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Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum
Loveland City Hall, October 11, 2007
Held in the same setting as the League of Women Voter's forum
seven days earlier, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce
candidate forum was largely a repeat of the previous forum.

This time the moderator, Loveland Reporter-Herald Editor Ken
Amundson, asked one question to all the candidates as each
would take a turn at answering.  Impromptu speaking was not
allowed and the very controlled format ensured there would be
very few surprises.  All the candidates were provided the
questions at least one week in advance so many of the responses
were already prepared.  Brown, Heckel and Dozier all arrived
with briefing books and notes presumably to assist them is
answering the questions they had already studied.

In a slight change from the last forum a number of the incumbents
appear to no longer be running on their records but instead
running against themselves.  Shifting focus away from retail and
onto primary jobs, listening to the community and taking
measures to ensure traffic is addressed with new growth were all
issues first raised by the challengers but now being touted by the
incumbents as their objectives as well.

A few candidates did appear to wonder from their scripts and
even from issues of the city election.  Mayoral candidate Troy
Krenning discussed homeland security while later in the forum
acknowledging he has received some ribbing for saying he wants
to be the city's number one cheerleader.  He promised the
audience he would not be donning a cheerleading outfit if elected.

In this forum there was as much action in the very back of the
audience as on stage.  City Manager Don Williams was in
attendance with Councilmembers Klassen and Skowron.   All
three sat against the back wall while Councilman Klassen
monitored the Rockies game from his portable radio and
updated the other two on the progress.  Williams was also
overheard making critical comments and groans while some
candidates spoke.  In another row, Jan Brown's campaign
manager Kitty Wild scolded the residents behind her for their
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City Manager Don Williams (left) is joined by
Councilmen Klassen and Skowron in the last row.  
Like the grumpy old men in the 'Muppets' balcony,
jokes and comments were shared among them
during the candidate forum while Klassen
monitored the Rockies game from a handheld radio.
Forum moderator was Ken Amundson
(above), Editor and General Manager of
Loveland Reporter-Herald