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Entry for June 11, 2007
A number of emails last week prompted us to cover the June 5, Council Meeting where Jan Brown's sarcasm came across to many watching as both mean and lacking in proper decorum.

Here is your chance to comment either way. You can see a clip of the commets she made to Councilman Skowron by visiting and clicking on her picture or by going to the story on the June 5, Council meeting.

Her comments were in response to Councilman Skowron's questions to staff about whether the City of Loveland could be assured the Metro District would take action promised if the property were sold and thus controlled by another entity not a party to the proceedings or agreements.

Listen closely to the tape and you can hear Mayor Pro Tem adding that Skowron "can't" get enough personal insurance  or assurances etc....  Apparently, we missed this one at the time but are providing it coverage at your request.

2007-06-11 19:48:27 GMT
Comments (14 total)
Yes, I found the comments to be rude, personal and way out of order. I don't watch the Council meeting normally since I don't have cable TV (Dish is better) but did see the part on this webpage.

2007-06-11 19:56:50 GMT
Hey guys, I am tired of the Paris Hilton coverage in the news media. If this spoiled Councilwoman is going to become our local Paris Hilton - count me out. I would rather talk about the issues instead of the big egos on Council
2007-06-11 19:59:07 GMT
Go Walt Go Walt -
I like him so that is all i want to say. He is a good guy and smart. Nobody deserves to be laughed at in public no how! He did the right thing by ignoring that you know what I mean!
2007-06-11 20:01:30 GMT
WOO- was that our council or the view? you got it wrong, she is the next Rosie not Paris Hilton. Yeah, I agree, what about the fact they just gave McWhinney another rubber stamp - where is the blog about that?
--Kyle Coots
2007-06-11 20:06:03 GMT
Now that is funny!!!!! Imagine being on the other end of an attack from Sleepy Gene and Queen of Mean? I agree this skowron guy was just doin what we elected him to do. Maybe these two should go look into the mirror before they take on someone for having clue.

What the hell did he do that was so terrible? So what, he asked some questions??/ Who do these couple of knuckleheads think they are doing? He has a right to ask question about whatever he wants. My hats off to that guy for asking the tough questions the other two will not
2007-06-11 20:11:39 GMT
geees- that is an awful picture of Jan. She is normally a calm and wonderful lady - what got into her coffee? I think she should apologize to Walt Skowron (the film doesn't lie) at the next Council meeting so everyone knows this isn't really her talking
2007-06-12 00:34:34 GMT
I think she may have been drinking. Her jovial spirit and laughing out loud even when no one was joking may mean she was on medication or already smashed when the meeting bgan.

I wonder if the direction on certain medications should include another warning not to operate city business while medicated let alone heavy equipment.
2007-06-13 19:17:23 GMT
Look - she was a b#$%h to her colleague and owes him an apology. It is as simple as that
2007-06-25 05:47:22 GMT
Don't believe the act. Brown is not as dumb as she pretends but instead a condescending, calculating opportunist who doesn't care about this town at all. She is in it for personal gain. Its time for that fake to move to Windsor where she already told enough people she belongs. Please don't continue to "serve" this community and postpone your plans to move into a big house in Windsor. Do us all a favor and let someone with integrity serve while you play the condescending gossip you really are!
2007-06-25 20:38:54 GMT
Wow, that is tough. I don't care for her pointless ramblings but Betty let us keep this debate on higher ground.

I saw someone on this board refer to the Reporter-Herald as "cowards."

You are a coward if you are not attending Council meetings and commenting on how they keep selling our city down river.

2007-07-04 04:28:38 GMT
Jay, you need to consider that Brown is voting on very important measures that impact everyone in this city. If she were an elevator operator or toll booth attendant, perhaps her dumb act would be OK. I seriously question her sobriety at meetings when everything is funny to her even it were not intended to be a joke. Then the next minute she is trying to insult someone in a fashion that reminds me of the happy drunk who suddenly turned angry when they have a sobering thought about how their life could have been.

Whether its alcohol, drugs, deep emotional instability, or a severe personality disorder, I have the right as a citizen to say her actions on the City Council merit review by a professional who works with this type of person.

Maybe she is taking some medication that only warns her not to be operating large machinery but fails to warn the patient of the dangers of voting on city business while medicated.

Whatever her problem is, she has no business remaining on City Council until it is fixed. And her colleagues shouldn't be asked to endure and enable it any longer.
2007-07-06 22:05:57 GMT
I don't care what anyone says - this woman has no business being on city council. I manage a local fast food restaurant and would fire any employee for talking to their colleagues the way she does.

Jan Brown needs to learn that respect among equals and subordinates is critical to every successful team when getting a job done.

By the way, Councilman Skowron was dead on target. Just days after that meeting I read the "what-if" they mocked him for asking was already happening. McWhinney enterprises put their main office up for sale and one of them was quoted as saying that their projects are always for sale if the price is right.

So after taunting by the Mayor Pro Tem Pielin and Jan Brown, Mr. Skowron was right and held his ground. Good for him.
2007-07-08 23:00:36 GMT
I don't know anyone who would vote for Brown especially in the Downtown community. She took off and hasn't cared about us since.

We need diversity on Council with a brain so she needs to go.
2007-07-08 23:03:18 GMT
That wasn't her first train ride, by the way, I saw her on the kiddie train in the park last year. She was asking people how she was going to get back to the station after her ride!

It was a hoot but the poor woman - well you know.
2007-07-08 23:05:22 GMT
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