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Shaffer Retracts Public Accusations
Under Threat of Lawsuit
Loveland, August 7, 2015

Six months to the day after Loveland's City Council huddled in closed session with Loveland
Police Detective Brian Koopman to discuss the city's strategy in continuing to defend him and
the city for a raid of Jeremy C. Myers' home (former Loveland sugar factory)
see our previous
story, another closed session scheduled on the same matter erupted in controversy.  

During a verbal attack by Councilwoman Joan Shaffer during the July 21, 2015 Loveland City
Council meeting on Stacy Lynne after the latter addressed the city council during public
comments ended with Shaffer publicly accusing Lynne of defamation (a crime in Colorado).

Lynne, a self-described investigative journalist, lectured the council at the beginning of the
meeting about their obligation, according to Lynne, to remove the city manager, police chief and
city attorney for their conduct in the Myers case and for other reasons.

Councilwoman Joan Shaffer patiently waited until Lynne concluded her comments and sat down
before responding.  Shaffer than accused Lynne of slandering Loveland Police Chief Luke Hecker
than becoming even more aggravated when Lynne attempted to respond from the audience but
was told no by Mayor Gutierrez.  Shaffer continued,

" slandered him - I know what slander looks like,  I have been slandered..."

Loveland police Chief Luke Hecker sat quietly in the front row and said nothing.

On July 22, Lynne sent an email to the entire Loveland City Council and numerous city staff (see
entire letter in column to the right of this story) demanding an apology by Shaffer to be
published or broadcast in a variety of ways each listed in the letter.  Last Tuesday Shaffer
appeared to be capitulating with the demands by making a public retraction at the end of a
council meeting during council comment period that was broadcast over the city's local cable

LovelandPolitics has learned Shaffer only decided to retract her public accusations made against
Lynne after being informed the City of Loveland would not be providing her free legal advice or
defense in the matter.  Since her comments were not part of her official duties nor was she really
acting on behalf of the city in any way, according to our source.

Link to a 4 minute video clip of some of Lynne's comments to Loveland's City Council, Shaffer's
response and later Shaffer's public retraction that is not an apology.
On Jeremy C. MyersFrom:
Received: Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015, 7:40
To: Mayor - Cecil Gutierrez ..........
CC: lynne, stacy []
Subject: Defamation Per Se

Dear Ms. Shaffer,

Credibility and integrity are foundational characteristics
of an investigative journalist.  On July 21, 2015, at the
publicly televised Loveland City Council meeting, you
engaged in behavior that is consistent with violations of
Colorado Revised Statute 18-13-105.  Colorado is one
of the few states with a criminal defamation statute.  
There are four elements of defamation per se in
Colorado; you have satisfied all four elements and the
evidence of your wrongdoing was recorded and
published via the City of Loveland.

You yelled out in the council chambers that you know
what slander is because it has been done to you.  You
went on during your emotional tirade to say that I
slandered Chief Luke Hecker.  You further stated that I
took Detective Brian Koopman's sworn statements out
of context.  Slander is a crime.  You accused me, in a
public forum, of committing a crime.

Perhaps when you ran for the office of councilor you
were not expecting to have such grave responsibilities
as currently face you with the Loveland Police
Department.  You complained loudly that you had to
spend your time watching videos about an issue which
is critical to performing the duties of your position.  You
may think it would be a lot more fun if you could just vote
on how to spend millions of taxpayer dollars for your
favorite projects instead of investing your time in careful
contemplation about the future of your city.  However,
the responsibility rests fully on you to make proper
legal, ethical and moral decisions to protect the people
who voted you into office to perform exactly that duty.  
That type of responsibility takes time.

Reporting the truth is never slander or libel.  It may be
uncomfortable for you to hear such truths, but in no way
is your discomfort statutorily or lawfully protected.

My reputation for researching and reporting accurate
information is precisely why I have not been sued for
defamation (libel and slander).  I do not speak or write
unless I have the evidence in my possession.  The
seriousness of your defamatory statements at a
televised public meeting cannot be overstated
specifically because the nature of my profession
demands credibility, integrity, and most importantly, the

I propose the following remedy for your actions last

1.  You will issue a public apology specifically stating
that you were mistaken in your claim that I slandered
Chief Luke Hecker.

2.  You will issue a public apology specifically stating
that you were mistaken in your claim that I took
Detective Brian Koopman's sworn testimony out of

2.  Your public apology will be written in the Loveland

3.  Your public apology will be stated by you during the
August 4, 2015 Loveland City Council Meeting.

4.  Your public apology will be written via email to my
email address so that I can post it on social media.

If you refuse to remedy your actions with the above
proposal, I will proceed with justifiable individual tort
claim against you.


Stacy Lynne
Loveland City Councilwoman
Joan Shaffer
August 13, 2015 Update
Lawsuit filed by Lynne