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Bill Cahill
Loveland's New City Manager
Loveland - September 11, 2010

The Loveland City Council selected Bill Cahill, of Merced California, on September 7,
to be Loveland’s next City Manager citing maturity and experience as his advantage
over the other final candidate Matt LeCerf of Missouri.  Matt Brower of Ocala
Florida, was removed from consideration during a closed session meeting last month
that is now the subject of a litigation by the Loveland Reporter-Herald newspaper
citing Colorado Statute requiring council decisions be made in public not private

LovelandPolitics was told the down select was necessary so at least one candidate
could gather the six votes from the nine member council required in the city charter to
appoint a new city manager.  Whether it was appropriate to take that vote in closed
session is one element of the ongoing litigation.  The council decided in the closed
session (now the subject of litigation) that Brower performed terribly during the
candidate visits to Loveland and eliminated him from consideration.

During the public council meeting September 7, Councilman Larry Heckel followed by
Councilman Kent Solt and later Mayor Cecil Gutierrez expressed their support for the
29 year old candidate, Matt LeCerf.  A  majority of their colleagues, however, who
voiced concern over troubled economic times and the need for a mature and steady
hand at the stern, supported Bill Cahill instead.

The meeting was cordial and the councilors respectful when referring to the candidates
they didn't choose and their colleagues with whom they don't agree.  In the end, the
council decided the official vote would need to be unanimous so all nine voted for Bill
Cahill on the recorded official vote after it was clear he had enough votes to prevail.

Cahill’s somber approach, low-key manner and years of experience nudged out
LeCerf who was complimented for being energetic, charismatic and full of energy.  A
number of the councilors who chose Cahill over LeCerf said their choice was driven
by the current economic situation and the city's need for experienced leadership.  
Cahill had the most experience, especially when it comes to economic crisis.  Bill
Cahill’s departure from his current position didn’t come as a surprise to some city staff
in Merced interviewed by LovelandPolitics who said the city’s economic development
situation and financial stability has been “circling the drain for years.”

Merced's Financial Disaster
The City of Merced, California is reeling from multi-year budget deficits and failed
economic development that have forced the city to implement an “Organizational
Sustainability plan.”  The first phase of the plan was described by the city’s chief
financial officer as “huge, huge cuts in services” combined with an increase in taxes
for the city to remain solvent.  Revenues have reportedly dropped over $8 million in
the past four years forcing the city to lay-off 17% of its work force already.  

Cahill, an Assistant City Manager in Merced, California since 2001, is responsible for
the city’s economic and redevelopment programs and municipal airport.  Cahill, who
has lived in Merced for the past 20 years, served as the city’s Director of Economic
Development before being promoted to Assistant City Manager in 2001.  Cahill was
quoted by the
Merced Sun-Star last week attributing the city's financial troubles to the
larger economy.  "The downturn in the economy lasted longer than anyone expected"
Cahill stated.

Loveland's Hiring Process
Unlike previous Loveland Councils that looked to the city’s newspaper, banking and
real estate industries to appoint the city manager via an advisory committee, this
council instead invested hundreds of hours sorting through the different candidates and
their qualifications.  Mayor Gutierrez commented after the vote was made to negotiate
a contract with Cahill, the process had been a “long and arduous” one where the
council gave-up considerable personal time to be involved.

In 1992 Loveland Reporter-Herald Editor Bob Rummel was an active participant in
the city council’s “advisory committee” used to select Loveland’s next city manager
after City Manager Mike Rock left for Littleton Colorado.  Curiously, the Loveland
Reporter-Herald made no complaints about the non-public nature of these meetings
even though the group's charter was to determine the best candidates and present them
to the city council.

The current council not only worked as a group to select the next city manager but
appeared to be collaborating in a professional and productive manner throughout the
process.  A number of the councilors thanked staff for organizing the visit of the
candidates to Loveland and for putting-up with what Councilwoman Donna Rice
called, "our proclivities" in finishing the selection process.

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Cecil Gutierrez
Matt LeCerf
Mayor Pro Tem
Larry Heckel
Matt LeCerf
I support Matt LeCerf. He is young
and energetic….I do not have a
problem with his age is because
there was a time I was that age and
needed an opportunity...
Carol Johnson
Bill Cahill
I think with the maturity of our
management team staff they would
respect his maturity.
Kent Solt
Matt LeCerf
“Age should never be a factor here
– it has come up far to often for me
in this process and I just think it has
no value.”
Hugh McKean
Bill Cahill
“With Loveland at this particular
time both with challenges we have
ahead…Cahill would be my choice
to put those years of leadership and
management experience to work
Joan Shaffer
Bill Cahill
“I made my decision to support Bill
Cahill…..what I saw in Bill Cahill
was someone who no matter what,
no matter what he would have the
city’s best interest at heart and
would go to the matt to make sure
the city’s interest is protected in
any deal…..  For me that  is
something I want to see at the table
and at the table now.
Donna Rice
“ I too am considering with Cahill’s
experience…….I respect his
experience for us in these economic
times ….we need the calm intellect
I see in him….we need Bill Cahill
for these times.
Daryle Klassen
Bill Cahill
There is however one who tops the
others by a fraction.  My support
will be for Mr. Cahill
Cathleen  McEwen
Bill Cahill
I too am going to support Bill
Cahill…I think the thing that really
in my mind gives him that edge is
his calm and steady
approach……his experience is just
spot on with Loveland.

Council Chooses "Maturity"
For New City Manager Post
Citing Difficult Economic Times
Before taking an official vote, Loveland's Mayor inquired with
each councilor about where they stood on the last two candidates
and solicited their opinions.  Below are their comments and the
name of the candidate they said was their first first choice.