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The Race For Mayor
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Kenneth Morey

"We are in too much of a
hurry to be a larger city"
The Mayor's race was difficult to distinguish from the City Council races
since all the same questions were asked to both group of candidates and
no effort was made to distinguish the Mayor's race from any other.

Similar to the last forum, Ken Morey stated he is running to make a
change while Gene Pielin defended the status quo and his time on City
Council.  As before, Troy Krenning also defended the current City
Council and spoke about the Mayor's role as largely that of a cheerleader
for the city.  This approach was probably ill advised as the next morning
(October 12) The Loveland Reporter-Herald endorsement for Pielin
refutes Krenning's contention that the Mayor's job is to act as a

Krenning also quoted some inscription on a local church regarding the
need to "blossom where your roots are.." stating that is why he is running
for Mayor, since he was born in Loveland he would like to also blossom
here.  Krenning also earned groans from the audience when he started
down a tangent on Homeland Security which left people wondering if he
is running for Mayor of Loveland or President of the United States.

Whenever Krenning tried to hit on substantive issues he always appeared
to be hitting a wrong note.  Regarding primary jobs he stated, "I don't
agree 100% that Loveland is lacking primary jobs.  I disagree with the
premise that we traded Walmart for Agilent."  He went on to explain that
Agilent's decisions are unrelated to the city.  Krenning's 'laissez-faire'
approach to bringing higher paying jobs to Loveland seems inconsistent
with his tireless defense for all the incentives and other actions taken by
the current council to subsidize retail and homebuilding in the city.

Ken Morey, in answering a question about what he thought the city's #1
issue is, stated the city's recent survey identified the need for primary
jobs.  Morey stated his contact with voters indicated the survey's #2
issue, growth, was indeed the most important issue he is hearing about
from voters.  Morey stated, I think it is growth, we are in too much of a
hurry to be a larger city."  Morey pointed to traffic and critical city
services as areas that need more attention before the city council tries to
grow the city anymore than it already has in the past twenty years.

In closing Morey stated, "I am maybe a little more concerned about
growth than they are" but concluded his comments by saying both his
running mates would also make good Mayors for the City of Loveland.  
Morey also stated earlier that he believed bringing primary jobs to the city
is the second largest issue facing the city and assured the audience it
would be his priority if elected Mayor.

Lastly, Gene Pielin, who was criticized for wearing an angry scowl on his
face during the last candidate forum, appeared to be wearing a forced
almost customer service type smile for much of the evening; especially
when looking towards the audience.  

Pielin stated, "Since I was elected we have accomplished a lot -we
brought shopping to the commuity.  I need your vote to maintain the
vitality of the community."
From left to right. Troy Krenning, Ken Morey, Gene
Gene Pielin

"We all want to take home a
living wage.  It is part of our
job to make that happen"
Troy Krenning

"It isn't about getting people into the
80537 or 80538 zip codes"  In
response to a question about
bringing primary jobs into loveland
Candidate Gene Pielin appears to be taking a rest from
the uncharacteritically fake smile he wore most of the
Candidate Troy Krenning asked the question; "Am
going to wear a cheerleader costume if elected?....of
course not."
Candidate Ken Morey explains the trade-offs between
parking and open areas in downtown in response to a