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School Candidates Accuse Man of
Criminal Vandalism and Stealing
Loveland - October 5, 2015

At 3:45 PM today, three City of Loveland police cruisers pulled-up in front of the home of 69year-old
Loveland resident Larry Gillam.   After identifying Gillam, they handed him a ticket for
"Second Degree
asking him to sign it.  According to Gillam, the officers explained by signing the ticket he is
not admitting guilt only agreeing to appear in court.  Gillam signed the ticket agreeing to appear in court
against a prosecutor on December 14, 2015.

Gillam than asked the police for protection.  He told LovelandPolitics that he feels his safety and home
are at risk after being accused of a crime by School Board candidates Denise Montagu and Denise
Howard.  Gillam was spotted on a surveillance video Friday writing the following on a white board easel
also displaying Montagu's sign,

"The Union Voice"

Montagu and Howard than initiated a media campaign that resulted in news stations from 9News to
Denver's CBS News covering the story.  According to Montagu her campaign sign was "vandalized" but
the video and Larry Gillam have a different version of events one can witness on the surveillance video.

CBS News in Denver broadcast a report titled,
"Suspect Captured on Video Vandalizing Campaign Signs
of 2 School Board Candidates."

According to Gillam, he used an erasable marker on their white board, which contained other writing, to
mark his comment while walking by with his dog.  Gillam told LovelandPolitics,

"On Facebook they are accusing me of taking signs down which is completely untrue.  They claim I
removed signs on the corner of 4th and Franklin which is totally untrue"

Gillam explained he also marks on the chalk board in-front of his neighborhood butcher shop at the end
of 4th street.  In the video Gillam doesn't appear to touch Montagu's sign only write three words with an
erasable market on their sidewalk white board.   Gillam said he was meeting later in the day with
Loveland City Councilman and defense attorney Troy Krenning.  Krenning told LovelandPolitics,

"There is no crime.  There was no property damage."

LovelandPolitics contacted a Larimer County official regarding any future criminal prosecution as was
"really this is a lot about nothing.  We don't see any crime here."

Montagu and Howard see it differently.  According to Montagu the video shows her sign (which is taped
onto the white board) as being
"vandalized."  The Loveland Reporter-Herald ran a front page story in
today's edition titled, Police on look-out for campaign sign vandal."

Gillam acknowledged his act caught on camera was "petty" but also cautioned he is not guilty of the
many crimes the candidates are claiming he committed.  Gillam commented,   

"My disappointment is really toward Denise Montagu and her demeanor and rudeness at school
board meetings not being reported by the local newspaper.  I guess it caused me to do something
petty and I regret it though I don't think it is criminal."
 Gillam than added,  "I find it interesting they
are offended by that phrase.  If the union is supporting them what do they think about them being
afraid of that slang?"
Loveland resident Larry Gillam stands accused
of "
criminal tampering"  by school board
candidates Denise Montagu and Pam Howard.
According to Gillam, the sign contained other
writing with a dry marker so he added his own -
just like at his local butcher.  As evidenced
above, the sign remains unmolested and his
comment removed along with others.