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Entry for April 3, 2007

OVer $6,000 to monitor employee use of the internet and emails.  A frequent question we have received is whether the City Manager and City Attorney will have someone monitoring their computer usage - we don't know.

If you work at the city, is abuse of computer time a problem and could you be in trouble for looking at LovelandPolitics (even on your own time) ?

Seems strange that anyone in the public can use a city computer without any filtering services or monitoring (at the library) while trusted employees of the city will have their computer usage monitored on a regular basis.

We understand the need for management to monitor employee usage of computers when its excessive or obscene.  However, should the City Council approve the significant additional appropriation requested to monitor everything the employees do online (including emails) if the intent is to control information flow from a public organization?

2007-04-03 19:17:54 GMT
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I don't work at the city but do know someone who does. They will not be able to look at this until tonoght. I don't think they have an official policy just don't dare get caught talking with LovelandPolitics. No, there is no problem with City employees surfing the net to see bad sites. Thank you for reporting what others will not.
2007-04-03 19:26:37 GMT
I can't believe these people. Councilman Skowron just asked to clarify his understanding no new monies are being appropriated - how about $24 million!

They really should start reading their information provided to them before the meeting by staff. Otherwise, they have no business serving on Council!!
--Rusty S.
2007-04-04 01:49:15 GMT
I am shocked they would do this to their employees. Morale has been low in the city for awhile this will only be a kick in the stomach to professional staff that are already ignored in favor of special interests.
2007-04-04 03:06:10 GMT
I think they talked about this in closed session and decided not to say anything during the council meeting. Maybe Councilors Brown and Dozier misunderstood and thought they were told not to say anything during the entire meeting on anyhting. Those bumps on the log need to find something else to do during the meeting if they don't want to participate. I thought they were on some kind of protest or strike. Just taking up space maybe. There are lots of great crafting projects Jan Brown or Steve Dozier could accomplish quietly as they watch the others run the city. An afghan, quilt or even knit a sweater? It sure beats letting your sleeping head drop in your hands while drooling on the table.
--Concerend Citizen
2007-04-04 14:43:47 GMT
You miss the point. Why hire professionals if they aren't going to be treated professionally. Almost everyday someone (who has four years of college, work experience and certification) is bypassed right to management to get concessions professionals would never allow. The problem with current city management is the lack of respect for those of us who may know traffic, planning, architecture, even law enforcement. Don was only a fleet manager before he was made city manager. I don't pretend to be a mechanic and tell my garage how to fix my car. Don needs to stop medling in professions he really doesn't understand. Who cares about email-no one really seems to care about that.
2007-04-06 14:55:12 GMT
How do you know your site isn't being monitored government agencies? For that matter how do persons entering comments here aren't being logged by government agencies? Before you go asking for people to rat out their employers, how do you know you won't accidently do the same?
2007-04-13 00:46:18 GMT
The City of Loveland doesn't have any access to the host of this site nor can they "monitor" the site. Have you not followed the cases with Google, Yahoo and other search engines and the Department of Homeland Security? They have refused to provide information on searches etc...without a court order.

This site is hosted on the server of a large and reputable multi-million dollar company in another state that doesn't provide access to its servers without a federal court order.

Law enforcement does and should have access to information regarding the use of the internet for child pornography and other certain crimes.

A political website like is protect by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Even if someone in Loveland had the facility, sophistication and access to do as you say they would be risking a lot.

Political free speech is well protected in this country and any local official who abused their position of trust to try and prevent it would be facing some very serious civil and possible criminal charges by not just the creators of this site but many other organizations.

We have heard these concerns expressed here before and see them as a silly scare tactic.

There is no conspiracy in Loveland nor this site. Just residents with various opinions and certainly no cause for concern about commenting on this forum even for City of Loveland Employees.

If anyone serves this website with a search warrant we will let you know. In fact, the police in town are busy solving and preventing crime not investigating council politics.

2007-04-13 13:59:26 GMT
Here is a suggestion, go to any public computer - like the library - to post a message.

The City of Loveland can only monitor the computers they actually own and operate. In addition, the most information you can gather is what computer posted the message not what person typed it in.
2007-04-13 14:03:58 GMT
If you are refering to the "Loveland Public Library," who do you think actually owns it and operates it? The City of Loveland does and it can be and has been monitored for Internet activity. That's why your site is so dangerous, it's based on half truths and hearsay. You're asking for City employees to comment here and someone is going to get hurt.
2007-04-14 15:05:55 GMT
What half truths? Are you suggesting the City Manager monitors the library computers used by the public for LovelandPolitics visits?

Please, you are the one spreading half-truths and hearsay. I didn't read any story on this site that doesn't qoute a primary source for information.

If you were correct, and the city was illegally monitoring the political views and activities of its employees while they were not working, that would be illegal.

Any employee fired under such circumstances can go immediately to an attorney or their civil service employee's union and make a handsome return in a lawsuit. Let me know, I can give you these contact IN CITY HALL.

Grow-up. The library staff isn't secretly monitoring employees during their off-time at the library to report back to the CM. If they are, they could easily be deposed in a lawsuit and disclose the illegal activity thus creating a huge windfall for the employee/victim.

The CM isn't that dumb as to monitor city employees illegally with help of other city staff to create more witnesses. He may not be completely forthright but please don't accuse him of acting in an unethical or illegal manner if you have ZERO proof. Your posts are the only hearsay I have read on this site.

Pretending he is some omnipotent dictator may be taking things a little too far. If he is as you say, good luck to the first person who can take he and the city to court because there would be money behind such a proven accusation!
--Proud Employee
2007-04-16 14:12:08 GMT
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