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Entry for April 20, 2007

We updated the story regarding the recent up-zoning for the McWhinney Enterprise's addition of 850 residential units.  The future property tax rebates will likely apply to these residential units that were not considered in the original McWhinney deal.

Gene Pielin (see story on homepage) misunderstood what he was voting for and argued he didn't have a problem with the addition of 850 people in Centerra.  Councilman Glenn Rousey, who appeared to have read his package of information, voted no out of concern for the fact these are being added later after the long and difficult public process to create Centerra's special tax arrangements with the City of Loveland.

Mayor Pro Tem Pielin used the erroneous information to try and discredit his colleague's concerns about the need to provide public safety for such a large population east of I-25. 

2007-04-21 06:49:39 GMT
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This is incredible! Does that mean the property taxes from all these new residences at Centerra WILL NOT be going to the city?
2007-04-22 19:25:46 GMT
It sure doesn't look good if there is a five alarm fire out there and we need the ladder truck and crew here. I understand these guys are also removing the 5 minute response for the fire department requirement and making it only a goal. You guy were right on you video about "declining city services."

Most people I know would sign a petition to recall these clowns if they knew what they were upto but none of this stuff is covered by the Reporter Herald. Has anyone research how much the City of Loveland pays the Reporter Herald in advertising each year? I know they are an important cutomer to the Herald in keeping their heads above water. Maybe that is why.
2007-04-22 19:31:03 GMT
Geeeez..There are not any places where the residential property taxes DO NOT go the city..or at least the city's share. The city shares sales tax not property tax with Centerra.

No, the city did not remove the 5 minute response time as the fire department's standard. It was talked about but is still to be decided.
2007-04-22 20:54:54 GMT
Ouch, you might want to check your facts - the tif or tax increment in A-1 is still going to the LURA etc...including residential.
2007-04-24 09:04:16 GMT
Craig: You are, of course, correct. I was only thinking about the increased sales tax. If I would only think before I type!
2007-04-24 13:23:08 GMT
THERE WILL BE A FORUM BY THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS THIS THRUSDAY REGARDING THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF URBAN RENEWAL PROGRAMS: specifically, the Centerra project will be discussed regarding benefits and long-term costs and impacts to the larger commmunity that is subsidizing the McWinney's wealth machine.

Thursday. 7:00 PM at the Ft. Collins Chamber of Commerce (300 LaPorte Ave. FTC)

County Commissioner Karen Wagner, City Councilwoman Karen Weitkunat and RTA Advisory board member, Roger Hoffmann will be speaking

It will also be broadcast live but likely only in FTC.

>>Contact >FTC Chamber of Commerce with any questions

2007-04-25 11:47:08 GMT
Anyone see the latest mailer by The Group? They call Grand Station the "New Downtown."
Glad I don't own a business in the "old Downtown."
2007-04-27 03:24:13 GMT
The "New Downtown" the McWhinneys are building is not a replacement for Loveland's downtown. Loveland is not in the name because it will be Centerra's downtown.

The people who will live in Centerra will not likely come from Loveland but instead Denver, Claifornia, New York and all the places the "nice" people in Colorado come from. Despite the good intentions to make Grand Station a place of culture and gathering, it is still just a big corporate center where profit stands over ambiance. Maximum opportunities to advertise and sell commercial space will dominate. Successful downtowns mostly have non-commercial activities in their center. Cathedrals (like so many in Europe), museums and areas for public entertainment. Downtown Centerra is being built for profit and manipulation of people's interests and wonderings. Instead of encouraging free gathering it will focus on venues that sell tickets (like the theater) and any outdoor areas are not for a meandering public to rest their tired feet but instead high pressure sales cafes like Hard Rock Cafe where the objective is to get you in and out with the tallest possible order of expensive food and drink. Nothing will be constructed that can't be leased or used as a way to traffic consumers into another venue where they pay. It will be about as authentic as downtown Disneyland but even less. The McWhinneys admitted they travelled all over the country (great way to have your business fund your vacations) to copy many other large corporate developments. This is not the result of an inspired architect dreaming of better public spaces but a carefully calculated and implemented profit machine looking to maximize the value of some crappy land located between an interstate, big box retail and a railroad. Hardly the place most people want to live!

I will continue to shop in Loveland's downtown as will many Lovelander's who don't want the rude manners of those from New York and California trying to rush you out of their corporate design cafe where every detail of the decour was planned in Minnesota or any other town where their corporate headquarters reside.

The McWhinneys have demonstrated one very crucial flaw in their planning a place people want to go downtown. Great downtowns (even like Boulder) attract people because of the UNIQUE businesses and character that populate the local downtown. The McWhinneys, almost with some lack of nerve, always rush to sign-up the chain corporate "proven" tenants to reduce their risk and get earliest returns for their projects. The problem, is that is works with outlet malls but not unique downtowns. Why whould I want to see some business in McWhinneyville (Centerra) that already exists in 100 different locations across the country. Right down to the way the hostes station is decorated in the upscale eatery to the piped-in Musac (same for all stores) my experience will be the same as everyone else who enters these corporate chains anywhere else in the country.

The worst part is that after 15 years, it will be another ugly bit of sprawl where nameless punks tag the big stucco walls (no craftsmanship in building these cheap stand-up buildings). All the fake brick paint, silly aging techniques and other corporate attempts at character will last only as long as the popular brand name will last. Does anyone in Loveland go to the Promanade shops' Mexican restuarant because it feels like old Mexico? No it doens't, its just a fad that will soon pass. Downtown centers built for corporate profits are just passing fads that will turn Centerra into another monument of quick profits and little lasting quality or value to the community.

The Grainery and other buildings in Loveland's real downtown have more character on just one truly mason built wall than Centerra will have in all the fake brick and stone facing the illegals will install.

Most of all, we will remember the City Council that made us all pay for it through subsidies.
--Jake Middletown
2007-04-27 11:53:08 GMT
Well said. Why don't you run for City Council?
2007-04-30 16:49:37 GMT
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