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Entry for July 10, 2007
Citing “a pattern of escalating harassment and verbal abuse from Commissioner Glen Gibson,” Larimer County Commissioner Karen Wagner resigned Monday July 9, 2007. A replacement will be appointed to serve out the remaining 18 months of here term.

Already rumors are circulating about her replacement and what impact this may have if the replacement is already serving in another elected position.

In addition, the prospects for a other local politicians (like State Senator Steve Johnson) have improved since they see an easier win against a newly appointed incumbent. It is no secret that State House Representative Don Marostica is interested in Johnson's Senate seat which would leave the 51st House Seat open for new candidates.

Any comments on who will win this new round of musical chairs? Could staff have done more to control Gibson?
2007-07-11 07:07:38 GMT
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It sounds like Wagner is setting things up for a lawsuit against the county. If she does, it will be a mistake, Kathay will have to suffer the emotional reaction of the unhinged Gibson and possible resign as well.
2007-07-11 20:27:18 GMT
It is well known among staff (and other observers) that Gibson is a "loose cannon"...but no one wants to have him go off on them. Rennels can't keep him in line either...and seems amused by him at times. So we suffer him.
2007-07-11 21:05:53 GMT
I thought libel and slander were not allowed on this blog. So far, by way of the news media, the only side of the matter heard has been Wagner's. Calling Gibson names constitutes libel and slander, even though he is a public figure.
2007-07-11 22:51:34 GMT
Josh, a quick education in the law.

Libel is written and slander spoken. If it is written, it would be libel only and cannot be slander. If it is spoken, it would be slander not libel. Just thought you would like to know.

All I see here are the same comments reported in the press with a quote from Wagner. Nothing coming even close to libel against a private citizen let alone a public official.

You contend that, "calling Gibson names constitutes libel and slander." and it does not. One could say he is a nut, jerk, hothead, hillbilly, redneck, peabrain, jackass, tacty, SOB. All of these are subjective and cannot be proven or disproven factually. In addition, he is already a public figure so people's right to speak against their government is well protected by 200 years of strong case law and the constitution.

What MAY constitute libel against Gibson is if you post something facutal about him that isn't true, you know isn't true and you do it to harm harm him while showing an open disregard for the truth.

If you claimed he fathered Anna Nicole Smith's child, killed Elvis Presley, was a Russian spy or something you know to be untrue AND he was harmed as a result of your lie, he may have a case for libel. However, he would need to prove you knew it was a lie but others didn't and demonstrate to a court direct linkage between the lie and the loss of a job or some other type of real damage he suffered.

So, good luck.

In the meantime, Commissioner Gibson and "Josh" are welcome to post any comment here in defense of his good name and disputing claims he believes or knows to be false.

Libel would be someone say
2007-07-13 20:56:14 GMT
LBW raises a great question I have been wondering, what is Gibson's side of this story and haw come he is not talking to the press?
2007-07-13 21:07:31 GMT

2007-07-14 01:14:53 GMT
Deb asks why Gibson isn't talking to the press. For one thing, avoiding public scrutiny is his general style. You may recall he refused to debate against his opponent last time (2004?)...I think it was against Roger Hoffman. Actually, in this instance he did speak to the one of the articles he defended his actions and said it was just a difference of opinion.
One reason we're probably not hearing from him is that he's on vacation (again); or at least that's what his message at his office says.
2007-07-16 21:42:21 GMT
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