Loveland - July 16, 2015

Brian DelGrosso, Loveland's State House representative for House District 51 which covers primarily the
City of Loveland, will be term-limited next year from seeking another term in office meaning there will not
be an incumbent in the race.  Who voters decide will replace DelGrosso in the legislature could change
the face of Loveland's City Council as the two main political parties are reported to be courting Loveland
elected officials to run for the open seat.

Both Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and Loveland Councilman Hugh McKean are rumored to be
negotiating with their perspective party leaders for support for the nomination to run for the open House
District 51 seat in 2016.  McKean appears more likely running since expressing his interest openly while
Gutierrez is still playing his cards close to the chest since he faces re-election this November for his city

House District 51 and Loveland City Politics

DelGrosso was appointed to the House District 51 seat in 2009 after former Loveland City Councilman
and then House District 51 Rep. Don Marostica publicly abandoned his own political party after fighting
fellow Republicans in the State Legislature when joining Democrats in numerous debates.  Following his
falling out with his own party's leadership, Marostica sought employment with then Democratic Governor
Bill Ritter who rewarded Marostica with a state job in economic development until the end of Ritter's

In 2012, Loveland Republican Brian DelGrosso successfully defended his seat in the State Legislature
against a challenge by Loveland Councilwoman Joan Shaffer's then husband and local attorney Mark
Shaffer.  Gutierrez was reported to have stepped-aside from seeking the position to allow his longtime
political supporter, friend and husband of his council ally a shot at the seat.   DelGrosso won by a margin
of 55% to Shaffer's humiliating 41% of the vote with the balance going to third party candidates.

HD 51 Imapct on Loveland's 2015 Council Races

Ward IV Councilman and former Gutierrez campaign manager Ralph Trenary has been making noises
about not seeking re-election this November to retain his seat on council.  Trenary is reported to be
claiming his wife doesn't want him to run again but says he will remain if there is a chance for him to
serve as mayor should Gutierrez decide not to seek another term.

Local businessman Don Overcash has already announced he will be running for the Ward IV seat on
council that Trenary currently occupies.  Trenary has been conspicuously silent about most issues during
council deliberations during the past four years with the exception of occasionally reading from a script
or shouting at colleagues when he loses his temper.  With the exception of only two votes regarding
McWhinney's Centerra, Trenary follows Gutierrez's lead and votes identically to the mayor on most
issues.  This failure to carve out his own identity on the council worries his fellow Democrats who are not
quite sure Trenary is ready to take the lead of the council but their priority in the State House.

Historically, House District 51 registration favors Republicans but recent demographic shifts within the
City of Loveland have created new hopes for Democrats who believe with the right candidate they can
take the seat.  Cecil Gutierrez has already demonstrated his ability to win votes across Loveland making
him their most favored candidate.
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