Clark Vs. Trenary for Loveland Council Ward IV / Fogle To Challenge Solt in Ward III

Mayor Cecil Gutierrez’s former campaign manager and longtime friend Ralph Trenary has decided to run for Loveland City Council Ward IV seat being vacated by Mayor Pro Tem Larry Heckel. While he hasn’t yet announced his decisions to run, he posted a Facebook page dedicated to his campaign.

Former Loveland Councilman Dave Clark is also throwing his hat into the ring for council Ward IV to replace his former colleague and longtime friend Larry Heckel. Niether has yet filed a petition with the City Clerk to make their candidacy official.

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At the moment, we believe Clark has the edge given the number of times Ward IV voters already elected him to represent them on Loveland’s City Council. Whether Mayor Gutierrez gets involved to support his friend and former campaign manager remains to be seen. Clearly Trenary’s more open partisan politics will play into the race as he is likely to recruit Democratic Party activists like himself to help his campaign.

For the record, we think local offices should not be partisan affairs but expect Clark to tap the more traditional Republican base in Loveland to thwart the efforts of his opponent.

In Ward III, longtime Loveland Resident John Fogle announced his run for City Council against incumbent City Councilman Kent Solt. Here is the website announcing Fogle’s candidacy.

40 Responses to “Clark Vs. Trenary for Loveland Council Ward IV / Fogle To Challenge Solt in Ward III”

  1. Carol S. says:

    I am not sure your theory is correct that people will vote for Clark again just because they voted for him before. Everyone I know wants new blood on the City Council and even better if they know something about business. You know a friend said something interesting the other day. She said nobody on the City Council today has any real business experience.

  2. Jack Benjamin says:

    An error on the web page…Clark
    Construction closed at the beginning
    of 2011.

  3. Administrator says:

    Thanks for the correction. We were told several times that either Dave Clark or Clark Construction had filed for bankruptcy but were unable to easily confirm this information through public sources. In a recent inquiry, we were told Clark Construction was still operating and that Dave Clark never declared bankruptcy.

    Please let us know where we can confirm this informationso we can correct the story accordingly if necessary.


  4. Jack Benjamin says:

    I do not know if they had to go into
    bankruptcy. That info would have to
    be on file with the state, I’m guessing.
    I do know they shut down and moved
    out of their former offices, have no
    staff, and are not taking on new
    projects. Dave is now the General
    Manager of the Candlelight Dinner
    Playhouse. I am suprised he would
    have the time to be involved in

  5. Administrator says:

    Thanks for the update. We do know he is an investor in the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse so that makes sense.

    Until recently Clark Construction was performing work for the Greenbriar HOA on repairing construction defects by KB Homes. That contract ended earlier this year. When we inquired we were told they were still in business but coldn’t get through on the listed phone. Oh well, maybe that time we were guilty of what we complain the RH does, take somebody’s word for it without checking the facts to verify what we were told was true.

    For the record, it was not Dave Clark who told us they were still in business. It certainly is understandable that contractors are unable to stay in business when so few jobs are available. We doubt voters will see that as an issue in his campaign.

  6. Jack Benjamin says:

    “We doubt voters will see that as an issue in his campaign.”

    They should. Note this for future reference.

  7. Carol M. says:

    My dad ran a construction all his life, through good times and bad and never had to declare bankruptcy or turn off the phone. He just got up earlier and worked later than anyone else in the field. So, this is a BIG issue with Dave. PEOPLE LIKE WINNERS, NOT LOSERS. Seems minimum wage is now good enough for old Dave also!

    Oh and by the way, wasn’t Dave (Assistant Mayor) one of the supporters for the purchase of the wonderful farm land on 402 a few years back BEFORE Cecil, Kent, Hugh, Cathline, Joan, and Donna were on the city council? BUY HIGH, SELL LOW. Yes, old Dave needs to stick to his comedy theater. Loveland can’t financially survive with anymore jokers like Dave on the bench!

  8. Carol M. says:

    Where is my comment administrator?

  9. Carol M. says:

    what do you mean by “moderation”. The truth needs no moderation.

  10. Carol M. says:

    My dad ran a construction all his life, through good times and bad and never had to declare bankruptcy or turn off the phone. He just got up earlier and worked later than anyone else in the field. So, this is a BIG issue with Dave. PEOPLE LIKE WINNERS, NOT LOSERS. Seems minimum wage is now good enough for old Dave also!

    Oh and by the way, wasn’t Dave (Assistant Mayor) one of the supporters for the purchase of the wonderful farm land on 402 a few years back BEFORE Cecil, Kent, Hugh, Cathline, Joan, and Donna were on the city council? BUY HIGH, SELL LOW. Yes, old Dave needs to stick to his comedy theater. Loveland can’t financially survive with anymore jokers like Dave on the bench!

  11. ANGRY MOTHER! says:

    Carol M makes a cowardly and unsubstantiated personal attack on Dave Clark and you allow it?
    I have known Dave and his family for many years. He is an excellent father, husband and neighbor. He and his wife raised their large family in this community and have been giving of themselves for years. I am tired of LovelandPolitics publishing lies about these wonderful people who have given so much to this community.
    Carol M is typical of Ralph Trenary and his left-wing supporters. Make personal attacks and call your opponent a “LOSER” because his family’s business folded in a bad economy? Dave’s opponent in this council race has ZERO private sector credentials. Dave continues to support his family without any government assistance unlike his opponent.
    The only thing standing between Ralph Trenary and BANKRUPTCY are the government checks he gets in the mail as a double dipping bureaucrat! Sorry Ralph, I thank vets (like Dave’s kids) for their service to our country but not Army Band people like you and Cecil. How you and Cecil pretend to be “veterans” because you played in Army band is appalling! Until I hear that Osama was killed with a drummer’s stick or Sadam found in a spider hole by a guy carrying a trombone I will not thank you or Cecil for your “service to our country.” Or was it the clarinet you played in the Army Band Ralph?
    What I heard was Ralph moved here only five years ago and has not been able to find ANY job in the private sector after applying EVERYWHERE. Who is the real Pathetic “LOSER”? And please don’ tell me Ralph that those $300 internet incorporation papers you and Cecil bought for your make believe basement businesses qualifies you either. You are a couple of band geeks who can’t survive in a private economy and you know it friend!
    Look, lots of good people in this town work for minimum wage or jobs just above minimum wage. Maybe if Ralph did find a job in the private sector he would not be so demeaning about people who earn low-wages in this town. I have never known Dave ever to speak a bad word about the people he hired at all skill levels to work for Clark Construction. Maybe that is why he can actually hold a private sector job and work with these “LOSERS” as Ralph and his supporters call them.
    I hope Ralph comes knocking on my door because I am going to tell him where to stick that clarinet he “served our country” with so proudly!!!

  12. Administrator says:

    To clarify the state of Clark Construction, we received a press release (you can see it by clicking his name on our homepage) and information sheet from the Clark Campaign. Also, a link to Ralph Trenary’s Facebook campaign page (clarifying his actual military service) is now also linked to his name under the list of candidates.

    Along with the press release an information sheet from Clark stated,

    “Economic Fallout: Today, Dave’s 40 year old company has been shuttered due to the building market collapse. Dave learned firsthand how damaging the current economy has been for his company and employees. His heart aches to see jobs lost and friends unemployed. As a result, he wants to do what he can to improve the local economy and create jobs by bringing his experience and conservative values to City Council.”

    There you have it.

    Jack, it wouldn’t be a smart issue for Ralph to make in the campaign in our view.

    Carol M. – We approve comments when time allows. The postings are not monitored 24/7 so we apologize if there was a delay.

    Angry Mother – Wow, we only publish views (like your own) and try to be fair to everyone running. As you can see, you had plenty of opportunity to provide your own opinions.

    We hope this campaign is on the issues, however, like how each candidate will handle ACE, future proposed tax increases by the current council and other issues people really care about.

    As always, thanks for posting everyone!

  13. Jack Benjamin says:

    “Jack, it wouldn’t be a smart issue for Ralph to make in the campaign in our view.”. I agree. It doesn’t sound like
    Ralph would have enough information.

  14. Mimi says:

    Isn’t there also a John Buck and Tom Cooper running? How come nobody says anything about these guys??? What gives?

    Is Buck related to that Tea Party guy who ran for U.S. Senate?

  15. Tom says:

    No he is not related from what I know. Buck is a cashier at Home Depot and Cooper is like a WalMart employee I think???? Not sure why no news on them unless nobody believes they have the money to be serious candidates. From everything I am reading here it sounds like a two man race between ole’ Dave Clark and this Ralph Trenary character. Should be interesting though.

  16. Carol says:

    Why is Ralph a character?

  17. Tom says:

    The dude looks like Hitler with that little mustache going on and receding hairline. He doesn’t play clarinet or whatever I think he is the company bugle boy just older now and looking for power. You know Hitler was also a socialist like this Trenary Dude but maybe didn’t have his musical talents. Either way the dude is definitely a character in my book.

  18. carolm says:

    I think your name says it all – “ANGRY”mom.

  19. Can't stop laughing says:

    Oh my God that is funny! Sorry guys but we were laughing so hard we almost missed Falling Skies season finale. By the way you guys are talking I thought Loveland was invaded and Skitters were running for city council. I have to admit I do want to check this Ralph guy for a harness he’s weird.

  20. Calm Mother says:

    Mr. Clark Is the one who wore a harness controlled by the former city manager. He voted to buy 100 acres on the 402 the city can’t sell for a fraction of the price they paid. He said yes to everything the McWhinneys wanted and helped to create the $3.5 million deficit Cecil and Kent with the help of Ralph Trenary on the Finance Committee solved. We need problem solvers and not these problem makers. If Dave can’t successfully run a small contracting business why should we trust him with city affairs?

  21. Carol S. says:

    You are both wrong. The harness is only for the very young and nimble. Those two are old and brittle. Why not report on young peope who are running?

  22. Eric says:

    Cowardly Angry Mother:

    Before you question the honorable service of a great American like Ralph Trenary, why don’t you look up his service history? Since you won’t I’ll post it here, although you probably won’t or can’t read it:

    Transformation Force Integrator
    Colorado National Guard

    Defense & Space industry

    January 2003 – June 2006 (3 years 6 months)

    Principal staff action officer for strategic planning and program development. Advises the Colorado National Guard (Agency) Director of Operations, Chief of Staff, and the Adjutant General, on policies and programs designed to advance the force structure and transformation posture of the Agency. Develops written materials and presentations for internal and external communications and decision-making support. Performs analysis and impact assessment of program proposals and recommendations from lateral coordinating agencies. Develops materials for the use of senior leaders. Monitors National, Department of Defense and U.S. Army policies, programs and initiatives for opportunities beneficial to the organization.
    Operations Officer (Land)
    US Northern Command

    Military industry

    March 2005 – January 2006 (11 months)

    Staff officer assigned to support the missions of the Commander, USNORTHCOM. Serves in the Operations Directorate (J-3) as either the Land Operations desk officer, or Watch Chief, in the Joint Operations Center (JOC).
    Team Leader
    U.S. Army Strategic Command, Space and Missile Defense Command

    Defense & Space industry

    January 2001 – December 2003 (3 years)

    Army Space Support Team Leader. Qualified Space Operations Officer. Policy and operational advising on space based technology.
    Mobilization-Readiness Officer
    Colorado National Guard

    Defense & Space industry

    July 2000 – December 2001 (1 year 6 months)

    Principal staff officer responsible for the organizational effectiveness and organizational design programs.
    Training Administrator
    Colorado National Guard

    Defense & Space industry

    June 1996 – June 2000 (4 years 1 month)

    Administrator of a National Guard Regional Training Institute aligned with the US Army’s Total Army School System.
    Supervisory Personnel Management Specialist
    Colorado National Guard

    Defense & Space industry

    June 1993 – September 1996 (3 years 4 months)

    Successive positions as the deputy director of civil service system human resources and then military personnel human resources services and programs.
    Field Artillery Battery Commander
    Colorado Army National Guard

    Military industry

    April 1993 – August 1995 (2 years 5 months)

    Commander of a National Guard 203mm (8-inch) self-propelled field artillery battery, in La Junta, Colorado.
    Administrative Manager
    Colorado National Guard

    Government Administration industry

    January 1990 – January 1993 (3 years 1 month)

    Senior full-time administrator for the national guard units in Aurora and Colorado Springs, CO.
    Tank Platoon Leader
    M1 ­ Abrams

    Military industry

    March 1986 – August 1988 (2 years 6 months)

    First line supervisor for two noncommissioned officers, and provided indirect supervision of fourteen to 20 lower ranking soldiers. Responsible for up to six M-1 Abrams tanks and three wheeled vehicles valued at over $6 Million. Researched, coordinated and wrote a new and comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP) manual for the unit on physical security, key and lock control. Investigated, researched and designed a performance tracking system for the M-1 tank Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer (UCOFT). The success and popularity of this product became standard throughout the armor and cavalry units at Fort Hood, Texas. Researched, analyzed planning and reporting deficiencies for 19K MOS soldiers. Based on these findings a task over-time matrix listed all assigned soldiers was adapted by the unit and eventually modified for inclusion in the first edition of US Army Field Manual 25-100, Battle Focused Training.
    Enlisted service
    Colorado Army National Guard

    Military industry

    April 1980 – July 1983 (3 years 4 months)

    Enlisted in the COARNG as a High School senior. Served as a repair parts supply specialist. Maintained prescribed stocks of repair parts, and processed requests for distribution and issue from supported units.

  23. Angry Mother says:

    How dare you! Liberals like you are wrecking our national economy today and now you want to wreck our city’s economy by putting another person in office with ZERO private sector experience.
    Let me see if I understand “Eric” your pathetic argument – George Bush spends the Vietnam war as a fighter pilot in the Texas National Guard and he is a coward who didn’t really serve his country because he is Republican. Ralph Trenary hides behind a desk in the Colorado National Guard here in Colorado for 10 years of the Gulf Wars and you call it “honorable service of a great American” because he is a Democrat?
    Someone just told me today he worked as a civilian for the Colorado National Guard and also took pension as a soldier. Didn’t the Pentagon do some report about Double-Dipping bureaucrats like Ralph draining the military budget by cronyism and double-dipping in local National Guard units? What about all those brave kids who went out to fight when Ralph was somebody’s assistant or support staff officer or HR lackey filling in little boxes at his desk here in Colorado or writing some stupid manual nobody will ever read just waiting to get his government pension. Here is a hint Eric those jobs go to people who can’t do any real jobs in the field or are too afraid of combat.
    Dave took more risks on his Mission trip in his youth than Ralph took in 26 years as a weekend warrior. Dave’s Mission President gave him lots of scary assignments. Sorry if I mixed him up Ralph with a real Army person (I mean sorry to the Army) since Ralph’s crackerjack box National Guard commission would never be accepted by real active duty U.S. Army units where my son serves.
    Dave Clark will win.

  24. Harry says:

    If I want to read a candidates resume, I’ll go to there website.

    As for Ward 4, If I have to choose between a guy like Clark, who proved that he can’t help but put his business interests ahead of the taxpayers; and a blowhard like Trenary, who seems incapable of even hearing the public in his arrogant rubber-stamping for staff; I’ll write in NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  25. Eric says:

    Angry Mother is still a coward. You sit and make up ridiculous fantasy stories about Ralph, without knowing a thing about him. Impossible for me to know your party affiliation, but I’d have to assume you were a teapartier based on your froth at the mouth, fact free rant. I’d have to bet most of the teapartiers wouldn’t want to associate with a coward like you.

    Unlike you, I won’t engage in character assassination of his opponent. Knowing Dave, I’m positive he wouldn’t support you either. You assume I support Ralph because of a party position? How would I even know that as city council races are non-partisan? At least they were until you try to make it into a left/right issue. I prefer to support those that have good ideas for the city. You don’t make Lt. Col without having some serious competency. (now I get to sit back and watch Pavlov’s dog froth at the mouth…)

  26. Dem for Clark says:

    About two years ago I got an email from Ralph Trenary asking for money to save his house from foreclosure. This email was sent to many local Democrats so I know others can verify it’s authenticity. I love my party but Ralph Trenary is not my candidate.

  27. Angry Mother says:

    Eric I was responding to Jackass Benjamin who called Dave a LOSER because his family’s business went under in this Obamasession. At least Jackass’ Mother gave him the proper name for a Democrat – Jackass.

    Ralph IS NOT a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army like you said and he is pretending. He runs around pretending to be somebody he is not. Ralph got his rank from the Colorado National Guard run by the State of Colorado. He is the bugle boy for his Company who never left Colorado. I reported his name to the Stolen Valor Foundation as a fake war veteran. They told me he never served in any combat after researching the computer and said he needs to stop making- up fake war stories. He isn’t foolin me.

    The McCreery family were proud Republicans in this community for many years. Tarnishing their beloved home with filthy swine like you and Ralphy is a shame. How about supporting people for city council who don’t rely on government checks to survive like you probably do and your crackerjack box Colorado fake war vet Colonel buddy do. People in this town are wise to Cecil and Ralphy!

  28. Eric says:

    With apologies to Monty Python, On second thought, let’s not go to It is a silly place. I’m done with you.

    I could have more productive discussions with an earthworm.

  29. Carol says:

    I am tired of all the personal attacks. Can’t you people just say something good about your candidate instead of name calling so much??????????? The RH line I thought was out there but you three really take the cake. Angy Mother, Jack and Eric should all meet for coffee and try to convince each other why candidate they support is better. That is how a democracy works and last time I checked this country was still a Democracy.

  30. Jack Benjamin says:

    I’m not sure how I got lumped into
    the name-calling fray. If you review
    the comments, you’ll see I did not use

  31. Real U.S. Army Soldier says:

    Eric face the facts. Sure people make silly and stupid comments but they are clearly angry about Ralph’s very dishonest campaign.

    1. Eric says Ralph never played in Band and that such comments were just fabrications. Let me refer you to Ralph’s own words TODAY in the Berthoud Recorder online:

    “In 1980 I sat on the floor of my high school gymnasium with approximately 400 classmates. The bleachers were filled with family and friends. Sure, it was hot; however, for once I wasn’t sitting in band playing endless repeats of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

    Pictures of him playing music for the Colorado National Guard are on his facebook page.

    2. Ralph Trenary is against the US Army having any say over the crony policies of his beloved (non-federal) National Guard.

    Here is what he wrote in an anti-Republican diatribe on a left-wing website attacking the federal government in a rant that reads like the Unibomber manifesto. see it for yourself at :

    Here are Ralph Tranary’s own words:

    Ralph Trenary
    September 2, 2007 4:44 PM
    All of the reported excesses/offenses of the current occupant [President George Bush] are despicable and deplorable. But, you’ve left one out – the sneaky clause snuck into last year’s defense act (and allowed to become law by a two-faced Republican Senate Armed Services Committee) that allows the current occupant to Federalize the National Guard over the objections of a Governor. Can you say seize power, martial-law!

    There are writings not related to, nor published on, PNA that allege George (the lesser) has been profoundly influenced by his grandfather, Prescott Sheldon Bush. This kind of generational drop-back in philosophy is common.

    However, the allegations against Prescott Bush’s political dreams as detailed by the BBC (and others, not carried by American media) include a 1933 conspiracy to eliminate the US Congress to establish a unitary Federal Government, and collaboration with German National Socialist financier Fritz Thyssen from the 1930s to 1951.

    These are truly perilous times, with the current occupant possibly moving to fulfill his grandfather’s dreams. Restoring Habeaus Corpus and repealing the “seize the National Guard” clause in the Insurrections Act are vital. They should be Christmas Gifts to the America people, or we may be perilously close to dictatorship.

  32. Carol says:

    Sorry Jack you were a victim and not a name caller. Carol M. (is that Marostica?) is the one I meant to call out for her childish name calling against Mr. Clark.

  33. Earl says:

    Very interesting. I just went to that website and the posting was a call to impeach George Bush that Ralph was agreeing with in his response.

    He sounds like a self-impressed conspiracy riddled do-nothing who spent his entire life around Colorado Guard units because nobody else would employ him. Oh, and that is a bugle he is blowing on his webpage.

    Since Cecil Gutierrez hasn’t endorsed him yet and the other Democrat fellow travelers on council know what a liability he is than maybe Dave Clark already has his old seat back on city council.

    Mr. Administrator you were wrong that this will be a competitive race. All Dave has to do is point people to Ralph Ternary’s outrageous comments and conspiracy theories to show he is a little touched.

  34. Angry Mother says:

    If Eric and his buddies think name calling is inappropriate in politics than why in God’s name are they supporting Ralph Trenary? He is the biggest name caller of them all!!!
    Trenary called Republicans “rats” and used terms like “TALIBANGELISTS” to refer to Evangelical Christians. He even has an ugly slur for Latter Day Saints but I will not repeat it here. Ralph wants the government purged of anyone who attended a Christian University.
    Loveland needs to come together and keep this creep from ever getting into office. Below I pasted Ralph Trenary words exactly as he posted them on that left-wing website ProgressNow.
    “The infiltration of the DOJ by radical republican political operatives posing as civil service employees is particularly insidious. The evidence of talibangelist operatives is a compelling justification for a full-blown purge. The Liberty University graduates are especially repugnant. Their allegiance to the US Constitution is suspect in comparison to their adoration of Jerry Falwell.
    Finally, the previously mentioned Senator Leahy and Congressman Waxman must not shy away from seeking to hold Gonzales, Rove, and any other mis-administration rats who have already jumped ship….”

    read it for yourselves

  35. Harry says:

    I see that Tom Cooper has withdrawn from the Wd 4 race. Didn’t know him but too bad….the ward deserves a better set of candidates.

  36. Real U.S. Army Soldier says:

    This Trenary character is scary. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal was fired by President Obama for saying much less about his Commander in Chief. There is nothing honorable about a 50 year-old man in uniform trash talking the President of the United States and his commander in chief. Maybe Ralph had his fingers crossed behind his back when he took an oath to support and defend the U.S. constitution and our elected officials.

    Does he really think Bush was a dictator and his grandfather linked to the Nazis? This part really shocked me

    “a 1933 conspiracy to eliminate the US Congress to establish a unitary Federal Government, and collaboration with German National Socialist”

    What a strange dude.

  37. Eric says:

    They’re coming to take me away! Ha Ha!

  38. Administrator says:

    Please try and post using the same name. We are allowing the previous post by “Eric” but want to point out it wasn’t from the same “Eric” who posted earlier in this string of comments by either email given or IP address. If you often change your name in a single blog string we reserve the right to inform our readers that those names are connected or at least coming from one computer.

    We will not allow posts accusing anyone of criminal activities without some reference of where you got your information. If you can source where you got the information within your posting than we will allow it but otherwise those type of comments will continue to be deleted.


  39. Harry says:

    To Angry Mother:
    Not that I wish to become a defender of Mr.Trenary, but I think it’s important to not misquote or misinterpret, either through accident or intention what he- or anyone else – actually said on the linked blog.
    - 1st, he didn’t “call Republicans rats”… rather he likened some Bush officials leaving the Administration to “rats jumping ship”. Different meaning altogether. Your statement makes it sound like he made a sweeping denigration of all Republicans. If he has, it isn’t in that blog.
    - 2nd, the statement,
    “…he wants the government purged of anyone who attended a Christian University…” implies something other than what he wrote. Rather, he referred only to the Liberty U. grads in the Bush Admin.

    Again, I have no interest in either of the candidates for Wd 4, but I AM interested in honesty in the discussion.
    And in any case, I’d rather see discussion of their views or actions with regard to LOCAL issues. What they think about national political issues is irrelevant in my view to a blog about Loveland Politics . I think there’s more than enough of concern in that regard.

  40. John Buck for Loveland
    Ward 4

    Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility in City Hall
    Common Sense Decision Making
    Balanced City Budget

    Elected officials need to have the backbone to stand up to the special interests, and end backroom deals in city hall. It is important to my family that we preserve the wonderful quality of life and strong family values found here in Loveland.

    Like me on Facebook, search “John Buck for Loveland”

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