Lundberg Running For Congress?
State Senator Organizing Exploratory Committee to Run For Congress in 2012

Loveland - December 5, 2011

Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud is organizing an exploratory committee to run for Congress in 2012.  
Lundberg is not alone as several other local Republicans are considering a run for Congress given recent changes that place the
cities of Loveland and Ft. Collins along with Lundberg’s home town of Berthoud into the 2nd Congressional District.

Following the Colorado Supreme Court decision yesterday to allow the use of a redistricting map prepared by Democrats in the
State Legislature as a result of the national decadel census, all of Larimer County is being moved out of Republican Congressman
Cory Gardner’s 4th Congressional District and into
Democrat Congressman Jared Polis’ 2nd Congressional District.  

Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District will now include the cities of Boulder, Loveland and Ft. Collins.  Longmont Democrat and
Colorado State Senate President Brandon Shaffer, who is running against Congressman Gardner, will remain in Gardner’s
District as his home along with the rest of Longmont was carved out of the Front Range area and joined with cities of Weld
County to become part of the 4th Congressional District.

Loveland’s new representative, Congressman Polis (born Jared Schutz but later changed his name), was first elected to Congress
on November 4, 2008 and maintains field offices in Boulder, Frisco and Thornton.  

Polis recently took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time to argue for legalization of marijuana for
recreational purposes.  In addition, Polis is an advocate of increasing LGBTG (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender) persons
into the United States by allowing homosexual relationships to become grounds under the “family unification” allowances in
immigration law to give preferential VISAS to gay couples for immigration into the United States.

Born in Boulder and raised in San Diego, California, Polis attended Princeton University and profited from a number of
companies he co-founded with his parents during the boom.  Polis could not be a greater contrast from State Senator
Lundberg who is a fiscal and social conservative living modestly in a self-sustaining, environmentally friendly home he built for his
family in Berthoud.  With an estimated net-worth between $50 to $100 million, Polis is expected to continue funding his own re-
election campaign drawing from significant family money resources.

Ironically, Polis is an advocate of federal taxpayer's funding political campaigns and has co-sponsored legislation to this affect.
Polis replaced now Senator Mark Udall in the 2nd Congressional District which enjoyed a more than 9% Democrat advantage
over Republicans prior to the recent redrawing of the district boundaries.  Now Republicans are 29%, Democrats 33% and
unaffiliated voters 37% of the electorate of the new congressional district which includes Loveland and Ft. Collins.  Colorado’s
2nd Congressional District has not been represented by a Republican since 1967.  Senator Udall was elected to the same seat
with 67% and 68% of the vote in 2004 and 2006.

Polis, despite spending millions of his own money, was unable to gain a similar level of support as Udall did in previous elections.  
Winning election in the formerly heavily Democrat district in 2008 by 62% falling to only 57% by 2010.  This means a number of
independent voters and even some Democrats in Boulder did not vote for Polis when he ran for re-election in 2010.
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Given Polis' declining electoral numbers and further move to the left politically, he could be vulnerable during his 2012 bid to
retain his seat in Congress given the new boundaries of the 2nd Congressional District.  Polis does have considerable resources
to spend on his re-election along with the 3% advantage of party registration in the new 2nd Congressional District making any
challenge by a Republican candidate in 2012 an uphill battle.