Below are two Mayoral
candidates bicycling.  Top - Alexi
Grewal and bottom is the
Mayor Cecil Gutierrez
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New Faces In City Politics
Eight File To Run For City Council In 2013
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Candidate Petitions

To qualify as a candidate for either
City Council or Mayor in the City of
Loveland, the registered voter must
gather signatures of at least 25
qualified voters from within the city
ward they hope to represent.  Below
are the petitions filed for Loveland's
2013 election by each candidate.

Cecil Gutierrez
Daryle Klassen
Alexi Grewal

City Council

Ward 1
Troy Krenning
Irene Fortune

Ward 2
Hugh McKean

Ward 4
Dave Clark
David Hallet
Loveland August 27, 2013

Eight candidates have submitted petitions to appear on Loveland's municipal ballot this November by
returning the required signatures to Loveland's City Clerk before 5:00 PM Monday. (
see each
candidate's nomination petition - column on right of this page

Loveland's next
regular election will be held November 5, 2013. The office of Mayor along with one
representative from each of the city's four wards will be on the ballot.


Daryle Klassen, who currently represents Ward 1 on Loveland's City Council, is not seeking
re-election but instead is running for Mayor of Loveland.  Two candidates have filed petitions with the
city clerk to occupy Klassen's current seat on Loveland's City Council.

Loveland attorney Troy Krenning filed his papers on August 18 becoming the first candidate in the
current election to file his candidacy.  Krenning currently serves on Loveland's Planning Commission
and ran once before unsuccessfully for Mayor of Loveland.  Getting an early start, Krenning has
posted signs throughout the community and has longtime ties to the business community.  However,
as a defense attorney Krenning has also become involved in local controversies like questioning the
recently approved raise for Loveland Municipal Judge Starks who is a resident of Greeley.
LovelandPolitics story last April 'Cost of Innocence' for more details)

Krenning was joined in the race Monday by Irene Fortune who is the business partner of incumbent
Councilwoman Joan Shaffer in Ward 2.  Fortune is a board member of Shaffer's
Front Range on
Track.  Fortune engendered controversy with the current council for her alleged "extreme"
environmental stances when appointed to represent the city on a regional transportation authority.

Shaffer incorporated Front Range On Track in 2010 along with Ft. Collins residents Adam Bruce
Bowen and Anne Elizabeth Wilseck.  Fortune has served on Shaffer's board of directors for the past
three years.  Curiously, Front Range On Track dropped Fortune's name from their website the day
before she filed her petition with Loveland's City Clerk to become a candidate to represent Loveland's
Ward 1 on the city council.

Fortune has a background in chemistry and has been an advocate for various environmental causes.  
She is an active member of Loveland's anti-fracking movement and close personal friends with
Councilwoman Joan Shaffer.  Shaffer is reported to have recruited Fortune to run for city council in
Loveland.  Fortune is a longtime contributor to Democrat party candidates and causes like Senator
Mark Udall's 2008 run for Congress.  In June of 2012 Fortune
spoke on behalf of Front Range On
Track to Paul Mueller's local TEDx franchise.  Fortune spoke in favor of public transportation as a way
to force people out of their cars and create more public transportation saying "that is why I work for
passenger rail around here" describing driving and parking as a "vitual barier between you and your

Ward 2

Incumbent Councilwoman Joan Shaffer is defending her seat representing Ward 2 on the Loveland
City Council against challenger
Carol Dowding.  Shaffer, a longtime Democratic party operative, was
active in the campaign contribution limit referendum which passed in Loveland and more recently in
the anti-fracking group seeking to ban oil and gas exploration within city limits.

Shaffer barely met the deadline to submit her petition shortly before 5:00 PM Monday even
completing the information at the clerk's office.  Shaffer is not running in "Ward 11" as stated on her
petitions but in Ward 2 for those readers who might be confused by her official candidate document.  
It appears she may have been attempting to put roman numerals failing to underline or line them at
the top.

During the council's debate over gun control Shaffer stated, "
I am a committed pacifist" but decided
to sign the letters to Governor Hickenlooper with her colleagues asking for a stay on enforcement of
the recently passed background checks and magazine size limits.  A new resident of Loveland's
downtown, Shaffer's petition for candidacy reflects mostly signatures of residents of Loveland's
downtown which is in Ward 2.

Carol Dowding is a member of Loveland's Planning Commission and a local activist for lower taxes
and limited government.  Dowding serves on the Larimer County Board of Adjustment and worked with
the Northern Front Range Transit Vision Steering Committee.

Ward 3

Incumbent Councilman Hugh McKean is running unopposed.  Surprisingly, McKean expressed
disappointment to friends and supporters Monday over not having an opponent in the race.  McKean
stated it is through a competitive election he feels the best connection is made with constituents and
their issues.

Ward 4

Incumbent Councilman Dave Clark is being challenged by David Hallet.  Clark was re-elected to
Loveland's City Council in a special election last year following a vacancy due to another councilor's
resignation.  Clark battled well healed TEDx activist Paul Mueller who despite receiving an emphatic
endorsement by the Loveland Reporter-Herald along with a series of negative articles attacking Clark,
failed to defeat Clark.

Dave Clark's father Willard Clark, who recently passed, served on Loveland's City Council in the
1980's and encouraged his children to also be active in community affairs.  Dave Clark represented
Ward 4 even before this term on city council but vacated the seat for an unsuccessful bid for Mayor.  
Raised in Loveland, Clark is a civil engineer who has owned and operated his family's construction
firm for most of his career.

Clark is being challenged by self-described "
political organizer" David Hallet.   Hallet is retired from
the Thompson School District and lists his profession as "
Retired, full-time curmudgeon."  Hallet
drove a school bus for the Thompson School District after retiring from a career in the military.  Hallet
is mostly known in local political circles as a local organizer for the Obama campaign.
Irene Fortune (left) and David Hallet (right) have filed
petitions to run for Loveland City Council
Unofficial Election Results
November 5, 2013 (9:57 PM)
Reformers Take Thompson School Board
November 6, 2013

School reformers appear to have swept the Thompson Board of Education defeating
three of the teacher union sponsored candidates defending the status quo.  

Former Loveland Councilwoman Donna Rice handily defeated recently appointed
Jeff Berg who LovelandPolitics first reported voted to increase his wife's
compensation.  Candidates Carl Langner and now Bryce Carlson have both defeated
their union sponsored opponents to make those seeking higher testing scores and less
union control of the district to four of seven board members.  Carlson's margin of victory
is close enough a recount will likely be required before the official results are announced.
Thompson School Board
District B
Bryce Carlson
Janice Marchman
Carlson's lead
R2-J's Biggest Tax Thief
Advocates For Amendment 66
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2013 Property Taxes
(R2-J 40.884 Mill Levy)

Total Thompson R2-J
Property Tax Revenue in
Larimer County

Less McWhinney's take

Total property taxes left for
Acrimony Rising
Loveland City Council and Thompson
School Board meetings fill with acrimony as
candidates and their colleagues spar during
2013 election.
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Nepotism Alert:
School Board Election:
A Family Affair
Outlawed in most of the country, immediate family members of school district
employees serving on the school board is a practice still allowed in the Thompson
School District.  Now the husband of a senior staff member is hoping to join the
spouse of a teacher and friend on the board this election cycle.  
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Procrastinators Can Still Decide
Loveland's Municipal Election

As of last Friday it appears neither side has prevailed in
Loveland's Municipal Election as barely 24% of the electorate
cast ballots
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