Loveland - September 28, 2007

Larimer County Republican Chairman Ed Haynes intends to resign his position as head of
Larimer County’s Republican Party in October.  Haynes recently informed members of
the Republican Party Central Committee, friends and neighbors that he is likely to announce
his departure sometime in October.

According to Haynes, he has decided to leave his position with the Republican Party and
begin missionary work for the Mormon Church in Alberta, Canada.   Haynes and his wife
plan on moving to Alberta for at least one year.

Haynes recently drew fire at a Colorado State University Board of Student Communications
meeting regarding the embattled editor of the Collegian.  The Editor of the Collegian is under
fire for printing obscenities not racial slurs regarding President Bush on the paper’s
editorial page.  In an attempt to provide the board an equally offensive statement for
comparison Haynes stated “Fu…. Obama is a nigg...â€�   Audience members were
appalled and began booing and shouting at Haynes.

Members of the CSU College Republicans were also disappointed Haynes chose to introduce
racial slurs to the discussion about obscene language in the newspaper.  Despite warning the
audience he was going to say something offensive, Haynes’s example didn’t appear
to advance the argument of those calling for the Editor’s removal but instead backfired
by fueling the anger of those defending the Editor.

Haynes was elected to succeed Nancy Hunter as Republican  Party Chairman on Febuary 10,
earlier this year.  Haynes also posted a number of messages on the blog
(still available to see) during a controversy over Nancy Hunter’s departure and his
candidacy for the position.  
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Republican Party Chairman Plans To
Resign In October
Ed Haynes (right) is making plans to resign his position as Chairman of the
Republican Party 9 months after being elected to the position
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Ed Haynes, intends to resign the
position he was elected to last
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Republican Central Committee
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