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Entry for July 5, 2007

Service organization volunteers have reported to the daytime crowd for the 4th of July celebrations was down this year considerably from previous years. 

Some report the new prohibition against motorhomes and trailers is the culprit.  What is your view?

2007-07-06 05:19:09 GMT
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We have been taking our trailer to the park for the past 10 years. Our extended family and friends used to meet use for a big BBQ at the trailer. Yes, you got it. We didn't bother this year nor did all our friends and family.

2007-07-06 05:22:23 GMT
I think it was both the ban on RV's and the heat. People were trying to stay cool and not go out. Twenty years ago most people I knew in Loveland didn't own an air conditioners. Now so many people do I think they have become lazy and stay in the cool home. We have a swamp cooler but last week it was not worken so great.

So ya, heat, rv ban and lazy people means the turn-out was very low for the daytime activities.
2007-07-06 17:37:40 GMT
Not sure of the reason since previous years were also hot. We did about 50% of last year's sale which isn't good since its for charity.

If it is from the RV ban someone ought to be talken to the school about it for next year.
2007-07-06 21:43:52 GMT
Given the undeniable anti-American sentiments of newspapers like the Reporter-Herald, and given the willingness by people to believe such things a drop in attendence to these events is expected.
2007-07-07 16:11:43 GMT
Is this a joke Jack? Blaiming the Reporter-Herald for the lack of attendance seems like a joke, I enjoy reading LovelandPolitics because they have the best coverage of the City Council but no one can deny the Reporter-Herald is the best source for news about community events like the 4th of July. In fact, that is where I know when to go, where to sit and how long the fireworks will last. I assume Jack is either being silly or trying to somehow discredit this blog by saying outrageous things he knows to be untrue.

We are a big town now so there is plenty of room for various views in the community. On most issues, I enjoy reading the Reporter-Herald since the A.P. stories (like Just Wierd) and the regional coverage is very good.

I only prefer LovelandPolitics when I don't want to read the McWhinney news release but get a more indedpendent view that comes from the perspective of residents.

By the way, i agree with the caller to the RH-Line, these were the worst fireworks I can remember in town. The city needs to re-evaluate the contract of the new group or get the firefighters to do it again!
2007-07-08 20:52:06 GMT
In a word - crappy. The city really didn't keep-up its end of the bargain this year with fireworks.
2007-07-08 23:31:41 GMT
I agree superficially with 'Jack'. Flag Day there was not one word about it in The Reporter Herald. I guess the paper was too busy making up comments for the RH Line to be bothered with such a worthy news stories. I canceled my subscription to the Reporter Herald the end of June, and the very rude woman at the paper didn't care I did so.
2007-07-09 00:23:23 GMT
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