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Entry for March 19, 2007

Don William's compensation package will likely be increased by the City Council to $172,000 beginning last December (retroactively).

As usual, there is likely to be very little discussion in public by the Council on this or other issues that may be controversial.  The Council complains about low-public participation in meetings but doesn't appear to ever decide anything at its public meetings thus causing the public to ignore what sometimes appears like a staged show.

Does he deserve the raise in your opinion?  How about the raises for the Judge and City Attorney?


2007-03-20 01:30:26 GMT
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No, I don't think it is correct. City staff claims he pitched the Council before that he is like the CEO of a XYZ value company etc....

In reality, a CEO has to EARN the money in a business organization while spending it is easy. All the City Manager does is manage how the money is spent without having to earn anything since revenue comes from taxes.
2007-03-20 01:35:00 GMT
Maybe the McWhinney's should pay his salary since he seems to be their spokesperson. Anyone see the Reporter Herald editorial about loan scams? Oh my God - they still run advertisements from Predatory Lenders who cater to the subprime market and lecture us about how to spot sleazy brokers!!!

As someone in the honest lending business, I can't stand to see a paper that won't protect its readers or report about abuses in this community try an lecture us about the problem.

Its like a Hitler Youth member cautioning elderly Jews about the trouble of broken glass in their homes. The Reporter Herald care? ive me a break you greedy cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-03-20 02:46:37 GMT
Way off topic Steph --
Maybe you should consider shutting down this website. No one cares what he makes and its not your business. Do you know what the Council asks him to do for that money? What personal risks or difficulties he must endure for that salary?

Imagine putting up with dingbats and willies all the time and slowly explaining the same stuff to them over and over again. Don doesn't have an easy job and he has shown the Council and city public already too much patience. Most people would go insane at this point with his job.

The Council meetings run smooth so he done his job and earned that salary.
2007-03-20 03:32:51 GMT
He has shown too much patience? NOT---

What citizen of Loveland really beleives this? He doesn't care a hoot for us. His job is to educate Councilmembers no matter how slow he thinks these people are or are not. Half the city staff carrying credit cards and charging lunches to taxpayers, sales tax revenue projections off by millions, developers struggling from dated use tax information thus oweing lots more then them there were told - I can go on and on.

If memory serves- he never managed any city before loveland but was promoted from within for his loyalty to certain special interests. lots of voters will be carefully watching the the vote at council on this one - they may want to re-think being a bunch of rubber stamps before running again in November.
--Kyle Pringle
2007-03-20 04:04:08 GMT
I am not going to say I am against it. just against this council always doing everything in secret and the public be dammed.

Too bad we were not consulted in the desicion.
2007-03-20 04:50:41 GMT
The salary seems excessive since he didn't come to the position with any comparable experience. It is interesting the Judge makes so much less than a City Manager.
2007-03-20 18:04:44 GMT
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