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Entry for April 20, 2007
Council has directed staff to bring back a plan to build public restrooms in Benson Sculpture Park near the Pavillion.  Any ideas or comments about where they should go or what they should look like?  Or do you think it is necessary?  This is your place to comment ----
2007-04-21 06:37:52 GMT
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Well I think bathrooms there are OK I also know that tiny park has become too crowded. It used to be a nice park to stroll through but now it looks like a statue junk yard. Just art cramed everywhere.

Some friends of ours from out of town thought it was either a really big yard sale or a cemetery with lots of tombs. We thought that was funny but you know they have a point. When that place has more statues than a cemetery has tomb stones - its too crowded.

People can cross the street to use the restrooms at North Northshore for crying out loud. It seems like a big waste of money building bathrooms at Benson.
2007-04-22 19:36:11 GMT
I think North Lake needs a bathroom by the railroad. The only bathroom in the park, which is a huge park, is very far away from where most of the kids play and ride the train. That would make it more convenient for the people at the Sculpture park to go to.
2007-04-23 03:08:11 GMT
If the City Council leaves the design to that Arts committee, don't be surprised to see male genitalia or something gross adorning the bathroom structure. How about a restroom in good taste. Is this beyond their ability?

That committee has some strange folks with even stranger tastes in art
2007-04-24 09:09:03 GMT
One person's gross is another's fantasy.

Maybe Triangle of Playful Togetherness will be close to the restroom so every family gets to see it before and after entering the restroom!!!
2007-04-24 09:12:10 GMT
I think the proper spelling is genitalia
2007-04-24 18:23:29 GMT
Oh please! show some respect loveland. If you are going to have an "uncensored" blog than find something interesting to say. The Arts Committee does have some crazies but they don't have such poor taste as to put such things on the sides of a public restroom.

I know it will look just like the Pavillion already in the park. In fact, one concept is to connect it to the Pavillion directly to the restroom so people can discreetly use the restroom while family and friends stand in the Pavillion.
2007-04-25 03:22:15 GMT
Yes, please put a bathroom in ´Benson Park. That is my vote. It is stupid for the City Council to even get involved with their stupid and silly thoughts and questions.

The Arts in Public Places volunteers know better how to do this and should be left alone by the geezer Council. All they need to do is nap (like with McWhinney projects) and give us the rubber stamp approval to go ahead.

A bunch of tired old white men contribute very little to what happens and I hate to see them pretend to know what is happening in the city.

Give me a break. I have written three letters to the paper but they refuse to print aný opinion that offends their customer (the city).

Please do not remove my post. Yes, we have a great plan to add restrooms and are giving the city most of the money to do it. It isn't attached to the 'Pavillion' as you call it.

Get real folks, those old guys don't run the city - the only thing they run are their mouths.
2007-04-25 12:03:00 GMT
Ouch that is harsh. Maybe you should run for Council if you don't like the job they are doing. I believe I know who you are- more assertive women on the City Council would help. Jan Brown seems lost and unable to express herself most of the time. I think they want to do what is right. In fact, I bet most of them would have a tough time making across the street to urinate given their enlarged prostates and all. Give them a break- bathrooms are very important to old men!!!
2007-04-25 12:08:36 GMT
Its OK to make Loveland a retirement town as well as an Arts city. But, activity directors in the retirement care facilities need to find better recreaction for their residents other than voting them onto our City Council!!!LOLOL Maybe those $10,000 chairs are more comfortable than a wheelchair lined in sheep skin!!!LOLOLOL
2007-04-25 12:14:04 GMT
Apparently, Gene Pielin certainly enjoys sleeping in them. By the way they stole my song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-04-25 12:16:16 GMT
No, I do not want a bathroom there. Parks are about open space and that place is so crowded now its starting to look like one of those places where you buy concrete lawn adornments.

Keep the park open and let people cross the street. Besides, I can't remember a time when the other bathrooms are open except for the 4th of July and when the concerts are in the park.
--Janey Wells
2007-04-26 01:08:03 GMT
On the same topic, the McWhinneys are actively seeking new City Councilman to run in November. Rumor has it Sleepy Gene and a few others are considering not running.

Probably an interview with the City Manager Don Williams and Chad McWhinney will be required of anyone looking to receive their support.

If you are thinking about running, let me know here and I want to support anyone willing to work for the residents for a change!
--Don A.
2007-04-26 23:29:08 GMT
The City Manager better not be interviewing potential council candidates with McWhinney. That would be illegal.
2007-04-30 16:51:21 GMT
Illegal...? Why would that stop the City Manager? He has a well known mantra: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to deal with legal issues up front." Considering all of the hanky-panky that has gone at Centera, do you really think a little interview would be anything to worry about?
2007-05-03 00:21:25 GMT
I don't have a problem with bathrooms at Benson Park as long as the cost is reasonable. Didn't the last bathrooms installed by the City at the golf courses cost something like $80,000 each? I'm hoping these facilities are as costly.
2007-05-03 00:25:19 GMT
You must mean NOT so costly. Why would anyone (other than maybe a contractor on the job, want it costly?
2007-05-03 14:48:41 GMT
You must mean NOT so costly. Why would anyone (other than maybe a contractor on the job, want it costly?
2007-05-03 14:48:53 GMT
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