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Entry for April 17, 2007

The McWhinneys have asked that area A-1 in the Millennium GDP (General Development Plan) be amended by the City of Loveland to include an 850 residential units in an area commonly referred to in the GDP as a "commercial zone."

Instead of simply moving some of the other 2,200 residential units allowed in other areas already apporoved east of I-25 for McWhinney, they are asking for an overall increase by 850 new units with few if any changes to the rest of the plan.

Southern Pacific Railroad calls this an industrial area and protested that freight trains in the middle of the night will be a problem for future residents.  The site is also in the flight path of the Ft. Collins-Loveland Airport.

Any comments or concerns about Grand Station?

2007-04-17 14:03:18 GMT
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This is like throwing a bunch more in your shopping cart AFTER going through the cash register. The McWhinney's got a higher income producing use approved (commercial) and now want to switch some parts of it without REVISITING the MFA and other agreements that determined what they had to contribute overall.

The City Council I believe already agreed in private to approve this so tonight's meeting will not be a Pulblic Meeting but instead a Meeting in Public.
2007-04-17 14:12:33 GMT
Why don't you go and protest Art? If this is wrong than the City Council needs to hear your views.
--Janey Wells
2007-04-17 14:15:33 GMT
Are you kidding? They already have their rubber stamps sitting on the ink pad. Tonight's meeting, as I said, has already been decided since the CM consulted with each member of Council during his negotiations with the McWhinney's months ago. Nothing is to be decided tonight. They already have made the announcements and the CM is openly advocating for this project with the clear knowledge the Council supports it otherwise he wouldn't be so vocal.
2007-04-17 14:18:41 GMT
To properly approve this the City of Loveland should listen to the FAA and Southern Pacific Railroad. They want all future property owners to sign a deed restriction (Railroad) or Avigation Easement (FAA) for their property.

What these documents would do is acknowledge that (despite the reason they are buying the property)they understand the area isn't likely going to be quiet and that any and all noise created by the railroad and airport cannot be complained about nor litigated by any future owner of the property.

While this is the right thing to do, the McWhinneys will not pull the right puppet strings to make it happen. Such easements lower the value of residential real estate and discourage would-be buyers from purchasing the property.
2007-04-17 14:23:17 GMT
I am concerned that some bank robber or terrorist could easily cause a diversion over there and than block the lousy highway 34 bridge thus trapping all of Loveland's first responders in east McWhinneyville.

Why hasn't anyone asked about this?
2007-04-17 14:26:55 GMT
I remember when McWhinneys said the Centerra shopping center would be just like Crossroads Mall in Broomfield.

HA! HA! Go look at Crossroads and compare it to these big retail box stores sitting next to I-25. They must have forgotten the waterfall, indoor mall, landscaping and lots of other stuff!!!!
2007-04-17 14:29:13 GMT
Loveland doesn't need more attached homes, especially ones that are indside the McWhinney windfall so taxes are going to the developer instead of the City of loveland to provide services.

If the City Council had any balls they would simply allow the McWhinney's to build the already approved 2,200 residences from one part of A to another. By allowing more units they are tipping the balance of the development without providing ANY new infrastructure or support for emergency services.

When will West Loveland wake-up? The McWhinney's lobbyists on the RTA now want to bring a tax measure to the ballot to make us pay for the transportation improvements they promised, collected money for and never built.

It is too humiliating as a resident of Loveland to watch the city council meetings. They simply don't represent us.
--Troy A.
2007-04-17 14:49:33 GMT
I don't agree. At least Klassen and a few others ask good questions. Don't you think it is a little unfair calling them "dancing poodles"?

They work very hard for you everyday. You just don't know about all the good things the City Council is doing for you and other residents behind closed doors.

They deserve a break. You would probably vote the same way if you had all the information they have.
2007-04-17 14:54:29 GMT
Jimmy, you mean the Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield. You can see it online at

Your point, however, is correct. Centerra looks nothing like Flatiron Crossing and I also remember when Chad McWhinney made this now broken promise to the community.

In fact, Crossroads was the failed mall in Boulder that had to be torn down because no one wanted to shop there. Centerra does look like an Army Depot and might serve some future use as blimp hangers since it looks a lot like a blimp base. The big box retail stores surrounded by no real landscaping and a little outdoor parking is a joke. Chad McWhinney needs to explain to Loveland where is the waterfall and food court area similar to Flatirons at Crossroads.

All the taxes patrons once paid at the movie theater next to Walmart now go to the McWhinneys in Centerra. It was clearly a net loss for the City of Loveland that the rest of us will now be paying for through our taxes for the next 25 years.
--Gentle Ben
2007-04-17 15:05:59 GMT
As I expected the bumps on the log voted to give McWhinney whatever he wanted - too bad for those of us in west Loveland who now will paying all the taxes that they don't
2007-04-18 17:06:19 GMT
Congrats to Councliman Glenn Rousey for mentioning the obvious - All McWhinney needed to do was switch already approved residences from areas A-2 or A-4 .

Instead, the Council agreed to allow an additional 850 residences (at least a few thousand more people) into the development without making any appropriate changes for police, school or other services they will need.

Great, over 2,000 more people who we will need to pay the cost of their police and fire services since McWhinney's machine will be getting the property taxes for the next 25 years.

Gene Pielin has the excuse that he was sleeping (at least until it was time to vote), but what about the rest?
2007-04-18 19:42:19 GMT
I watched the meeting also what was Jan Brown doing there? She never says a word and always votes how she is told. Does the city manager make prior arrangements with these clowns to tell them how to vote? No one could have gotten enough ionformation from McWhinney's 1 minute instruction to the Council.

Maybe Jan Brown should courtsey the McWhinneys when she encounters them outside the city. It is an appropriate act of respect to one's King.

As a woman I am really sad about the bad job she does on council. How can she look herself in the mirror at the end of the night? Giving away her vote with not even a single question is awful.

2007-04-18 19:48:23 GMT
I have met the McWhinney brothers in person. They are the most modest, kind and wonderful young people you will ever meet. They intend no harm to this city but only want to improve Loveland and increase tax revenue to the city.

Grand Station will be a blast and I am looking forward to it getting built soon!
2007-04-19 21:41:10 GMT
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