney's to approve
future additions absent any further input from the City Council.
Councilman Glenn
Rousey (above),
expressed the following
concerns before voting no,
"I have no problem
with the 850
residences....I do have a
problem adding an
additional 850
additional residences
especially after we went
through hours and
hours of debate and
study and came-up with
what we thought was an
end solution for that

Rousey suggested simply
allowing McWhinney
Enterprises to build any
of the plus 2,000
residences already
allowed in the area but
still not constructed.  He
argued the plus-up would
constitute a significant
change in the ratios and
needs to be considered
against all the other
assumptions for the
Chad McWhiney (above) made a few
comments to the Council regaridng the
request before them at the April 17,
2007 Loveland Council meeting before
handing the presentation over to his
McWhinney Enterprise employee and lobbyist, Robert Scott, admitted to the City Council that
even after surpassing 3,000 residential units east of I-25, no specific location has been identified
for police or fire services but said they will address that issue in the future.

Councilman Walt Skowron, who voiced concern about the safety of the high density
development asked if anything had been done to consider the need for emergency services east
of I-25 which prompted Scott's vague answer, Skowron voted for the additional residences.
One View of the "Grand Station" model
Also known as "Downtown Centerra" where residential areas
are proposed to be included in the downtown.
Who Is Rocky Scott?
Real name is Robert K. Scott but he
uses the alias of "Rocky"

Scott ran a business development
group in Colorado Springs for 16
years before coming to Northern
Colorado to work for the McWhinneys.

According to the
Rocky Mountain
Scott was among the group of
businessmen responsible for the
defeat last November of Rep. Bob
Beauprez for Governor. Weeks before
the election, Scott told the
Mountain News
, "I hear an increasing
number of Republicans say they'll
either be on the sidelines or they're
going to vote for Ritter,"
Robert K.
Councilman Gene Pielin (left),
incorrectly argued the project would
only increase the population East of
I-25 by 850 people.  This is incorrect.

"The 850 people don't bother me" he
said to his colleagues who raised
concerns about having adequate
public safety facilities to serve the
more than 2,000 increase in residents.

In fact, the proposal before the
Council was to change the zoning to
850 additional
average occupancy of all residential
units in Northern Colorado is
approximately 2.75 people per unit.  
This makes the addition of people
living in the area nearly three times
what Councilor Pielin told his

Despite the error, no one corrected
his apparent misunderstanding and he
voted in favor of the additional 850
Click here to see
Councilor Pielin stating it is only for
850 additional people.
"The 850
people don't
bother me"
Pielin stated.